NZ Funds Kiwisaver

NZ Funds was founded in 1988 by Lion Nathan and ipac Securities. Today, it’s one of New Zealand’s best wealth management firms that have helped Kiwis save up for their retirement and make smart financial decisions. 100% Kiwi-owned, they’ve also reaped a personalised way of managing New Zealanders’ accounts and applied an active investment management approach. 

You can invest confidently in NZ Funds KiwiSaver, as you know that you’re in good hands. They have a team of financial experts who aren’t afraid to take on any challenges in analysing market trends and investment strategies. Every penny is worth it when you make an investment with NZ Funds KiwiSaver — and the fees and charges are reasonable too. Get ready to invest in your future and enrol  with NZ Funds KiwiSaver!

nz funds kiwisaver

Why enrol with NZ Funds KiwiSaver?

There are a large number of KiwiSaver funds out there today, all offering similar deals. However, with NZ Funds KiwiSaver, they’re managed by a team of world class experts who have collaborated with government institutions for the ‘Wealth at Work’ programme, which provides information about retirement savings, KiwiSaver, and wealth management.

Active investment management approach

NZ Funds KiwiSaver applies the principles of active investment management, which takes advantage of the ups in the world market. Your money doesn’t just ride with the market tide; instead, it’s managed to avoid pitfalls and to increase returns.

Responsible fund management

Being a member of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia, NZ Funds take responsible investing seriously, and they only work with companies that comply with ethical standards.

NZ Funds KiwiSaver Strategies - Fees, Returns, Scheme

Income Strategy

This fund aims to expose you to income assets, thus giving you a stable way to invest. If you’re wanting to withdraw your funds in the next few years, this fund will be suitable for you.

Inflation Strategy

This strategy is advantageous when you apply in NZ Funds KiwiSaver, as it mitigates the effects of inflation to your investment. With this, you get peace of mind with your KiwiSaver account.

Growth Strategy

If you’re not expecting to withdraw your money in the next decade, and would like to let your money grow aggressively, then this fund will suit you best.