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KiwiSaver Providers in NZ

Taking your KiwiSaver investment seriously is important, and being with the right provider can save you tens of thousands over the course of your lifetime. There’s a range of providers out there and they all want you to sign up with them. Some of these providers are banks while others are finance companies, and just because you already have an account with one of these providers doesn’t mean they are the best for your KiwiSaver savings scheme. 

One of the most important factors is age; the best performing KiwiSaver will mean differently based on how old you are. If you are almost retiring, you’ll want something reliable, so you won’t lose any of the funds you’ve spent so long saving. If you’re young you’d want to chase the biggest gains since you’re in the position to bounce back.

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There are a range of factors that you should be looking at when comparing options for your KiwiSaver provider. The first thing is the fees; both administrative and annual percentage fees. Administrative fees are usually quite negligible between $0-$3 per month, but it’s the annual percentage fees that can reach up to 1.5% and can take a chunk of your investment. 

The other thing is making sure that a provider has the right fund for you. Normally, your KiwiSaver contributions are being distributed in various funds. Most have between 3-6 funds available for KiwiSaver but some providers have more. Funds are often broken up based on their percentage of income assets and growth assets, but you want to look at the composition of the assets. A Booster KiwiSaver or a Generate KiwiSaver will have a different composition to an ANZ KiwiSaver. Income assets become slightly more risky when they incorporate fixed interest assets.

You’ll also want to be aware of any extra tools that providers offer, maybe for forecasting so you can be smart with your money. Compare KiwiSaver schemes with Glimp now to find the best KiwiSaver provider.

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anz KiwiSaver nz


ANZ have been one of the biggest banking giants in NZ and Australia for a while now and they’ve broadened their services to offer KiwiSaver too. ANZ offers a variety of KiwiSaver funds so that there is a fund to suit everyone’s needs. While their fees may be higher than some of the other KiwiSaver providers, their active management of the funds means that they are actively trying to get you the best return possible on your investment. 

ANZ have growth fund, balanced growth fund, balanced fund, conservative balanced fund, conservative fund, and cash fund. Even though their funds are actively managed, they do not charge performance fees. While ANZ’s KiwiSaver fees may be considered high compared to other providers, there are no joining fees, no exit fees, no performance fees, and you can transfer between funds anytime, providing great flexibility.

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 asb KiwiSaver nz


If you’re looking for great flexibility and a great choice of funds, ASB should be the KiwiSaver provider to choose. You’ll get the ultimate transparency for your investment through their online service and mobile app to be able to view and track your KiwiSaver performance. 

Depending on the type of fund you have chosen under ASB, you’ll be charged a specific annual fund fee. The more aggressive the fund, the higher the annual fees. Their administration fee per month is $2.50, and annual fund charges from 0.35% - 1.00% p.a. of the net asset value of the fund.

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bnz KiwiSaver nz


If you’re after a KiwiSaver provider that you can rely on, BNZ could be the KiwiSaver provider for you. They offer six different funds, each of different rates of risk and potential earnings so that there’s something for everyone. BNZ provides you with assurance that your investment will be responsibly handled in terms of ethics, so you can rest easy knowing your future savings are in good hands.

For KiwiSaver members with low balances, BNZ could be the best KiwiSaver provider, since the annual management fee depends on the fund chosen. You’ll manage your money more easily this way because the fees are aligned to the fund of your choice.

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kiwi wealth KiwiSaver nz

Kiwi Wealth

Kiwi Wealth, operated by Kiwibank, is a renowned KiwiSaver provider and has risen to prominence since 2000. They prioritize your needs first, from getting you the savings that you need to buy your first home, to retiring comfortably with enough money. 

Kiwi Wealth are dedicated to providing their members with great savings at cheap rates, and have shown this through their actions as since April 2019, they announced a fee reduction and have reduced the fees of the Conservative fund and the Balanced fund - leading to the fees for these funds being some of the lowest of all KiwiSaver providers. In addition, they do not charge a membership fee on top of the annual management fee.

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booster KiwiSaver nz


Since Booster began in 1998, they have taken on the responsibility of handling money from Kiwis all around New Zealand. They pride themselves on their responsible investing and the performance that their funds deliver. They only offer three funds, being a Conservative fund, Balanced fund and a Growth fund, to make it simple. 

