Cheapest Unlimited Broadband NZ- What Are the Cheapest Broadband Deals in NZ?

Being on a tight budget doesn't mean you can't get lightning-fast speeds and unlimited internet. There are tons of affordable broadband plans for online gaming and streaming that work with every budget.

We've gathered the top broadband plans in New Zealand, including fibre, rural, landline, and wireless internet, to cover your every need. Use our broadband compare website to find the best and cheapest broadband plans for you!

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Here are the cheapest broadband plans with unlimited internet and the most value for your buck. Many are Fibre 300 plans because providers usually offer the best promotions and discounts on these plans.

2Degrees Fibre 300 Plan

2Degrees' Fibre 300 plan is one of the cheapest broadband plans with promotional discounts and offers. It costs NZ $75 per month and gives you 300/100 Mbps download and upload speeds.

If you have a 2Degrees monthly mobile plan, you can get an extra NZ $10 discount.

With the 12-month contract, you also get six months of Prime Video free, worth about NZ $8/month, and an NZ $100 Prezzy gift card. For more detail about 2degrees' customer experience and service ratings, you can see 2degrees review.

Orcon Fibre 300 Plan

Orcon offers a Fibre 300 plan that costs NZ $97, which is pricey compared to other deals.

However, if you consider bundling broadband and power, you get 10% off both plans. You can also get an NZ $5 discount if you add a phone line.

If you sign up for a 12-month contract, you also get a free Wi-Fi Pro router. For more detail about Orcon's scustomer experience and service ratings, you can see Orcon reviews.

Skinny Wireless and Fibre Plans

Skinny offers two of the best broadband plans in New Zealand in terms of affordability.

The first is an unlimited 4G wireless connection that costs NZ $55. It gives you download speeds of up to 30 Mbps, which is still above the average NZ speed. It's available for both fixed and open contracts.

If you're looking for more speed, go with the Fibre 300 plan, which costs NZ $75 and gives you up to 322 Mbps speeds.

Skinny offers 1-month free with all 12-month contracts and an NZ $10 discount if you have a Skinny mobile plan. For more detail about Skinny's scustomer experience and service ratings, you can see Skinny review.


Spark offers an unlimited 4G wireless plan (for NZ $65 per month) and a Fibre 300 plan for NZ $90 per month. They're a bit more expensive than most broadband plans, but they come with several extra benefits.

You get a free Netflix Standard subscription (worth $18.49/month) and McAfee Security Standard (worth $4.95/month). Factoring in these promo services, you're getting good value for your money. For more detail about Spark's scustomer experience and service ratings, you can see spark review.


Slingshot offers an unlimited Fibre 300 plan that costs NZ $87 monthly. It's almost the same price as Skinny's plan, but if you choose a 12-month contract, you get NZ $100 joining credit.

They also offer NZ $20 off if you add a power plan and NZ $5 off for every mobile plan you have.

Slingshot also allows you to use your own modem or rent one for NZ $5 per month plus one-time modem shipping fees of NZ $14.95. For more detail about Slingshot's scustomer experience and service ratings, you can see slingshot review.

One NZ

One NZ offers an HFC broadband deal that costs NZ $63 per month and gives you speeds of up to 871 Mbps. However, it's only available in some parts of Wellington, Christchurch, and Kapiti.

There's also an NZ $10 discount for mobile plan users, which makes this plan one of the best deals you can find.

Choosing the Cheapest Unlimited Broadband Plans in NZ

Comparing internet plans can be overwhelming. You can't just go with the cheapest broadband plan you find; you have to make sure it covers all your internet needs.

Here's how to choose:

1. Pick the Type Of Internet Connection You Want

The first step is choosing the best internet connection for your needs. Options include fibre, landline (ADSL and VDSL), satellite, wireless connection, and rural broadband plans.

Each has pros and cons, but fibre broadband plans usually have the fastest speeds and the most reliable connection. These connections use fibre optic cables instead of traditional copper wiring.

Unfortunately, fibre isn't available in some areas of New Zealand. You can use our Fibre Checker Tool to see if you can get fibre at your address.

If you have access to fibre, we recommend you go with plans that give you unlimited data

2. Pick Your Speeds

Being the cheapest wireless broadband in NZ doesn't always mean it's the slowest. Affordable broadband speeds can vary from around 10 Mbps to over 8000 Mbps depending on the type of broadband connection and the broadband provider you choose.

We recommend Fibre 300 plans, which give you download speeds of around 300 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 100 Mbps. They're not as fast as hyper-fibre or max-fibre plans, which go from 900 to 8000 Mbps, but they'll cover all your internet needs.

Plus, internet providers usually make the best discounts and offers on the Fibre 300 plans, so you'll get the most value for your money.

You can use Glimp's internet speed test to see how fast your internet connection is.

3. Choose An Internet Provider

Now that you know the type of connection and what speeds you need, the next step is to pick one among the best internet providers in NZ.

Sky, 2Degrees, and Slingshot are especially popular for their wireless broadband plans. If you're going with fibre, you can check out the Orcon, Skinny, and Spark plans.

4. Consider Bundles, Add-ons, and Promotional Offers

Don't just choose a broadband plan for the lowest monthly price. Many providers offer bundled discounts, affordable add-ons, and even promotional subscriptions worth considering.

For example, some offer a free Netflix subscription or a few months free with a fixed-term broadband contract. Some providers give you a free modem when you sign up, which saves you a few hundred bucks.

When you compare broadband deals, consider short-term costs and long-term savings.

Cheapest Unlimited Broadband NZ - FAQs

How Fast Is Cheap ADSL Broadband?

ADSL broadband has average download speeds of up to 24 Mbps and upload speeds of 1 Mbps. It's not the fastest option, but it is one of the cheapest broadband options, making it ideal for basic surfing, online banking, streaming, and email.

Is VDSL Broadband Faster Than ADSL?

Yes, VDSL is faster than ADSL broadband, reaching average download speeds of 70 Mbps and upload speeds of 10 Mbps.

However, you can get higher or lower speeds based on the condition of the copper wires and environmental factors.

Should I Go With VDSL Broadband or Ultra-Fast Fibre?

Both options are usually close in pricing, but ultra fast broadband offers higher speeds and typically come with better promotional discounts and offers. If fibre is available to you, we recommend it.

What Happens if I Cancel My Broadband?

Your provider may charge early termination fees to cancel the broadband plan, depending on the time left in your fixed-term contract. However, some broadband providers offer no-contract broadband plans without an early exit fee.

What is the cheapest unlimited broadband?

In choosing the cheapest unlimited broadband, you have to consider some factors that will affect the speed of your chosen brand: speed and location.

OneNZ’s HFC broadband only cost $63 per month at a speed of 871Mbps, however, this offer is limited only to some parts of Wellington, Christchurch, and Kapiti. So, if you’re not around these areas, this might not be the best broadband for you.

Another cheap alternative is 2Degrees Fibre 300 plan—it costs only $75 per month with a 300/100 Mbps download and upload speeds. What’s more is that if you have a monthly mobile plan, you can get an extra $10 discount.

These two are the cheapest unlimited broadband that you can choose from.

Who has the cheapest broadband package?

OneNZ offers the cheapest broadband package with its HFC plan at $63 per month. You can also get a $10 discount off your OneNZ broadband bill each month - when you link an eligible On Account mobile to your home broadband account.