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Find the best income protection insurance in NZ!

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Getting started with income protection insurance

When you rely solely on your own income for your expenses and savings, finding yourself unable to work due to an accident or illness can be quite disruptive. Unless you have employee benefits or a sick package and healthcare, you might find it difficult to cover all your expenses. So, in the event that something bad happens, you can get financial cover from an income protection insurance policy.

Income protection insurance in NZ can insure you for up to 75% of your income, providing you with some form of safety net until you can finally regain your source of income, or until you get back to work. You and your insurer will need to determine the right percentage for your situation, as well as the waiting period and the payment period on your policy.

The payment period is the duration of time in which your insurer pays you out. This could be a set number of years, until you get back to work, or even until you retire. The waiting period is the amount of time you need to wait before you can start receiving these payments. As for the percentage, you can decide what you’d like it to be.

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Duncan Plunkett , 2021-04-23

Glimp were bloody great. I have very recently lost my wife and was dreading changing everything out of her name and resigning and looking for best deals but Glimp made the process so bloody easy. Thank you so much Glimp you guys rock.

Emil Johnsen , 2021-04-15

Their was no report shown when I was credit checked and I went through the check to many times two days of checking thank you Emil

Katie Uelese , 2021-01-18

I found Glimp when I was looking for Internet Providers that I would have to sit through and compare myself. I at first thought Glimp was an Internet provider but then I was pleasantly surprised when they came up as a website solely for comparing all sorts of different things so the customer could find the best deal. I found my new Internet provider on there and even found out I could be with a better Power company then the one I am with now. Very Useful and I recommend Glimp to the bargain hunters!

Leigh Hattan , 2021-02-01

Agent very helpful in getting me the best deal, made the whole process so easy, Highly recommend!