Aon KiwiSaver Scheme

Aon is an award-winning services firm that excels in providing risk, retirement, and health solutions. They have over 50,000 colleagues in 120 countries who work for risk mitigation and well-being of the different people around the world. Analytics improve Aon KiwiSaver performance by delivering insights that reduce volatility. 

Aon KiwiSaver scheme has six different funds with four underlying investment managers where you can find one that suits your risk profile. It gives you the flexibility to change your investment whenever you feel the need to. On top of everything, Aon Kiwisaver performance is strong so you can rest assured that your money is in the right place. Funds are selected by investors from third-party specialists.

Because the Aon KiwiSaver scheme is diverse, it can be challenging to select the best one for you. With glimp, you can shop around and find the right Aon KiwiSaver fund. Updates on your investment can be viewed when you create your own Aon account.

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Why choose Aon KiwiSaver Scheme?

Aon KiwiSaver makes everything convenient. You can get access to your account balance all the time and check updates on KiwiSaver funds so you’ll always be informed on how your fund is doing in the world market. If you have questions or concerns about your KiwiSaver, a team of experts are available to help.

How to join Aon KiwiSaver?

You can join online by completing the online application form and securing the following:

  • Your IRD number
  • NZ ID: NZ passport or NZ drivers licence for electronic identity verification
  • Your PIR (prescribed investor rate) for paying tax on your behalf

Before applying, make sure that the device you’re using has a camera because you’ll use this to take a photo of yourself and your identity document for verification.

Aon KiwiSaver Funds NZ - Fees, Returns, Scheme

Cash Funds

If you’re looking for consistent returns and are planning to retire soon, cash funds can be the best investment choice. They fit average risk-takers who are confident about investing on a short term basis without being affected by long-term market fluctuations. 

Aon KiwiSaver cash funds invest in 100% income assets:

  • ANZ Cash Fund
  • Nikko Cash Fund

Moderate Funds

The target investment mix focuses on reducing the probability of short-term losses. Returns on investment are still secured while accommodating mild variances in your KiwiSaver money.

  • Russell LifePoints® Moderate Fund - 40% growth assets; 60% income assets
  • Russell LifePoints® Target Date 2025 Fund - 33% growth assets; 67% income assets

Balanced Funds

This kind of fund protects your KiwiSaver money from market volatility; at the same time, this exposes your money to good returns. You can choose among:

  • ANZ Balanced Fund - 60% growth assets
  • Nikko Balanced Fund - 52% growth assets
  • Russell LifePoints® Balanced Fund - 60% growth assets
  • Russell LifePoints® Target Date 2035 Fund - 54% growth assets

Growth and Aggressive Funds

If you’re comfortable with market fluctuations and have a strong desire to gain high returns in the long term, this kind of fund is best for you. Aon KiwiSaver growth and aggressive funds are:

  • Milford Active Growth Wholesale Fund - 80% growth assets
  • Russell LifePoints® Growth Fund - 75% growth assets
  • Russell LifePoints® Target Date 2045 Fund - 71% growth assets
  • Russell LifePoints® Target Date 2055 Fund - 86% growth assets

Target Date Funds

This is an option where you can select the date of the fund closest to your retirement date and set an automatic asset allocation to a more conservative fund as your retirement age draws nearer. Target Date funds are:

  • Russell LifePoints® Target Date 2025 Fund - income asset allocation opts to reach 80% by 2025
  • Russell LifePoints® Target Date 2035 Fund - income asset allocation opts to reach 80% by 2035
  • Russell LifePoints® Target Date 2045 Fund -income asset allocation opts to reach 80% by 2045
  • Russell LifePoints® Target Date 2055 Fund - income asset allocation opts to reach 80% by 2055

Your Aon kiwiSaver returns grow over time depending on the market changes. To learn more about your Aon investment, contact your agent or compare Aon deals using glimp.

Conservative Funds

If you want to protect the value of your KiwiSaver money, then enrol in a conservative fund instead. This allows you to invest in 80% income assets and 20% growth assets. A minimum of 3 years is recommended for this kind of fund.