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House Insurance is the security you need in case of loss, damage, or deterioration of your home. Here at glimp, we provide you with the best house insurance company in NZ according to your needs and income. You can use our comparison page for the different prices, deals and other local-based insurance companies. Rental house owners and tenants are also welcome to choose among the best house insurance providers at glimp to ensure a safe and protected household. Enjoy the comfort of your home without worries by finding the right house insurance today.

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state house insurance

State House Insurance

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Why choose State House Insurance?

They practice business sustainability, devoting the company to social, environmental, and financial performance. They’re a member of the  Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ), which means they follow an ethical code. With such prestige, they also offer discounts and programmes you can’t simply find in their nearest competitors.

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westpac house insurance nz

Westpac House Insurance

Westpac has more than 1.2 million customers and over 200 branches nationwide. Westpac is a bank, insurance and loan provider and investments company, where they also offer Westpac House Insurance that provides opportunities to use your insured house the way you want it. Westpac let you add on optional benefits if you’re a landlord. They give discounts to customers over 50 years old and to those who apply for more than one insurance with Westpac

Why choose Westpac House Insurance?

Westpac allows customers to bundle house insurance with landlord insurance to protect them from accidental loss or damage caused by tenants or someone else living in the insured house, up to the sum insured. If house becomes uninhabitable, their temporary accommodation can be covered up to $20,000 for twelve months

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nzi house insurance nz

NZI House Insurance

NZI has been providing insurance for over 160 years. They’ve worked with local brokers, allowing them to face new challenges and find the right cover that suits their clients. NZI house insurance policies are classified based on their purpose and what you want to insure. You have the flexible option to insure your house along with other assets and wealth that you specify.

Why choose NZI House Insurance?

NZI House Insurance makes policies easier to understand. Every process becomes convenient because a broker will be guiding you from start to finish. NZI also offers their insurance policies exclusively through brokers who will help you from selecting an insurance policy to making claims.NZI brokers come from different financial companies like Aon, Crombie Lockwood, Insurance Advisernet, Marsh and many more.

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the warehouse house insurance nz

The Warehouse House Insurance

The Warehouse Group ensures healthy homes, from home products and accessories, to insurance policies for all types of Kiwi customers. Their home insurance options have flexible payment options —fortnightly, monthly or annually — and 24/7 customer service for making claims, along with add-ons to help you go further with your policy. The Warehouse likewise offers Everyday Cover and Everyday Plus Cover which are designed to fit different budgets.

Why choose The Warehouse House Insurance?

The Warehouse Home Insurance guarantees customer satisfaction from choosing the best payment option for you to making claims. They have a competitive insurance support that provides pertinent information you need to know about your insurance. What makes their insurance policy unique is customer-friendliness. Aside from being reasonable, they address only the essential covers and don’t urge customers to pay for those they don’t need.

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anz house insurance nz

ANZ House Insurance

With flexible options, ANZ House Insurance is for all kinds of Kiwi customers. They provide you with the right tools such as the ANZ House Insurance calculator, to help you understand the policies, items and events covered, and how much you’re expected to pay. ANZ finances over 30% of all home loans in New Zealand and one in two Kiwis have a banking relationship with one of their brands — thanks to their versatility and high-quality customer service that anyone can benefit from

Why choose ANZ House Insurance?

Kiwis get a comprehensive range of benefits, along with optional extras to extend cover on other essential assets. These benefits include getting cover for your house, up to the sum insured, in the event of accidental loss or damage up to $3,000 for hidden gradual damage (water leaking from pipes), temporary accommodation up to 5% of your sum insured for 12 months if your home becomes uninhabitable due to accidental loss or damage as well as a one excess to pay when multiple claims for the same event are made.

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aa house insurance nz

AA House Insurance

AA House Insurance aims to meet specific needs of their existing and new clients. Their house cover is one of the most comprehensive and flexible in the market today. Being a standard in customer service gave them numerous awards, including Reader's Digest 'Most Trusted General Insurer' since 2011 and Reader’s Digest in the Quality Service Awards for Car Insurance since 2015.

Why choose AA House Insurance?

AA House Insurance can save on money when you bundle more than one eligible insurance policy like an AA House and Contents Insurance in NZ through a multi-policy discount. The multi-policy discount also helps you save on premiums. Likewise, you can get an AA membership discount depending on how long you’ve been with them. They’ll help you bounce back after making a claim.Choose from different excess options when you have added benefits, selecting a higher excess helps in lowering your premiums.

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vero house insurance nz

Vero House Insurance

Vero House Insurance is practical and easy to understand. There are two options that you can choose from — Maxi Cover and Flexi Cover — depending on your needs. When you’re choosing, it’s best to know about the sum insured of your house through the Vero House Insurance calculator.

Why choose Vero House Insurance?

Through their pull of brokers and retailers, you’ll get the assistance you need from start to finish. You can save more money and get more benefits with Vero the more you’re integrated with their services. When you insure your house and contents, you can get up to 10% off your premiums. Real people with valid expertise will be dealing with your insurance so your policy will be suited to your personal circumstance, the sum insured of your home, and assets you want to be covered. There’s no guesswork or one-size-fits-all when they give you a quote.

