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In today's digital age, you can get a fast, reliable internet connection without paying a fortune.

In this article, we've gathered the latest and best internet deals you can find from the top broadband providers in NZ. Compare broadband deals with Glimp today!

See the Broadband Comparison and Recommended Deals for May 2024:

Best Fibre 300 Plan Now up to 300Mbps 12-month contract $47.50
Essential Fibre 300 +Netflix Spark up to 300/100 Mbps Open-term contract option $95
Unlimited Fibre 300 Skinny 300/100 Mbps Open-term contract option $75
Best Hyperfibre Plan Orcon 900/500-8000 Mbps 12-month contract $99.95 - $274.95


Download and upload speeds shown are peak time average speeds for wireless technology from the latest Commerce Commission MBNZ report.

You may experience higher or lower speeds than these national averages depending on certain factors such as the quality of your paid or free modem, the location of the server available at your address, your device performance, and your in-home Wi-Fi setup.

You can use a broadband speed test to gauge your internet speed.

For wireless connections, factors such as cell tower distance, network capability, and overall use of the cell tower by multiple devices can also impact the general download and upload speeds.

The Best Broadband Deals from Top Providers

1. Now - The Best Money-Saving Fibre 300 Plan

According to our broadband comparison tool, Now's Fibre 300 plan remains one of the best broadband deals in New Zealand. Its introductory offer and unique services surpass most broadband providers making it one of the top fibre broadband plans in NZ.

Now has a half-off bonus for the first six months of your broadband plan, so you only have to pay NZ $47.50 for those months! This gives you unlimited data and a fibre broadband speed of up to 300Mbps!

After six months, the price goes back up to NZ $95 a month, but it's still among the cheapest unlimited broadband plans in NZ.

Now has excellent online reviews as a broadband provider earning it a top spot on our broadband-compare website. It comes with one of the best tech support teams out of all the New Zealand broadband providers, although you probably won't need them.

This broadband deal requires a fixed contract of 12 months, and there's an exit fee of NZ $199 if you want to cancel before that. However, if you compare broadband providers' annual costs, you'll find this plan saves you a ton of money in the long term.

Main Features of Now's unlimited broadband plan

  • Average speeds of 300/100 Mbps
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • No connection fees
  • 12-month contract with early termination fees of NZ $199
  • Excellent tech support team
  • Pricing: NZ $44.50 per month (first six months), then NZ $89 per month

2. Spark - The Best Fibre 300 Plan With Netflix

Spark's Fibre 300 plan is an open-term, no-contract broadband plan. It costs NZ $90 monthly and gives you unlimited data transfer.

Spark's Fibre 300 comes with download speeds of up to 300 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

It may not be the cheapest broadband plan compared to many NZ internet providers, but it does include a free Netflix subscription and McAfee Security Standard antivirus. You can enjoy using streaming services alongside your broadband plan.

Main Features of Spark's unlimited broadband plan

  • Unlimited broadband plan
  • Open-term contract
  • Fibre speeds of 300/100 Mbps
  • Free Netflix subscription while you're on the plan
  • Free McAfee Security Standard
  • Pricing: NZ $90 per month
  • Free standard connection

3. Skinny - The Best Naked Fibre Plan

Skinny's unlimited naked broadband plan starts at NZ $75 per month under an open-term contract. You can opt for a 12-month contract and get one month free, zero-cost standard installation, and a free modem.

Skinny's plan gives you unlimited data and average broadband speeds of 300/100 Mbps. However, remember that, like most broadband plans, the discount comes with an early cancellation fee.

As a naked broadband plan, you don't need a landline or a phone line to use it. And as a bonus, Skinny's free modem and free standard connection (with the 12-month contract) save you around NZ $200.

If you're already subscribed to a Skinny mobile plan, you can save an extra NZ $10, making your monthly fees just NZ $65!

Main Features of Skinny's unlimited broadband plan

  • Unlimited naked broadband
  • Open-term or 12-month contract options are available
  • Free modem and standard connection options
  • 300/100 Mbps broadband speeds
  • Pricing: FREE for the first month, then NZ $75/month

4. Orcon Fibre 300- The Best Fibre Plan With Add-Ons

Orcon prides itself in offering superfast broadband speed perfect for web browsing, gaming, video streaming, and anything that needs an excellent Wi-Fi connection.

Their strong focus on fibre and hyper-fibre broadband connection ensures customers get the best broadband deal possible at top fibre speeds.

Orcon's Fibre 300 Plan gives you unlimited data transfer and download/upload speeds of 300/100 Mbps. The Fibre Plan costs NZ $89.95/month and comes with a 12-month contract. In addition, Orcon gives you a wide variety of add-ons with its unlimited fibre plan.

You can add a 4G backup in case your fibre connection goes down, which you can confirm using the Internet Outage Checker. Their Google Nest routers guarantee wall-to-wall coverage, priority support, and other benefits.

