4 Best Landline and Broadband Deals NZ Compared (2023)

If you still rely on your landline, adding an internet connection to your home phone service is a smart way to save money and unify your utility bill.

Landlines might not be as popular today as they were a few years ago, but you can still find a good landline broadband plan.

At Glimp, we've found the best broadband deals with a landline connection. Pick one of the plans below, or use our handy broadband plan comparison tool to find the perfect one for your needs!



Top Landline Broadband Plans

Here are the best landline plans from one of the highest-ranking broadband providers in New Zealand.

Spark Landline Plans

Spark is one of New Zealand's oldest and largest fibre broadband providers. They offer everything from fibre broadband and VDSL/ADSL to mobile and landline connections.

Spark offers three no-contract broadband plans that come with a landline, but you could also add a landline to your existing broadband connection for NZ $10/month.

In addition to your internet service and landline features, you'll be charged the following call rates:

  • National Calling: NZ $0.24/min (capped at NZ $3 for up to two hours)
  • Mobile Calling: NZ $0.39/min (capped at NZ $5 for up to two hours)
  • Local Calling: Free

Here's the breakdown of Spark's landline plans:

Spark's Wireless Landline Plan

This plan offers 4G speeds of up to 27/17 Mbps with a 40GB data limit for downloads. If you reach your monthly data allowance, you can add 10GB for NZ $10, with a maximum of 60GB.

It costs NZ $45/month, and you'll need to pay a one-time fee of NZ $150 (+ NZ 14.95 for modem postage) for the Spark Wireless Modem.

Spark's wireless landline plan also gives you voicemail options, caller display, and call-waiting features.

Spark's Landline Fibre Plan

This plan gives you a highly stable and consistent internet connection with fibre speeds of around 50 Mbps. However, before you compare broadband plans, make sure you can get a fibre connection at your address.

This plan costs NZ $55/month and allows you to use your own router. The fibre plan only comes with the caller display feature.

Spark's Copper Landline Plan

The copper plan is a last resort for residential customers who don't have access to fibre and can't get decent network coverage for wireless broadband.

Spark's copper landline plan offers speeds of up to 24 Mbps, depending on the integrity of your copper wiring.

This plan costs NZ $60/month, but you'll need to pay additional installation fees. This plan has no special features, just a landline service and an internet connection.

Providers With Landline Add-on Options

Some broadband providers don't have separate landline plans like Spark but still give you the option to add a landline to another plan.

Here are a few examples:



Sky is one of New Zealand's top providers of satellite broadband. Sky's internet plans usually include promotional discounts and subscriptions to Sky TV, Sky Movies and Sky Sports channels.

You can also add a landline with unlimited local calls for just NZ $10/month.


Nova Energy

Nova Energy is a popular broadband and power provider in New Zealand. They specialise in money-saving utility packages that bundle your electricity, power, and internet plans into one bill.

Nova allows you to add a landline to your broadband plan for just NZ $10/month. Their landline service comes with:

  • Free twin cordless handsets (NZ $15 shipping fees)
  • Unlimited calling to standard NZ landlines
  • Voicemail, call waiting and caller display



Slingshot provides lightning-fast broadband speeds and stable connections that resist many environmental factors. They're famous for their fibre service, with special discounts and around NZ $100 joining credit on a 12-month contract.

Slingshot broadband plans allow you to add a landline for just NZ $10/month. You can also upgrade your landline service to get unlimited national calls for an additional NZ $5/month or get 1000 mobile minutes for an extra NZ $15/month.


Benefits of Landline Internet Plans

Here are a few reasons to consider getting a landline broadband plan or adding a landline to your existing contract.

Excellent Infrastructure Coverage

Landline connections have a solid infrastructure that's been around for decades before other connection types appeared. In some areas where wireless and fibre connections are unavailable, you can get a better connection with a landline broadband service.

Rural broadband providers offer many landline deals for Kiwis in remote areas where cell towers can't deliver 4G and 5G internet.

Familiar Home Phone Deals

Internet and landline deals are great if you prefer connecting with friends and relatives via telephone. It also makes it easier for older residents who find it challenging to use a mobile phone.

Landline broadband deals are also helpful for companies still using fax machines since they don't work without a phone line.

Emergency Use

In the event of a network outage or calamity, a home landline deal can be more reliable and has less network interference than a mobile phone. Your landline acts as a backup in case your mobile phone stops working.

Low-Cost Calls with Broadband and Landline Deals

If you regularly make local calls, a landline is a low-cost alternative to mobile phone calls. Most landline providers will state their local, national, and international calling rates so you can compare prices before signing up.

Added Benefits

Some providers offer incentives, such as gifts, free call periods, vouchers, and even cashback for new customers.

Others give you add-ons such as a fair usage policy for unlimited calls, free calls, free streaming subscriptions, caller display features, or reduced calling rates for international calls.

Some may even waive early exit fees if you choose to terminate the service.


Landline and Broadband Deals FAQs


What Kind of Internet Connections Can I Get With a Landline Deal?

Landline deals typically offer wireless, fibre, VDSL, and ADSL broadband options. The fastest option is a fibre connection.

How Fast Is an ADSL Landline Connection?

You can get average download speeds of 24 Mbps and upload speeds of 1 Mbps with ADSL broadband. It's slower than other internet connections, but an ADSL landline package will cover basic browsing, Netflix streaming in HD, and most online activities.

Are VDSL Broadband Plans Faster Than ADSL?

Yes! With VDSL broadband, you can get average download speeds of 70Mbps and average upload speeds of 10Mbps. This is perfect for online gaming and video conferencing.

Can I Install Fibre and a Landline at the Same Time?

Yes! When you sign with your local fibre company, they'll send a technician to install your landline and set up your fibre connection. In most cases, they'll do a standard fibre installation where they connect your ONT (home equipment) to an ETP (outside access point).

However, if your home is over 200m from the nearest fibre access point, they'll perform a non-standard installation which your provider will discuss beforehand.

Once your fibre broadband is set up, the local fibre company staff will check your connection and activate your landline service on the same day.