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Find the Best Life Insurance Company in NZ

Check out deals from the top Life Insurance Companies in NZ to find one that provides your preferred end-of-life cover. Choose from only the most relevant policies on offer without the hassle of browsing through various websites and jotting down so many details. With glimp, you simply need to provide us your information and we’ll sort out your options, allowing you to find the best life insurance company in NZ!

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AIA Life Insurance

Find cover with a company that not only provides excellent end-of-life cover, but also helps you on the path towards a healthier lifestyle. Get a range of competitive personal insurance to help your loved ones with one of the largest life insurers in NZ! Compare your options with AIA Life Insurance today!

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asteron life insurance nz

Asteron Life Insurance

Established in 1878, Asteron Life helps Kiwis seize more chances by providing them with the peace of mind that comes with their life insurance policies. Get the most out of today by preparing more for tomorrow with comprehensive life insurance with Asteron Life.

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fidelity life insurance nz

Fidelity Life Insurance

Founded in 1973, Fidelity Life works with independent financial advisers, allowing you to come up with a highly personalised, insurance policy that covers all your bases. What’s best is that they help cut through all the jargons and demystify the whole process, helping you navigate important terms without feeling confused.

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cigna life insurance nz

Cigna Life Insurance

Cigna has provided insurance policies to more than 450,000 Kiwis across NZ, earning a reputation as one of the top insurance specialists in NZ. This enables them to provide a diverse offer of life insurance, funeral cover, and income protection; and to ensure they have something for anyone looking for a financial safety net for their family.

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partners life insurance nz

Partners Life Insurance

Started as a humble startup back in 2011, Partners Life developed strong partnerships with customers and industry professionals, allowing them to rise as one of the best life insurance companies in NZ. They help people make and receive their claims easily and, as a 100% Kiwi-owned and operated company, all their profits stay in the country.

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southern cross life insurance nz

Southern Cross Life Insurance

Southern Cross is NZ’s leading health insurer with over 870,000 members in its wide network. They help provide a fast, private healthcare option that enables Kiwis to skip long wait times and avail of treatment immediately. They offer excellent end-of-life cover with this, allowing them to play an important role in NZ’s health sector. This has enabled them to build a strong reputation as a strong brand and one of the, if not, the best life insurance company in NZ.

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aa life insurance nz

AA Life Insurance

AA takes into account people’s different insurance needs when making all of their insurance options, including their life cover. This enables them to help you build a strong financial safety net that can take care of all your dependents’ needs without the further strain on your expenses. Try out their life insurance policy today and do more with your time tomorrow!

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bnz life insurance nz

BNZ Life Insurance

Having helped Kiwis for over 150 years, you can be confident when you take out a life insurance policy from BNZ. No matter what your goals are for the future, BNZ Life Insurance helps you prefer for the unexpected and the inevitable, helping your family cope with the difficulty and the financial expenses that arises from it.

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pinnacle life insurance nz

Pinnacle Life Insurance

Pinnacle Life is an online insurance company that offers smart and innovative solutions to help make the whole process easier for their customers. You can count on their fast and easy transactions, and affordable premiums when you take out a life insurance policy with Pinnacle Life.

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momentum life insurance nz

Momentum Life Insurance

Having received a Platinum Award for excellent customer service this 2020, Momentum Life Insurance is always prepared to help you make sense of their insurance policy in a nice, customer-oriented manner. You don’t need to navigate pages and pages of technical terms and industry jargon with Momentum, allowing you to find good cover at an affordable price!

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westpac life insurance nz

Westpac Life Insurance

In need of coverage in case you find yourself out of work due to a disability or perhaps, a safety net for your family when you pass away? Try Westpac Life Insurance today! Find appropriate cover to handle your last end-of-life expenses, debt, mortgages, and other costs your family will have to deal with when you sign up with Westpac!

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anz life insurance nz

ANZ Life Insurance

With their easy-to-use online platforms and tailored insurance benefits, ANZ offers accessible and convenient life insurance products, helping you save time in applying and making a claim. Help your family deal with the financial obligations in the event you pass away or fall to a terminal illness with a Life & Living Insurance Cover from ANZ!

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amp life insurance nz

AMP Life Insurance

Get a convenient life cover aligned to your family’s needs and income level! Personalize your life insurance policy to your preferences when you sign up with AMP Life Insurance! Get a fast, easy-to-understand quote when you sign up online!

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Types of Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance only provides coverage for only a limited amount of time. It’s a more cost-effective deal if you’re looking for a more budget-oriented life cover.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance covers you for life, without any limits. Under this policy, you may be able to get a cash value benefit, making it a bigger investment for certain people.

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