Unlimited Internet Plans in NZ

Worried about your data limits while browsing? Well, that is where unlimited broadband plans come in. These deals don’t have any limits, allowing you to browse without worrying about your bandwidth. This makes it perfect for anyone living in a big household, or for power users who conduct a lot of activities over the internet.

With many Kiwis adjusting to more digital products both for work and recreation, broadband usage only goes up. More and more internet providers in NZ are now offering unlimited data plans, helping bring prices to a more competitive level. If you’re thinking of making the switch to a better broadband plan, then now might be the best time! There are many internet providers in NZ providing unlimited data plans now.

When you start your search for unlimited fibre plans, you might encounter a lot of terms like ADSL, VDSL, or even fibre. For a beginner, this may seem quite confusing at first. This is where glimp comes in. We’ve filtered out the different broadband plans, allowing you to easily compare unlimited internet plans in NZ.


Why are more Kiwis switching to Unlimited Internet Broadband in NZ?

The switch to unlimited broadband in New Zealand is mostly brought on by time. More and more activities are being conducted over the internet, making a fast and robust broadband connection necessary. Apart from that:

  • Rise of competitive broadband deals - As more and more providers start offering these plans to the public, more providers are improving their deals in order to compete. This results in broadband and power deals and other benefits like free credit months, free Netflix subscriptions, or even goods like Apple TVs, Playstations, and more.
  • Households with multiple devices - As more and more activities shift to the internet, more and more people are buying devices to connect internet at home. This leads to an increase in data consumption. Parents might work online while children might use the internet to stream videos or play online games. If you don’t have unlimited internet plans, you might end up using up all of your bandwidth fast.

FAQs About Unlimited Broadband NZ:

What are the National Peak Time Average Speeds?

Based on the commerce commission’s measuring broadband, the national peak time average is 10Mbps for downloads and 1Mbps for uploads. This applies to both unlimited broadband internet plans and data-capped plans.

How much data do Kiwis use on average?

Data use will vary depending on the days of the week or if there are certain events like holidays or even just a long weekend. According to fibre broadband provider Chorus, the average use of data per household was 155 GB. Getting unlimited broadband plans should be able to get around those annoying data caps that existed in old internet deals.

What are my unlimited broadband options?

When it comes to unlimited internet deals, you usually get a choice between ADSL broadband, VDSL broadband, or fibre broadband plans. Choosing which option works best for you will depend on different factors like availability and price. Always check in with your preferred provider before you settle for a plan.

Just note that several other factors will affect if you get higher or lower speeds than what is advertised.

What are wireless broadband connections?

Wireless broadband transmits your data over a wireless technology like 4G or 5G mobile network. Wireless broadband plans are good for households who can’t avail of fibre connections with fibre optic cabling and do not want to go with VDSL.

Do note that network capability will influence your overall broadband speeds. Despite that, it is still a good alternative for an ultra fast broadband connection.

Should I choose VDSL or Fibre?

Ultra fast broadband offers blazing fast speeds for internet use. Coupled with an unlimited plan and you should be able to fully enjoy the benefits of your connection. This alone makes it worth the switch to a connection that uses fibre optic cables. However, there is one little obstacle. Fibre optic cable technology is just being rolled out to more areas in the country. Depending on where you live, this might not even be available to you yet.

In case an unlimited fibre broadband plan isn’t available where you are, then VDSL should be a great option to tide you over. If you can though, you should try to go for a fast fibre connection.

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