Since Booster’s investments are actively managed, their fees are generally a bit higher than other KiwiSaver providers. However, this also reflects the performance that their funds generally provide their members with. They only charge a membership fee to those with account balances above $500.

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fisher funds KiwiSaver nz

Fisher Funds

Fisher Funds are there to help you accomplish your savings goals so that you can buy your first home earlier and/or so that you can retire with a handsome amount of money to get you by. Fisher Funds have one of the largest investment teams in New Zealand, which can tell you that they’re focused on delivering great performance. With  three different investment strategies to choose from, you can be certain that there’ll be a fund for you: conservative fund, balanced, and growth fund. 

With Fisher Funds, you’ll be charged a fixed management fee and estimated fees (costs and expenses, and performanced-based fees). Fisher Funds KiwiSaver scheme, and then you’ll be paying higher fees once you start contributing to your fund. Keeping this in mind, there are no exit or joining fees and you can switch between funds for free, allowing you to have maximum flexibility.

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generate KiwiSaver nz


Generate are KiwiSaver specialists that have a strong focus on retirement savings. As their name suggests, their aim is to provide sustained market-beating growth for their KiwiSaver schemes. They only offer three funds, which are the Conservative fund, Growth fund and the Focused Growth fund - which show their enthusiasm for aggressive investments and taking on more risk. 

Because Generate actively manage their funds to provide the best performance possible, their KiwiSaver fees are higher than some other KiwiSaver providers. Their Conservative fund charges an annual fee of 1.23%; Focused Growth fund charges 1.59% a year; and Growth Fund 1.47% a year.

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juno KiwiSaver nz


Juno are one of the newest KiwiSaver schemes to enter the market, with the aim of providing lower fees while attempting to outperform the market. Starting in 2018, they were proven to be a great competitor of other KiwiSaver providers, with their potential set to shine through in the next few years. They keep their number of funds offered to just three to keep things simple. 

While other KiwiSaver providers often charge two fees, being an annual fee and management fee, Juno only charge one fee: a monthly fee is charged based on your balance - meaning you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paying for fees each year.

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mercer KiwiSaver nz


Mercer are one of the more flexible KiwiSaver providers to enter the scene, offering seven different funds to choose from - providing members with a spectrum of risk, and varying potential levels of returns. They are a trusted KiwiSaver provider, winning many awards for their services over the years and showing that they’ll get you the results you need.

Mercer charges three different fees, being management fees, membership fees and performance fees. However, Mercer do not charge any joining or exit fees and you can freely switch between funds at no extra cost, allowing you to flexible with Mercer.

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milford KiwiSaver nz


The award winning KiwiSaver provider Milford, are a great choice if you’re wanting strong performance with your KiwiSaver account. They consistently track high returns for all of their funds to ensure top performance year after year. Milford offer six different funds, consisting of the Conservative fund, Balanced fund, Aggressive fund, Cash Fund, Active Growth Fund, Moderate Fund. 

Milford’s KiwiSaver fees are generally higher than the industry average fee, mainly because their funds are actively managed. Except for the Cash Fund and Conservative Fund, Milford charges a performance fee and all funds are charged with a base fee.

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superlife KiwiSaver nz


Superlife’s KiwiSaver scheme offers their customers flexibility, extremely low fees and a wide range of options to choose from - a combination that has attracted many customers. They have a whopping 41 fund options to choose from, meaning that there’s something for almost everyone. 

SuperLife charge some of the lowest fees in the KiwiSaver market for their funds, making them an appealing KiwiSaver provider for many people. Their fees are lower compared to other KiwiSaver providers because many of their funds are invested in index funds, meaning they are not actively managed.

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simplicity KiwiSaver nz


Simplicity are a not-for-profit company that aims to provide Kiwis across New Zealand with a great financial solution for their retirement and for funding first home purchases. Because they are a not-for-profit organisation, they only charge their members what it costs, meaning there’s no markup involved so that their members can get the best value possible. Simplicity are committed to ethical investing and they have four fund types with different amounts of risk. 

Simplicity as their name implies, like to keep their business simple and the same goes with their fees. They have an annual membership fee of $20 and they charge an additional $3.10 fee per $1,000 that you have saved per year.

