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Landline broadband is an internet connection with a home phone. Broadband with landline costs more, as you have to pay for the home phone service. With a decrease in landline usage, more Kiwis are opting out from having a broadband with a landline. However, if you frequently use your landline, then it is still a good option to get broadband with landline. 

If you’re still in need of a landline internet plan in this day and age, make sure to compare landline broadband plans in New Zealand to find the best one for you.

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Benefits of Landline Broadband Plan

It has an excellent coverage

If you want to call someone without a signal disruption, then landline is the best option for you. When you compare landline broadband to mobile internet calls, the reception is much clearer on a landline internet plan for both sides, since the infrastructure is fully established in New Zealand.

You can still have a home phone service

If you often use a telephone to contact your family and friends in rural NZ, then a landline internet plan is right for you. This is especially useful if you contact your grandparents often, as they are more likely to know how to use landlines, rather than the mobile phones of today.

It can be used during emergencies

It’s easier and more reliable to use a landline in cases of emergency than mobile phones, as reception does not interfere. If you’re getting one for your home to prepare for an unlikely scenario, use glimp to compare landline broadband plans first to ensure you get the best deal around. 

Also, if you still rely on a fax machine, it is best to get a landline internet plan, as a fax won’t work without one.

You can expect low-cost local calls

Telephones makes the most economical sense if your household or business makes a lot of local calls. It’s a low-cost option, so you can save expenses in the long run compared to using mobile phones as your main tool of communication. To find the best and cheapest landline internet plan in NZ, compare landline broadband plans in your area using Glimp.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is ADSL broadband

ADSL has been the standard in NZ for a long time and, depending on the quality of your lines, gives download speeds of up to 24Mbps and upload speeds of 1Mbps. The national average is about 10Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. For some providers, you can get this together with a landline internet plan, as they often come together in bundles. ADSL should be fast enough for the basics like emailing, surfing the net and checking social networks.

How much faster is VDSL broadband?

Heaps faster! You could get download speeds of up to 70Mbps and upload speeds up to 10Mbps. There are a number of factors involved such as the condition of the copper cables and the distance from the nearest cabinet. If you are getting a landline internet plan, then VDSL broadband is a great choice as a landline uses copper cables too. Just remember that the closer you are to the cabinet – the better.

Should I choose VDSL or Ultra Fast Fibre? (Ultra-Fast Broadband)

If you can get both at your address, then you should consider fibre. It uses fibre optic cabling instead of copper which means the speeds are more consistent and faster. Although most fibre connections often come naked, other providers are still offering landline internet plans with this type of broadband. Fibre is a little trickier to install than VSDL, but it’s worth it.

How fast are the Ultra Fibre plans?

With Ultra Fibre 30, the service can deliver Fibre speeds up to 30mbps downstream and 10mbps upstream. Ultra Fibre 100 can deliver Fibre speeds up to 100mbps downstream and 20mbps upstream. Ultra Fibre 200 can provide 200Mbps downstream and 20Mbps upstream. Ultra Fibre Gigatown can provide an amazing 1000Mbps downstream and 500Mbps upstream. 

Actual speeds will be affected by various factors including NZ and overseas networks, your modem and computer technology, internal home wiring and other environmental factors. With ultra fast fibre, you can be rest assured that landline is stable wherever you may be.

Standard Fibre Installation?

The standard fibre installation should suit most New Zealand homes. It requires a technician from your Local Fibre Company to carry out work at your house. They will make sure you understand what's required and won't start any work unless you're happy with what's proposed. 

It includes all the work needed to connect your home to the fibre running down the street: 

  • Installing the fibre cable from the street through to your home (up to 200m of cabling from the roadside curb to house).
  • Installing and connecting the necessary equipment outside (the ETP) and inside (the ONT) your home.
  • Making sure the fibre service is running and disconnecting the copper broadband connection to your home.

Your Local Fibre Company staff will do their best to minimise any impact on grassed areas and if hard surfaces are affected, they will be resealed.

Standard Fibre Installation?

You'll need this if your house is more than 200m from the Fibre access point on the street. Or if you decide to install your fibre modem in a different place from the ONT and need additional wiring as a result. 

The Local Fibre Company staff will let you know if your place needs a non-standard installation and what that's likely to cost before they start any work.

Getting the installation work done?

You may need to allow a full day for the work to be done and you'll also need to be available on-site as the installation team will be working both inside and outside of your home. 

Don't worry though. The installation team will make sure you understand what's required and they won't start any work unless you are happy with what's being proposed.

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