You also get a free Wi-Fi Pro which is a standard issue for all fibre plans on a 12-month contract. You only pay NZ $14.95 for postage. Wi-Fi Pro has multiple Google Nest routers, ensuring a powerful broadband connection around your home.

Orcon also offers a static IP add-on for NZ $10/month. You can check your IP address here.

Main Features of Orcon's unlimited broadband plan

  • Download/uploads speeds of 300/100 Mbps
  • Free Wi-Fi Pro with excellent router coverage
  • 4G backup available
  • Static IP add-on available
  • Pricing: NZ $89.95/month with a 12-month contract

5. MyRepublic Fibre Pro- The Best Fibre Pro Plan for Gamers

MyRepublic is a leading company among New Zealand broadband providers, providing businesses, gamers, and power users with superfast, highly reliable Wi-Fi. It's ranked NZ’s No.1 for Steam download performance, so your gaming experience is guaranteed.

One of their most popular broadband plans is the Fibre Pro which gives you unlimited data and average speeds of 940/500Mbps. It costs NZ $82/month and comes with an open contract and no early termination fees, so you can test it out for yourself.

All of MyRepublic's internet plans can be upgraded to a Gamer plan for an additional NZ $10 per month, which includes Gamer Support and Static IP.

Their Gamer Support offers help other broadband providers traditionally don't via Discord, while the Static IP provided ensures you aren't interrupted by other users on the network.

Also, selecting the Fibre Pro plan will have the company upgrade your modem to an ASUS RT-AX3000 at no additional cost. This free modem upgrade is designed for high performance and stability, making it perfect for competitive gaming or video streaming.

Check out NZ's online reviews and our broadband-compare tool; you can see that MyRepublic is gamers' go-to provider.

Main Features of MyRepublic's Fibre Pro Plan

  • Average speeds of 940/500Mbps and unlimited fibre transfer
  • Gamer Support and Static IP can be added for just NZ $10
  • Free ASUS RT-AX3000 modem
  • Pricing: NZ $92/month (Gamer Plan) or NZ $82/month (regular plan)

6. Orcon HyperFibre 8 - The Lightning-Fast Hyper-Fibre Plan

Orcon's Fibre 300 plan is fast but not as fast as the HyperFibre 8 Plan. Gamers and other power users should consider Orcon's HyperFibre 8 plan, one of their best broadband deals for those with high power consumption.

This plan costs NZ $274.95 a month and gives you unlimited data with download speeds and upload speeds of up to 7,700/7,200 Mbps. The minimum contract period is 12 months, with an early cancellation fee of NZ $250.

You can get NZ $5 off your monthly bill if you own an Orcon Mobile monthly plan. Orcon allows up to 4 mobile broadband plans for a total discount of NZ $20.

The HyperFibre 8 plan has a free Orcon modem, but you'll need to pay NZ $14.95 for postage.

Main Features of Orcon's Hyperfibre 8 Plan

  • Download speeds and upload speeds of up to 7,700/7,200 Mbps
  • Modem free of charge
  • Lightning-fast fibre connections for intensive internet usage
  • Discounts available for monthly mobile plan owners
  • Minimum 12-month contract with early cancellation fees
  • Pricing: NZ $274.95 a month

7. MyRepublic's HyperFibre 8000 - The Best Hyper-Fibre for Gamers

MyRepublic's elite HyperFibre 8000 plan has average speeds of 8000/8000 Mbps for both download/upload. Fibre 8000 gives you unlimited data for only NZ $289 per month.

This plan includes Static IP and an optional Google Nest router upgrade. In addition, MyRepublic's internet plans are open-term, so you can cancel anytime without worrying about early termination fees on your broadband.

They won't charge you an installation fee, which saves you about NZ $249.

Main Features of Orcon's Hyperfibre 8000 Plan

  • Average speeds of 8000/8000 Mbps and unlimited data transfer
  • Static IP and optional Google Nest router upgrade
  • Free early termination and installation fees
  • Open-term contract
  • Pricing: NZ $289 per month

Which Broadband Speed Is Right for You?

Faster isn't always better. There's no reason to get the fastest broadband speeds possible and pay hundreds of dollars if you only send emails or stream HD videos. The idea is to pick the best broadband plan for your budget and needs.

Broadband speeds are categorized according to download and upload speeds. Each speed range covers a specific degree of online activities without lag or latency, depending on the number of users.

