KiwiSaver Aggressive Fund NZ

Do you have an appetite for risk and want to see your KiwiSaver make the fastest possible returns? The KiwiSaver aggressive fund might be for you. This fund relies most heavily on shares on the stock market, so it can fluctuate very quickly. The potential to make more money sits alongside the potential to lose money. You can easily compare KiwiSaver funds here on Glimp so that you can check out funds such as the AMP aggressive KiwiSaver.

KiwiSaver Aggressive Fund NZ

What is an Aggressive fund?

An aggressive fund is the least stable and most risky form of KiwiSaver scheme. Unlike other funds which will invest in a range of things including property, shares, bank term deposits and other fixed interest investments, the KiwiSaver aggressive fund will predominantly focus on shares which can produce higher yields but also may result in a loss if the market doesn’t go your way. There will still be a sprinkling of property, bank term deposits and fixed interest investments as part of this aggressive fund, but it will mostly be made up of shares.

Why choose a growth KiwiSaver scheme?

If you’re a risk-taker, the aggressive KiwiSaver scheme might be the right choice. If you don’t have the security to bounce back after a loss in this fund then you should choose a low risk fund. We’ve compiled some of the best KiwiSaver growth schemes for you to compare KiwiSaver providers.

How much risk do you take on with an Aggressive KiwiSaver fund?

The risk is all relative; compared to the other funds available with KiwiSaver, the aggressive KiwiSaver fund is riskier but compared to other forms of investing it’s pretty secure. You’ll want to consider this risk seriously since it’ll be dealing with your retirement fund. If you rely heavily on every cent that comes out of your KiwiSaver, then you’ll probably should opt to a more secure fund.