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Do you rent a flat, an apartment, or a house?

If you rent in the central region of New Zealand or anywhere in the country, you should consider buying renters insurance to protect yourself and your valuables  if the unexpected happens.

Get a renters insurance quote today and use glimp to see how you can quickly and affordably protect what matters to you.

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ami renters insurance nz

AMI Insurance

AMI provides up to $10,000 in coverage for the first year of a policy, with a $500 excess and a monthly payment of more than $32. Customers also receive an AMI Advanced Contents policy, which is their highest level of cover, under which their valuables and possessions are repaired or replaced brand new, regardless of age. When you purchase AMI's Young Drivers Insurance, you may be eligible for multi-policy benefits.

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asb renters insurance nz

ASB Insurance

ASB offers comprehensive and basic renter's insurance to suit everyone's needs and budget. This covers protection of up to $1 million if the insured is found accountable for accidental damage to someone's property in New Zealand, as well as coverage for items temporarily carried outside in the country.

Customers can also get a bundle discount if they get house, contents, or ASB car insurance all at the same time.

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aa renters insurance nz

AA Insurance

AA's renters policy benefits include excess-free food spoilage coverage, which pays the insured up to $1,000 if food spoils due to a freezer breakdown or unexpected power outage.

They also provide up to $2 million in coverage in the event the insured inadvertently damages another person's property. ASB also offers up to $3,000 in coverage for business tools and professional equipment per event.

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