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Are you looking for a car loan that suits all your needs and requirements? With so many car loan offers available on the market, it can be overwhelming to search through all the different options. Luckily, CompareBear is here to help! We’ll help you compare all the different car loans in NZ, so you can easily find the right one for you. Since 2016, we have helped thousands of Kiwis get the best deals on their utilities. We’re fulfilling our mission to help more Kiwis save time and money, so you can trust that we’ve got your best interests at heart.

Get the freshest deals from NZ’s leading car loan providers using our comparison tool. Our comparison tool is free and always available for your convenience. Getting the car of your dreams is only a few clicks away!

Want to find the best car loan interest rates? Compare, switch, and save with Glimp!

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Simplify makes car loans easy and simple by implementing a transparent approach and by helping their clients understand all the necessary details. Founded in 2015 by Scott Robertson and Glenn Wilson, Simplify is a customer-driven online finance company that have a passionate team who are dedicated to providing quick and simple car loan solutions. Simplify’s online tools also help you make a decision when you’re unsure about the financial aspects. 

You can apply for a car loan fast through Simplify’s online portal. There’s no need to be physically present when applying - you can do this paperless and hassle-free online!

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Harmoney were founded in 2014 and became New Zealand’s first company to obtain a license in peer-to-peer lending. They have served around 50,000 Kiwis and facilitated over $1.6 billion of loans. Since its inception, Harmoney have also created many jobs and opportunities for Kiwis. They have set the standards in responsible lending by removing personal bias when it comes to credit worthiness. Instead, they let technology and data decide, for more accurate and faster results. 

A Canstar Winner from 2015 to 2019, Harmoney gives you fair deals on car loans that’s computed based on your credit assessment. Application is hassle-free and paperless, and can be done online 24/7. Harmoney’s car loans come with a fixed rate and are unsecured; meaning, there’s no need to render physical property as a security. Repayments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

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mtf car loans nz

MTF Finance

MTF Finance is a 100% Kiwi-owned financing company, founded by New Zealanders back in 1970 - so, they understand what you’ll really need in a loan. Applying for financial services for motorcycles, cars, utes, vans, boats, and jet skis with MTF Finance is worry-free; you’ll get updates on the same day that you apply. 

MTF Finance are a customer-centered loan provider, and they’re committed to helping guide clients from start to finish. You simply need to get in touch online or by phone, and their experts will advise you on the type of car loan that you’ll need. You can borrow as high as $100,000, as long as they are sure that you can make repayments based on the agreement. Repayments can be made  weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. 

Once you’ve sealed the deal with them, they’ll explain the loan contract, and your rights and obligations. They offer a payment waiver for illness or injury, as well as mechanical breakdown insurance packages for unexpected expenses.

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NZ Vehicle Finance

NZ Vehicle Finance provide competitive financial packages to suit all types of Kiwis. They understand what Kiwis want when it comes to car loans in NZ, and work hard to reduce any friction that you might encounter. Even with a bad credit rating, they’ll look into the circumstances first before making a decision. 

NZ Vehicle Finance let you apply online to get results fast and conveniently. You can get the cheapest car loan rates in NZ from a passionate team of experts who will ensure that you’re well taken care of.

For a car loan, your new car will be the security/collateral. Because of this, a lesser amount of deposit will be required. Repayments can be made weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

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UDC is one of the largest financial companies in NZ, helping local businesses to grow for the last 80 years. Since their inception in 1937, UDC pride themselves on helping the local economy thrive; especially in the transport, forestry, agriculture and manufacturing industries. 

UDC is 100% owned by ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited, which means interest rates are competitive, ranging from 8.95% p.a. to 9.95% p.a. When you apply for a car loan online, you can get approval on the same day. The online application is simple and easy, so that you can work your way through with no worries.

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Heartland Bank

Heartland Bank have been serving Kiwis proudly since 1875. With their long history, they have become a household name that gets things done fast and hassle-free. Banking needs change and because of this Heartland Bank innovate their financial products and services constantly. because banking changes rapidly. 

Applying for a car loan with Heartland Bank is convenient as you can get approval even before picking the car that you want. Changing the borrowed amount is also possible by simply reaching out to the bank.

As well as cars, they also provide finance services for boats, jet skis, caravans, and motorbikes. To apply for a loan for these types of automobiles, you simply need to go online and wait for a lending specialist to contact you. Since Heartland Bank provides secured car loans, your new car becomes the security. They may ask for additional security or a guarantor in some cases.

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Avanti Finance

Recognized in their financial services with corporate social responsibility, Avanti Finance received the Equifax Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award in 2019 from the Financial Services Federation. Avanti Finance puts Kiwis first when it comes to unexpected circumstances and individual challenges. They have served over 100,000 Kiwis since 1989 in car, personal, and home loans. 

Avanti Finance offers car loans that are fair and affordable with a pre-approval process to help clients make any necessary preparations. They also provide payment protection, mechanical breakdown, and GAP insurance, to add an extra layer of protection in case of unexpected circumstances. 

There’s no long waits once you apply for a car loan, as they’ll update you within 2 hours of applying, whether you’ve been approved or not. Requirements are very simple but important; for example, you need a valid driver's license and must be at least 22 years old. Avanti Finance’s interest rates start at 9.95%, while the maximum term is 5 years.

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stadium car loans nz

Stadium Finance

Stadium Finance prides themselves on low interest rates and versatile financing services. They have fast approvals and flexible terms, and will base your interest rates on your living situation, income, financial condition, and credit rating.

Customers call Stadium Finance “good sports”, because of their outstanding way of handling vehicle loans. They offer flexible terms, great rates for good credit rating, pre-approval, fast decisions, and flexible payment options.  Applying for a car loan requires you to have a guarantor who will sign the same contract as you. 

Stadium Finance is on your side when the going gets tough. They recognise that everyone has needs and challenges to face, so they have a reliable team that’s always ready to assist you.

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asb car loans nz


ASB are one of the most reliable car loan providers in NZ thanks to their commendable reputation since 1847 as a pioneer in insurance. They provide home, contents, life, travel, and vehicle insurance, with discounts available when you bundle any of their services together.

ASB adjusts to the diverse needs of their customers by offering both unsecured and secured car loans. You can choose between six months and seven years for the term of your loan If you choose a secured car loan, your new car will be used as collateral. Application is available online; paperless and hassle-free. Your application will be either approved or denied within 24 hours after you’ve filed it.

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Finance Now

Since 2000, Finance Now have been providing a range of financial services - from retail to personal loans. They have made the lives of 53,000 Kiwis better and more manageable through their easy and hassle free loans. As a 100% Kiwi owned and operated company, Finance Now knows their clients and understands their needs well, a dedicated contact team who are responsive and determined to get you on the road, applications are made easy. There are two types that you can choose from: secured and unsecured car loans. You can also add a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) to your car loan for further peace of mind.

Finance Now caters to different people and requires only a few necessary details before you’re able to proceed with your loan application. Whether you’re self-employed or working under an employer, Finance Now will give you a chance to apply for a car loan. All they need is proof that you’d be able to make  repayments.

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max loans car loans nz

Max Loans

Max Loans is a finance company that focuses on providing debt consolidation, secured and unsecured personal loans. Applying for a car loan is convenient as NZ Loan have many outlets at your reach. If you want to try an alternative to banks, NZ Loan is a great pick, as they offer fair interest rates.

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