Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Scheme

Fisher Funds provides an excellent KiwiSaver scheme to over 270,000 customers throughout New Zealand and are the 2019 recipients of the SuperRatings Platinum award for their Fisher Funds KiwiSaver scheme. Fisher Funds stand out from other KiwiSaver providers as they are a specialist investment manager, with their singular focus being on delivering fantastic investment returns. Their investments team is one of New Zealand’s largest, and over twenty years of experience ensures that their KiwiSaver scheme remains one of New Zealand’s best. Fisher Funds’s KiwiSaver scheme operates under the name of Fisher Funds TWO; this scheme offers six main funds to fit any type of saver: it doesn’t matter if you’re saving for your first home or for your dream retirement, Fisher Funds can offer the right fund for you. However, it is always important to make sure that you are saving the most that you can; here, glimp comes in handy as you can compare Fisher Fund’s various KiwiSaver Funds to other KiwiSaver providers, and start your smarter saving today! Use glimp’s KiwiSaver comparison now to see if Fisher Funds are the perfect KiwiSaver provider for you.

Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Scheme

Why choose a Fisher Funds KiwiSaver scheme?

Fisher Funds TWO is one of NZ’s premier KiwiSaver providers, and centres on performance and education. Their specialist investment team means that their annual returns are high, and the establishment of the company was made with the goal of demystifying investing in mind. The performance of their funds is strong, with their Cash-Enhanced fund generating a 4.58% return over the last five years, their Equity fund seeing an annual return of 9.97%, their Preservation fund seeing a return of 1.87%, their Conservative fund a return of 4.98%, their Balanced fund a return of 7.08%, and their growth fund a return of 8.02%. Because of this strength, making a Fisher Funds KiwiSaver withdrawal is easy when the time comes for retirement or purchasing your first home.

Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Fees

Fisher Funds charges their members annual account fees as well as a fund charge. Their fees for the Cash Enhanced fund in 2019 were 0.56% of your account balance plus an annual account fee of $28.44. The fees for the Equity fund were 1.21% of the total account value as well as an annual account fee $28.44; whilst their fees for their Preservation fund were 0.63% of the funds total value as well the same account fee. For the Conservative, Balanced, and Growth funds, the fees for the 2019 financial year were 0.93%, 0.97% and 1.09% respectively. These fees and costs can be easily compared with other KiwiSaver providers here on glimp.

Fisher Funds GlidePath option

Fisher Funds finally also operates an additional GlidePath service that makes your investing incredibly easy and informed. GlidePath automatically allocates and adjusts your savings annually to a fund or a mix of funds that Fisher Funds believes is appropriate for a typical person based on your age at the time. GlidePath wholly invests you in Fisher Funds Growth fund up to the age of 46; the growth fund has an allocation to income assets of up to 20%, so from aged 46 onwards this exposure automatically exponentially grows until you reach the age of 86, when GlidePath invests you wholly in income assets.

Types of Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Funds NZ - Fees, Returns, Scheme

Cash Enhanced

Fisher Funds Cash Enhanced Fund is part of Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Two scheme, and acts as a low risk defensive fund that provides protection for your savings whilst also generating a stable level of return over the long term. Because this is a defensive fund, your returns will be reasonably low, however there is also little risk of a decrease in balance. 29.5% of the fund is invested in cash and cash equivalents, 21% in NZ fixed interest, 27% in international fixed interest, 6.5% in Australasian equities, 12% in international equities, 2% in listed property, and 2% in unlisted property.


Fisher Funds Preservation fund is their lowest risk fund. As an extremely defensive fund, the fund aims to protect your savings and provide a return that is better than ninety day bank bills. 20% of the fund is invested in cash and cash equivalents, whilst 80% of the fund is invested in New Zealand fixed interest. This means that whilst the risk of losing money is very low, the returns of their Preservation fund are also low- their average annual return over the last five years being 1.87%. This means this fund is well suited to those looking to withdraw from their KiwiSaver soon who care more about security than potential growth.


Fisher Funds Conservative fund is perfect for cautious savers. The Conservative fund aims to provide moderate protection for your KiwiSaver savings whilst also providing a discreet level of return over the medium term. Because this fund is aimed towards those looking for medium-term investments, it is suited for you if you are nearing retirement or are looking to withdraw from your KiwiSaver within the next five years. 19.5% of the fund is invested in cash and cash equivalents, 18% in NZ fixed interest and 35% in International fixed interest. In terms of growth assets, 5.5% of the fund is invested in Australasian equities, 12% in International equities, 5% in listed property, and 5% in unlisted property.


Fisher Funds Balanced strategy fund aims to provide a balance between securing your savings and growing those savings over the long run, and is thus perfect for investors with a timeframe of five to ten years. The fund is invested in a balance of income and growth assets: each year this balance ranges from 40% to 50% conservative and 50% to 60% growth; this strategy is ideal for those who want security for their savings whilst also looking for a high return and who are alright with ups and downs along the way.


Fisher Funds Growth fund aims to provide you with high returns over the long run by investing mainly in growth assets; this means that although there will be a high degree of up and down movement over the tenure of your investment, there is a strong potential to come out of your investment with far higher returns than you would otherwise see in a Conservative or Balanced fund. Just 20% of the fund is invested in income assets, whilst 80% is invested in growth assets.


Fisher Funds Equity fund is a long term fund that aims to predominantly focus on the growth of your capital; to achieve this, the fund invests in local and global share markets and has a low focus on capital protection. The fund acts as an aggressive fund type, with less than 10% of the fund being invested in income assets whilst 40% is invested in Australasian equities and 50% is invested in international equities. This means that it is perfect for those looking to invest for the long term who don’t mind seeing their balance rise and fall.