Here's the speed breakdown with the ideal number of users for optimal performance:

  • 0-25 Mbps: Emails, web browsing, and streaming standard quality music/videos for 1-2 users
  • 25-50 Mbps: Streaming HD videos, music, moderate gaming, and lite remote work for 1-3 users
  • 50-100 Mbps: Streaming in 4k, home security devices, quick downloads for big files (500 MB to 2 GB), and 2-4 users
  • 100- 500 Mbps: Heavy 4k streaming, online gaming with multiple players, full home office setups, fast downloads for 2-30 GB files, and up to 5 users
  • 500-1000+ Mbps: 4k live streaming and gaming, complete smart home setups of 10 or more devices, stream-heavy creative software, and more than five users simultaneously

Each type of broadband connection covers a specific speed range, so you should pick your connection according to the broadband speed you need. Here's the general breakdown, but exact numbers can differ slightly according to the internet provider:

  • ADSL Broadband: up to 24 Mbps
  • 4G: typically up to 36 Mbps, but it depends on the quality of your network
  • 5G: highly variable and depends on the broadband provider since it's relatively new
  • Fibre: 30 to 50 Mbps
  • Fibre UFB (Ultra-fast Broadband): up to 300 Mbps
  • Fibre Max (Pro): up to 940Mbps
  • Hyper-Fibre: 2000+ Mbps

Are Hyper-Fibre Broadband Deals for You?

If broadband speed and reliable network capability are your top priorities in internet plans, you should check out the hyper-fibre options.

There are only so many broadband providers in New Zealand that can compare to Orcon and MyRepublic. They may not be the cheapest broadband plans, but they just can't be beaten when it comes to the raw gaming power and reliability that gamers and power users need.

One thing to note is that only some areas have access to hyper-fibre technology. You can use free broadband comparison tools like Glimp to check your coverage before signing up.

Also, while hyper-fibre broadband plans offer extremely high speeds, multiple-device network congestion can result in slower speeds than usual. However, broadband providers continue to improve their coverage, offering a faster and more stable broadband connection.

Are Hyper-Fibre Broadband Deals for You?

If broadband speed and reliable network capability are your top priorities in internet plans, you should check out the hyper-fibre options.

There are only so many broadband providers in New Zealand that can compare to Orcon and MyRepublic. They may not be the cheapest broadband plans, but they just can't be beaten when it comes to the raw gaming power and reliability that gamers and power users need.

One thing to note is that only some areas have access to hyper-fibre technology. You can use free broadband comparison tools like Glimp to check your coverage before signing up.

Also, while hyper-fibre broadband plans offer extremely high speeds, multiple-device network congestion can result in slower speeds than usual. However, broadband providers continue to improve their coverage, offering a faster and more stable broadband connection.

Tips to Improve Your Broadband Speed

While you can't go above the maximum broadband speed disclosed by your provider, there are several things you can do to optimize your broadband and stay near the maximum speed limit:

  • Router Location: Set your router at a central point in your home for the most coverage and ensure minimal obstacles between your router and your devices. Opens spaces are your friend.

  • Avoid Electrical Interference: Keep other electrical devices away from your router to avoid interference. Try turning off other devices and measuring your internet speed before and after to gauge the interference.

  • Boost Your Signal: Consider changing your router's old antenna, replacing the router, or getting a signal booster.

  • Change Your Phone Wires: Upgrading to high-quality phone wires can minimize resistance and improve your speeds.

FAQs About Broadband Plans

Which NZ Internet Provider Is the Fastest?

Your internet speed depends on the type of broadband connection you have, with the fastest being hyper-fibre connections.

MyRepublic and Orcon are two of the fastest internet providers in NZ. They offer hyper-fibre broadband plans with download speeds reaching 8,000 Mbps.

What Is the Average Broadband Speed in NZ?

The average broadband speed in NZ is 214.47 Mbps, ranking the 20th fastest internet speed worldwide. You can use a broadband speed test to determine your internet speed.

Should I Switch to Fibre Broadband?

You should consider fibre broadband connections, whether regular fibre or hyper-fibre because they're faster, more reliable, and future-proof.

Fibre broadband offers improved streaming and gaming capabilities and provides more bandwidth to cover new technologies and online activities.

Which NZ Internet Provider Is the Cheapest?

Now offers one of the cheapest unlimited broadband plans in NZ, with its 6-month half-off deal and no connection fees.

Skinny, on the other hand, offers just one month free and doesn't charge for connection, but gives you a free router.

What Is Hyper-Fibre Technology?

Hyper-fibre technology refers to a fibre optic broadband connection with extremely high download speeds and upload speeds, reaching upwards of 10,000 Mbps or more. It has a low latency rate, ensuring a smooth connection.

This makes it perfect for gamers and power users who need high broadband speeds in New Zealand. For now, however, most people will only have broadband speeds ranging from 2-4 Gbps, with a few areas reaching 8 Gbps speeds.

Even at just 2 Gbps, though, it’s still faster than a standard fibre connection, let alone older types like VDSL broadband.

Are Hyper-Fibre Plans Available in All NZ Areas?

No. Hyper-fibre technology is primarily offered in urban areas where the necessary infrastructure is already set up. Rural areas have special rural broadband plans that usually don't include hyper-fibre. However, more and more broadband providers are beginning to offer hyper-fibre options across a broader range of locations in New Zealand.

We always recommend checking out the different broadband-compare websites to see if it’s already available in your area. You can also use our search tool to check if you can get fibre broadband in your home.

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