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tsb house insurance nz

TSB House Insurance

TSB House Insurance policy provides Kiwis with important benefits such as house owner’s liability, natural disaster damage, temporary accommodation expenses, and cover for tenanted houses. No worries about the technical terms because TSB’s policy wording is easy to understand.

Why choose TSB House Insurance?

Kiwis get maximum benefits with a TSB House Insurance thanks to a competitive policy which will be tailored to your preferences and the sum insured of your house. You get a full  replacement when your house is destroyed by fire. TSB can rebuild your house despite costing more than the sum insured. You can bundle your house insurance with another policy and save up to 20% on premiums. If you need to make multiple claims under one event, you only need to pay for only one excess. With this much practical benefits, you can be assured that you’ll be covered when you need to be.

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asb house insurance nz

ASB House Insurance

ASB aims to accelerate financial progress for all New Zealanders through investments, loans, KiwiSaver, insurance, and many more. Today, they cater to the financial needs of around 1.3 million customers. They offer ASB House Insurance that assists Kiwi customers in looking and paying off their homes. With ASB, you’re entitled to temporary accommodation, no excess or loss claim free discount for keys and locks replacement, legal liability, and other benefits.

Why choose ASB House Insurance?

If you have an existing policy with ASB, getting house insurance can qualify you for a multi-policy discount. Although other providers offer a similar discount, no one does this better than ASB. ASB’s multi-policy discount makes you eligible for up to 40% annual claim-free discount, a higher discount if you’re 55 years old and above as well as a discount for a professionally installed burglar alarm.

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trademe house insurance nz

TradeMe House Insurance

Trade Me House Insurance is made simple and convenient through their online application. You can get a computation on the sum insured of your home in just a few clicks. Trade Me offers this as an independent policy which makes it more comprehensive than its counterparts from competitors.

Why choose TradeMe House Insurance?

Kiwi customers living in a low-income community can get an exclusive discount to ease making payments. Part of Trade Me’s mission is to put Kiwis at the center of everything they do — and being accessible to anyone is part of it. You can also get a 15% discount when you’re a Trade Me member and a 20% multi-policy discount when you apply for more than one policy.

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mas house insurance nz

MAS House Insurance

MAS House Insurance offers policies differently compared to others. Instead of a comprehensive or landlord cover kind of policy, they apply based on the value of the items and on how much you’ll be willing to pay: Area Replacement, Agreed Value, and Indemnity Value. This gives you more flexibility and a simpler way to understand your insurance, letting you focus on what truly matters.

Why choose MAS House Insurance?

MAS gives value to their stakeholders and makes sure that customer satisfaction is achieved in every transaction. They received the Consumer People’s Choice for exhibiting outstanding customer service. They practice responsible investment and are able to mandate across $1.5 billion of funds, and invest only in companies that significantly contribute to social and environmental integrity. Their insurance services are also designed to provide value to professionals and their families such as the Cyber-bullying Protection Benefit for victims of cyberbullying.

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ami house insurance nz

AMI House Insurance

AMI House Insurance offers AMI Premier House Insurance, Market Value House cover, and Landlord Insurance. Kiwis can get their property insured the way they want it. You can also have other options based on your circumstances. If you’re building a new house, you may want to try the AMI Contract to cover your house for accidental loss or damage during the building or renovation process.

Why choose AMI House Insurance?

AMI House Insurance provides customer-driven solutions with policy documents that are 100% transparent and flexible insurance options. First-time home buyers can consider getting either a Market Value House Insurance since the materials are brand new. Their AMI Premier House Insurance Policy on the other hand is ideal for older houses and in case of accidental loss or damage.

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initio house insurance nz

Initio House Insurance

Kiwis can choose among Initio House Insurance options namely Landlord, Home and Contents, Holiday Home, Multi Unit, Own Home Rented, and Trade Property. These House Insurance offers fit the needs of customers looking for insurance that focuses on their property no matter the purpose. What makes Initio House Insurance unique is Multi Unit and Trade Property because they’re focused on properties used for business.

Why choose Initio House Insurance?

Initio Home Insurance is best if you’re using your house for business purposes. Their policies are comprehensive enough and cover rental properties, contents, and your home. LIkewise, choosing Initio’s landlord insurance can cover your loss of rent due to Methamphetamine contamination and damages caused by pets. Initio Home Insurance covers up to $2,500 for landscaping and your home office even when you're not using the house for business activities.

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bnz house insurance nz

BNZ House Insurance

BNZ offers more than just your average house insurance and lets you bundle policies under BNZ PremierCare House Insurance. They make sure you’re in control of your insurance policy by easily managing it online where you can view payments and claims, including their updates. You can also choose a higher excess for a reduced premium. This lets you save more in rental properties which usually have a higher excess than owner-occupied homes which applies a standard excess of $400.

Why choose BNZ House Insurance?

If you’re a landlord, you can get covered for your rental property and your contents. The value of your property is based on the sum insured or the costs of rebuilding your house and not the market value so you don’t need to worry about devaluation.

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