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Personal Loan Companies in NZ

You’ve got a lot of options if you’re looking to get a personal loan in New Zealand. There are a range of providers each with their own benefits. Regardless of the type of loan you are looking for, there will be something available for you. These providers cover everything; car, holiday, funeral, wedding, birthday, personal and debt consolidation loans. These NZ finance companies want to make it as easy as possible for you to pay off the loan, so they offer variable terms and debt consolidation options to get you on a track towards financial freedom. Here’s our comparison of the personal loan companies in NZ

Best personal loan NZ companies with glimp

You can find whatever type of loan you want with the range of providers available here on glimp. Some providers will create loans with interest rates that are specific to you, while others offer a fixed interest loan rate. You can also choose between a secured personal loan and unsecured personal loans (more popular). You can look around for the best rate over the term, and also take into account the other fees like establishment fees, late fees, or variations on the payment handling fees.

Personal loans with no credit check? Personal loan providers match your credit standing with an interest rate that’s within your means. You can also request for a special personal plan to fit your needs and budget. 

Learn about which providers offer the best deals at the cheapest personal loan rates with glimp.

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harmoney personal loans nz


Harmoney is unique for being a peer-to-peer lending service. You can get loans between $2,000 and $70,000 for terms between 3 and 5 years. All of the Harmoney loans are unsecured so there’ll be no risk of them coming after your personal property. Harmoney will give you a unique rate based on your credit history, and they are quick too, with most loans fully funded within 24 hours. 

Harmoney Rates

Harmoney has variable rates, so they can create a loan specific to you and the term you desire. The rates start at 6.99% and go up to 29.99% p.a. That rate will be fixed for the life period of that loan.

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tsb personal loans nz


With TSB personal loans, you can get anything between $1,000 and $30,000 over a term between 1 and 5 years. They come with an establishment fee of only $150 and they’ll stick to the fixed interest rate offered for the full term of the loan.

TSB Rates

 TSB offer a single fixed interest rate of 12.95%, which is guaranteed to remain stagnant for the duration of the loan. A fixed interest rate makes budgeting easier as you’ll always be paying off the same amount.

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westpac personal loans nz


Westpac give personal loans up to $50,000 (sometimes more on request) for terms between 1 and 5 years, although they can work out different terms on request. There’s also no extra fees to pay for early repayments.

Westpac Rates

Westpac offers a fixed interest rate of 13.95% p.a. This rate will remain the same for the duration of the loan. There’s an establishment fee of only $100, and a loan payment failed fee of $10 per failure, as well as a late payment fee of 5% p.a on any overdue balance.

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anz personal loans nz


With ANZ you can borrow anything from $3,000 to $40,000 for a term between 6 months and 7 years. You’ll quickly get the outcome of your application for a loan within 1 or 2 business days and ANZ also offer flexible repayment options so you can pay it off early with no fees or extra charges.

ANZ Rates

ANZ also offer a fixed interest rate which will remain stagnant for the duration of the loan. It’s a rate of 13.90%p.a. They have an establishment fee of $115 unless you are a full-time tertiary student with a Jumpstart account.

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heartland personal loans nz

Heartland Bank

Heartland Bank offer flexible options of repayment for a range loans. You can start your application online with a few clicks and you’ll get a response within 2 working hours, or they can offer conditional approval if you need something faster. 

Heartland Bank Rates

Heartland Bank will come up with a custom interest rate for your loan based on your credit history and income. This rate will be somewhere between 8.95% and 15.95%p.a. The term can vary from 1 year to 5 years.

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finance now personal loans nz

Finance Now

Finance Now have loans available for a range of situations, you can choose them to be secured or unsecured. If you’re after a new car, holiday, home reno, repairs, or new equipment then there’s a finance now loan specific to your needs. 

Finance Now Rates

You can use the calculator on the Finance Now website to see what interest rate you might be looking at. The rates offered by Finance Now vary from 12.95% to 29.95% and accompanies an establishment fee of $180 and a $2.50 monthly service fee.

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asb personal loans nz


Asb offer loans for everything including cars, debt consolidation, education, travel, weddings and home renovations. They’ll usually respond within 24 hours and their terms go from 6 months up to 7 years. 

ASB Rates

ASB will come up with a unique rate for you based on your credit history and income. For a secured loan it will be 12.95%, but for an unsecured loan it starts at 13.95% and goes up. The minimum amount for a secured loan is $20,000 and for unsecured it is $2,000.

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avanti personal loans nz

Avanti Finance

Avanti Finance offers many types of personal loans. Whether you’re looking at getting a new car, travelling, buying a home, getting capital for a business or just a small personal loan, Avanti Finance have something for you. 

