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Business Finance loans can give your business a boost, as they can finance your new equipment, protect your cash flow, replace old facilities, and many more! Getting a business loan shouldn’t stress you out especially since you’re borrowing money to optimize your business. For this reason, you need a business loan that’s tailored to your needs because the last thing you’d want is paying for a mismatched loan. Knowing who moves the money is vital because they’ll be facilitating your financial goals. Learn about various business loan providers here:

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asb business loans nz


The Auckland Savings Bank or ASB has been providing simple financial services since 1847, and is one of the most trusted banks in NZ who can provide competitive rates and competitive financing. They helped develop New Zealand’s economy while emphasizing sustainable rural and farms development. 

Their commitment to economic development has enabled them to create a range of business finance — from overdraft to asset finance. No matter the size of your business, your concerns will be well-accommodated. ASB is also one of the best small business loan companies in NZ, as they offer low-cost financing that will let you focus on the business more than anything else.

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asb business loans nz


ANZ is one of the biggest banks in New Zealand that accounts for around 1% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). They continuously innovate financial solutions to help big and small businesses achieve their financial aspirations. Unlike other banks, they can provide a secured or unsecured bank loan for business. It’s not a matter of counting only your assets — ANZ also gives you a chance to improve based on your potential, and that’s why their business finance options are diverse. 

ANZ’s business loans can have fixed interest rates, floating rates, or a combination of both. You can choose from a comprehensive list the business finance that you need, including overdraft, business flexible facility, home loan for business, business loan, and commercial loan.

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heartland business loans nz

Heartland Bank

Since 1875, Heartland Bank has been providing fast and simple banking services with flexible options; and it’s because of this long history that they understand great customer service. Applying for a business loan in NZ — from the start to the end of the term — is convenient, allowing you to focus on your business and not on the loan. They’re classified business loans in NZ based on the amount to be borrowed and the loan duration, and not only on aspects of your business that need financing. 

Heartland Bank offers financing solutions for your business needs which include Heartland extend (manages your cash flow through flexible loan terms), term loan, revolving credit facility, and business finance guarantee scheme.

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kiwibank business loans nz


Kiwibank refers to themselves as “ambitious.” And true enough, their banking solutions are high quality, all while maintaining affordability. They also offer other engaging services that empower stakeholders such as programs on financial literacy, insights on the economy, and many more. 

Kiwibank can provide great start up business loans in NZ since their banking products are deeply rooted to the needs of Kiwis. You can rest assured that Kiwibank prioritizes your needs as a client, as their profits stay in NZ to help the economy continuously grow.

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tsb business loans nz


TSB is one of the oldest banks in New Zealand with over 165 years of banking experience. This long history enabled them to garner insights on best practices. From everyday banking to bank loan for business, TSB goes beyond expectations and sets the standard even higher using innovative solutions.

Applying for a business loan can be done online and can be flexible enough to finance vehicles, machinery, equipment, and commercial property. You can also grow your business with TSB as they’re one of the best small business loan companies who support Small to Medium sized Enterprise (SME). You’ll have flexible options with TSB business loans which are tailored for every unique situation.

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harmoney business loans nz


Harmoney is the first peer-to-peer lending company to have acquired a license in New Zealand; and today, they’re constantly innovating for better assessment on loan applications. They strive to eliminate bias in assessing loan applications using technology facilitated by their experts.  

All types of businesses are welcome to apply for a loan with Harmoney. You can skip the heaps of paperwork and hassle of rendering security. When you’re in the fast lane and need a bank loan for business, Harmoney can be a great choice because the funds can be processed within 24 hours after the application. What’s more, you can do all transactions online and save more time!

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bnz business loans nz


The Bank of New Zealand or BNZ was founded in 1861, making them one of the oldest banks in NZ. They accomplished a great deal of banking and financial services to Kiwis from different walks of life. BNZ is looking forward to a brighter future with their stakeholders where financial aspirations are easily achievable. They made financing affordable and flexible so Kiwis don’t need to fear borrowing for their business.

BNZ business loans are easily customizable to meet your needs. You can select your interest rate and term, and repayment period based on your cash flow. This avoids surprises when you make repayments. You also have asset finance as an option to your business loan, in case you only need to optimize your facilities and equipment.

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zip business loans nz

Zip Business (Spotcap NZ)

Formerly known as Spotcap NZ, Zip Business crafts their products and services based on customer insights so they can provide the right solutions. Their solutions are technologically sound and can take businesses to greater heights. Zip Business will let you borrow the cash that you need through a flexible line of credit. To make funds more accessible, all loans are unsecured. Zip Business can provide the best start up business loans in NZ since they’re also focused on supporting SME.

Zip Business won’t charge credit line fees, annual charge, and early repayment on your loan, but will be applying a fixed rate that can range from 0.5% to 3% per month, based on your risk profile. Loan applications with Zip Business are processed fast and objectively as they use a unique credit algorithm that assesses the creditworthiness of a potential borrower.

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lending crowd business loans nz

Lending Crowd

Lending Crowd NZ is an online marketplace that provides a bank loan for business. Whether you need equipment financing to boost growth, funding to protect the cash flow, or start up business loans in NZ, you can get an anonymous quote in less than 2 minutes! They look beyond creditworthiness, and consider other factors such as your business plan and income when assessing your loan application. 

Lending Crowd has only secured business loans in NZ that increase the borrower’s chances of being funded by a lender. At the same time, this assures lenders of future repayments. You can use any registered motor, or residential or business property under your name as security. The platform will protect your identities as well so you can rest assured that each transaction is secured.

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