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Glimp’s comparison tool is easy to use and convenient; all you need to do is let us know the amount you need to borrow, the term, and interest rate. Our business loan calculator will then provide you with all the offer details from different providers. Easy right? It only takes a few clicks to help you narrow down your options and find the right deal for your needs.

We make it easy for start-ups and rookie entrepreneurs by letting them to view and compare different small business loans all in the one place. Our providers have a range of deals that can help a diverse pool of Kiwi entrepreneurs and businessmen and women. Whether you’re specifically looking for an ANZ business loan, an ASB business loan, or a BNZ business loan, we’ll show you everything on offer, so you can easily compare loans side by side.

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If it’s your first time applying for a loan in NZ, we can help by showing you all of your options including secured and unsecured business loans. Our business loan calculator is free, and always available to check out the latest deals available.

Easy-to-use business loan comparison

Our comparison tool is practical, providing only the essential details that you need to know. We understand the time, money, and effort it takes to apply for the business loan, which is why we make it simple from the start.

We compare business loans by interest rate, type, term, and amount to be borrowed. The interest rate lets you know how much the lender earns from your loan, whereas the term is how long you plan to borrow the amount.

To compare, simply click the “Compare Now” button on the Business Loan page. It will direct you to our business loan calculator, where you’ll see all the latest deals from different lenders. By clicking “Select Deal,” you will then be directed to the website of your chosen provider to start the application process.

We support the endeavors of entrepreneurs and small businesses by laying down the deals, clearing the clutter and allowing you to see the essential details of your potential business loan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are basic requirements for a business loan?

To apply for a business loan, you’ll need to provide some basic details and documents, including: credit scores, collateral, business records, and business statements. Lenders may have other requirements, however, these are the standard things that will likely be requested.

Credit score: This can either be a personal credit score or a business credit score. Simply put, lenders need proof that you can pay for the loan. If you have a business, the lender will check for the business credit score. If you haven’t started a business yet, your personal credit score will be checked instead.

Collateral: Lenders generally require some form of collateral, which is normally in the form of physical property. Business loans with low interest rates usually require collateral; otherwise, interest rates will likely be higher if collateral is not provided.

Business records and statements: As well as a record of the business nature or organisational goals, you’ll also need to provide financial information such as income, loss, cash flow, and projections. Lenders check the financial information in order to determine the business stability.

How much can you borrow with a business loan?

Lenders can provide loans of up to millions of dollars for certain businesses. However, the amount depends on the lender, business, amount, and terms. There is no particular limit to the maximum amount for a business loan, as long as lenders can ensure that borrowers can repay.

What types of business loans are there?

Term-based business loans: This is further divided into long-term, intermediate, and short-term. Short-term business loans have higher interest rates and serve businesses that are new. Long-term and intermediate-term serve long-running businesses, as the terms can reach to several years.

Small business administration (SBA) business loans: Individual lenders provide this type of loan, therefore requirements are typically strict. Businesses may have to wait for two years before their SBA business loan is approved, and it could take even longer. However, newcomers can apply for a SBA loan; this is called a microloan.

Short term loans: Newer businesses can get access to short-term loans. However, short-term loans have higher interest rates, and the amount that can be borrowed is also lower.

Trade credits: A credit arrangement is provided by the lender, allowing the borrower to purchase goods or services and pay them at a later scheduled date. This can be a good way for businesses to free up some cash flow and finance short-term growth.

Equipment financing: This type of business loan is suitable for start-ups and new businesses. Equipment and vehicles, as a capital, generally cost a lot, so this loan can cover the cost of these items needed for the business. In most cases, the equipment or vehicle itself becomes the collateral.

What factors should be considered with a business loan?

The first thing is to consider is the amount to be borrowed and the scheduling of payment. Secondly, consider the interest rate - long-term business loans have lower interest rates because the borrower would be paying longer. Short-term business loans have higher interest because the borrower will be repaying the amount in a shorter period. You need to consider whether you can repay faster but with a higher interest, or longer but with a lower interest rate.

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