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westpac KiwiSaver nz


Westpac operates one of the biggest KiwiSaver schemes in New Zealand, with close to 1 in 8 members choosing Westpac as their KiwiSaver provider. Westpac’s success with KiwiSaver comes down to their flexibility, fund performance and transparency. 

One of the pros when it comes to Westpac, is that they do not charge any performance fees, which is uncommon when it comes to actively managed funds. However, because their funds are actively managed, their annual fees are higher than other companies. Only the Moderate Fund applies an administration fee to go with the annual fee. With Westpac, there are also no joining or exit fees and you can switch freely between funds.

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aon KiwiSaver nz


Aon is a trusted international services firm that provides risk, retirement, and health solutions.They have over 50,000 colleagues in 120 countries worldwide who work for risk mitigation and well-being of the different people around the world. 

Aon KiwiSaver offers several funding schemes with four underlying investment managers where Kiwis can find one that suits their risk profile. They provide customers the flexibility to change their investment according to their income. Funds are selected by investors from third-party specialists, so Kiwis are rest assured that their money is invested in the right place.

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amanah KiwiSaver nz

Amanah Ethical

Amanah KiwiSaver is one of the registered KiwiSaver schemes under the Financial Markets Conduct Act of 2013. They’re dedicated to helping Kiwi customers save for retirement while allowing them to become an ethical investor. Their KiwiSaver schemes are compliant with the Sharia law, only choosing companies that fit within an ethical standard.

Amanah KiwiSaver offers customers the Amanah Growth Fund, which invests over 90% in growth assets, giving Kiwis the opportunity to have favorable returns in the long run. Funds are invested in international equities and may experience fluctuations following market trends but this provides stable long-term gains until one’s retirement age.

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supereasy KiwiSaver nz


SuperEasy KiwiSaver provides one of the easiest ways to invest in their future. They were established in 2007 and have been Kiwis’ companion in growing their savings until retirement. They feature an automatic fund scheme wherein one’s account is being reviewed monthly to reassess an investment strategy continually. 

Supereasy funds have exposure to higher investment risks in the early stages of investment but this will earn higher returns in the future upon retirement. It aligns to one’s expected life cycle and allows account holders to become more aggressive in investing while they have the opportunity.

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craig KiwiSaver nz


Craigs began as a small investment firm and later on became a reputable advisor of personal investment from Kerikeri to lnvercargill. Today, they’re New Zealand’s leading investment advisory firms providing quality investment services suited to the diverse needs of their clients. They have 4 business divisions that have been continuously helping Kiwis  with their banking, investments and funds management..

Craig investment and KiwiSaver scheme highlights a client-focused approach facilitated by over 200 employees and more than 150 Authorised Financial Advisers (AFA/NZX) across New Zealand. Account holders can expect a high level of expertise and experience with market-based analysis to further their knowledge about their funds and growth of their savings.

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koura wealth KiwiSaver nz


Koura KiwiSaver invests in the whole NZ market, expanding funds and savings of their Kiwi customers. They're one of the few KiwiSaver providers with cheaper fees for an average KiwiSaver member. Part of their program also involves personalised savings advice to guide members about their savings until they retire

Koura KiwiSaver puts your investment savings with some of the biggest businesses such as DWS funds in Europe and Hobson Wealth NZ where they build domestic funds to give Kiwis more options when it comes to their savings.

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lifestage KiwiSaver nz


Lifestages is an SBS bank subsidiary that has been serving Kiwis since 1869. They offer financial services based on one’s life cycle by providing investment alignments. They apply a modern investment theory that could help invite more investors despite the higher risks and volatility.

Lifestages KiwiSaver offers investment strategies based on your risk tolerance. They give customers the freedom to choose between their High Growth and Income Fund Kiwisaver schemes. Lifestages KiwiSaver’s income funds involve term investments in SBS Bank. A growth fund stretches your money across various international funds, such as the Harbour Asset Management fund and the Vanguard International Shares fund.

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mas KiwiSaver nz


MAS KiwiSaver is community-based insurance that invests in companies with good environmental, social, and governance practices — all of which aim to create a sustainable future for New Zealand.