Avanti Finance Rates

You can get an estimate of the rate you’ll get from Avanti Finance with their online calculator. They don’t have flat interest so they can curate your loan based on your credit history and income.

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kiwibank personal loans nz


With Kiwibank you can borrow anything from $2,000 upwards. You’ll always have a fixed interest rate so you’ll be able to track the repayments carefully and plan well in advance. You also won’t be punished for making repayments in advance. The cash will end up in your account within a day of it being approved. 

Kiwibank Rates

For a personal loan between $2,000 and $9,999 you’ll be paying 18.95% interest and for anything over $10,000 you’ll pay 16.95%. There is also an establishment fee of $240 for everyone except graduate pack customers who won’t need to pay, as well as payment handling fees of $1.50 and late payment $35 fees.

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quickloans personal loans nz

Quick Loans

Quick Loans maintains a good standard of products and services without compromising time and quality. They’re not a bank, which means, they can process multiple applications in a day. They also provide the best customer service for concerns and other inquiries with regard to repayments and other terms and conditions in relation to your personal loan.

Quick Loans Rates

Quick Loans checks with the applicant’s financial circumstance and collateral to determine the interest rate on one’s personal loan, which varies from 9.95% to 23.5%.

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finance direct personal loans nz

Finance Direct

Finance Direct is a community-based lending company that offers Kiwis financial solutions from housing, auto repair, insurance, and other personal obligations. You can secure a loan up to $200,000 which can be useful for different expenses and individual needs.

Finance Direct Rates

Interest rate with Finance Direct starts from 5.03% which can be repaid for a monthly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. You can check how much you can borrow using their online calculator tool set for a weekly repayment frequency. For the minimum amount of $2,000 weekly, you can take out $49,127.96 for a term of 6 months.

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nobilo finance personal loans nz

Nobilo Finance

Nobilo Finance will find the right personal loan provider for your needs. As a brokerage financial company, they can communicate with several providers in New Zealand and get the cheapest rate according to your budget. Customers can also get a no obligation pre approval of your loan to get a glimpse of your repayment plan with Nobilo Finance.

Nobilo Finance Rates

Rates vary depending on the select loan provider by Nobilo Finance. Upon sending your application, they will process your loan and security, and find a lending service who can accommodate you according to your income. You can take out a loan for as low as $3,000 up to $250,000.

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sbs bank personal loans nz

SBS Bank

SBS has been in the business for over 150 years. They are dedicated to their mission as a company that puts Kiwis at the center of everything they do, and aspire to build lasting relationships with their customers. Other than their banking services, they also offer personal loans in NZ that can be utilised for any individual purchases as well as for bills and other expenses.

SBS Bank Rates

SBS Bank allows you to borrow up to $1,000 for your personal loans with flexible repayment options so that you can enjoy your money at your own convenience. You can choose between secured and unsecured personal loans which differs depending on your personal circumstances. You can choose either vehicle loan or home flexi loan, whichever loan type you need.

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simplify personal loans nz


Simplify focuses on assisting customers in buying the right investment without the extra work. They provide a dedicated team of specialists who can negotiate and arrange your financial needs for. Aside from their car insurance offers, they also have personal loans that can help Kiwis pay off their specific finances. If you’re looking for a personal loan provider in NZ, consider Simplify as one of your options.

Simplify Rates

Simplify personal loans has the lowest fees and a simple lending process. There are no restrictions on where you can purchase your car. You can buy from dealers, private sellers, and other institutions. They are a broker that negotiates with lenders to give you the lowest rates.

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quickcash personal loans nz


QuickCash personal loans include a range of options from holiday, car, emergency, home renovation, small business, and debt consolidation loans. Their comprehensive selection of personal loans let’s you borrow the money you need instantly. They also have an easy and accessible online profile for applications and making insurance claims.

QuickCash Rates

QuickCash is dedicated to cash loans for personal use and introduces loan rates according to market conditions and your asset value. They have low fixed interest rates to give customers the chance to pay off their finances without draining their income.

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Best loan companies in New Zealand

The best loan company in New Zealand will vary based on what you are actually looking for. Sometimes if you have a great credit score and a strong income you’ll be able to find a great deal from a provider that offers variable loans instead of a loan company that only offers a fixed interest rate. There are some companies that will send all of the profits overseas while others are New Zealand based so the profits will stay here. Harmoney is an outlier because it is a peer-to-peer lending service, so the interest on your loan will go to other hard-working kiwis.