Family Mobile Plans NZ

Family mobile plans are becoming more and more popular amongst Kiwis – and that’s for a good reason. As mobile phones have become a necessity for children, the concerns for their safety, security and welfare have been the centre of discussion. To resolve this, NZ’s leading mobile providers introduced family mobile plans.

Mobile phones have plenty of benefits that can improve everyday life including easy access to the internet. However, curious kids — who may not have the right discretion — may access content that’s inappropriate for their age. That’s why family mobile plans in NZ are specifically made so that parents can monitor their children’s activities. Aside from supervision, parents can also set the amount of data and top-up their children’s plans as necessary.

It’s normal to be concerned for the well-being of your children, that’s why it’s important to have the best family mobile plans that fit your household needs. To help you in selecting the best deal for your family, use our comparison tool here at glimp.

family mobile plans nz

How do family mobile plans work?

Family mobile plans work by letting the plan leader – usually the parent – set the credits for calls, texts, and data for 3-5 people depending on the plan. This gives the parent the freedom to distribute the balance for each phone, and top up as they deem necessary. They also have the right to blacklist unwanted messages, manage shared data, and access their children’s phone data upon request from the provider.

As well as providing the parents full control, this also gives your children the sense of freedom as they’re the ones budgeting their data. This way, they learn the basics of the internet and data limitation.

Benefits of getting a family mobile plan

Enabling your children to contact you all the time

It’s reassuring to know that your children have a device that can enable them to call you for updates or the authorities for help! Aside from communication, you can utilise their mobile phones to know their whereabouts – if they’re in a safe environment or near dangerous locations.

Ability to use hand-me-down phones

Most of the time, children don’t need the most-advanced mobile phones – they simply need a device that allows them to do basic tasks. That’s why parents often pass down their old phones for their children to use. Luckily, family sharing mobile plans are available even if you don’t include a phone in your deal.