The MAS KiwiSaver scheme is suitable for first-time home buyers and business owners who seek financial stability throughout the years. MAS’s key partners include BlackRock (international equities) and Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) (Australian equities), which are some of the world’s most influential investment institutions.

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national capital KiwiSaver nz

National Capital

National Capital is an Auckland-based financial service provider that has been serving over millions of Kiwis from different walks of life in attaining their financial goals. Their team consists of dedicated and experienced professionals who can empower customers to become financially secure

National Capital isn’t a KiwiSaver provider but they can provide investors with extensive knowledge about KiwiSaver funds They conduct reviews on the KiwiSaver funds such as conservative fund, moderate fund, balanced fund, growth fund, aggressive fund, as well as performance of each providers such as AMP, ANZ, Booster, Aon, and BNZ KiwiSaver to name a few.

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nz fund KiwiSaver nz

NZ Fund

NZ Funds KiwiSaver is managed by a team of world-class experts who have collaborated with government institutions for the ‘Wealth at Work’ programme, which provides information about retirement savings, KiwiSaver, and wealth management. They apply the principles of active investment management, taking advantage of the ups in the world market. Funds don’t just ride with the market tide; instead, it’s managed to avoid pitfalls and increase returns. 

NZ Funds offers three main KiwiSaver strategies that are tailored to accommodate all risks depending on your financial situation. You can also get frequent financial advice from their team of specialists whom customers can also inquire about the best KiwiSaver scheme or option for their individual and long-term goals.

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caresaver KiwiSaver nz


Caresaver is a self-proclaimed ethical investor who invests only in companies that follow the same principles and values as them. They also give 20% of earnings to select charities in New Zealand. 

Investing with CareSaver can save money for retirement and at the same time, make a positive impact on society. CareSaver KiwisSaver works with local organisations and donates 20% of their earnings to select charities. Customers can choose from there three types of fund, each suited to work with particular needs.

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quaystreet KiwiSaver nz


QuayStreet KiwiSaver is managed by financial experts and aims to provide investment returns above client expectations. Likewise, Investment risks are managed across various market conditions to assure Kiwis that their money is always in the right place.

QuayStreet KiwiSaver offers different saver schemes, namely Diversified, Sector, and Speciality Funds, with specific investment strategies and risk levels. Account-holders can minimize tax and make the most of the returns because QuayStreet funds are registered as Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs). Tax is based on your Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR), with a maximum rate of 28%.

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westpac KiwiSaver nz


Summer KiwiSaver is an NZ-based investment firm for Forsyth Barr Investment Management Limited. They have served Kiwis for over 80 years and have developed comprehensive research methods on all major investment markets to ensure that investment advice is always grounded on market research, making investment decisions more efficient for both new and experienced investors.

Summer KiwiSaver scheme is 100% actively managed. Customers are assured that their investments with Summer are responsive to market opportunities and trends, and not merely doing index-tracking schemes. Kiwis can view their KiwiSaver performance information online and will be constantly updated to check their funds and other market changes.

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KiwiSaver Default Providers

If you don’t have a KiwiSaver set up, and your employer doesn’t have a preferred scheme, Inland Revenue will assign you at random to one of their 9 government appointed default providers. These providers are AMP, ANZ, ASB, Booster, BNZ, Fisher Funds, Kiwi Wealth, Mercer and Westpac. 

You will always be put into the conservative fund regardless of who you are assigned to. You retain the option to change your provider to whomever you would like. The KiwiSaver default fund performance will be reliable from all 9 of these providers, but it may not quite be the best option for you. You should do some comparison and figure out which provider can offer you the best KiwiSaver performance.

Best KiwiSaver Schemes 

It’s difficult to describe the best KiwiSaver scheme because it is so variable. Different people will have specific goals for their KiwiSaver saving scheme. Sometimes it could be looking for a KiwiSaver provider that has the lowest fees. Maybe you’d want the KiwiSaver with the best track record in growth funds, so you can make more money even if they have slightly higher fees. Maybe the most important thing for you is ethics, in which case you’ll want a provider who can offer ethical funds which exclude investments in business that don’t meet a set of ethical criteria. 

When it comes to KiwiSaver, the more you know the better your decision making will be, so it pays to spend some time researching. This investment of yours will sustain you into retirement so you’ll want to make sure it’s doing as well as possible.