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How does our motorcycle insurance comparison work?

Motorcycle insurance comparison makes it easier for you to find the best motorcycle insurance provider in NZ suited to your needs.

NZ has a wide variety of motorcycle insurance providers, so it can be slightly confusing at first to know which one will best cater to your needs. Getting the right motorcycle bike insurance is essential, whether you’re out on the road every weekend or you only use your motorcycle occasionally.

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Glimp makes it simple for you to choose the best motorcycle insurance provider in NZ. Our motorcycle insurance online comparison services are free and convenient to use.

Motorcycle Insurance in NZ

Glimp helps you to compare, switch, and save! There’s a range of motorcycle insurance policies on offer, from comprehensive motorcycle insurance to temporary motorcycle insurance. We provide the need-to-know details on all the different coverages and offers to help you decide on the best option.

If you feel the need to switch from your current motorcycle insurance provider, we can assist you to find a better deal. You can save time and money by looking for the best motorcycle insurance provider in NZ with us at glimp!

How does our motorcycle insurance comparison work?

You can start saving in no time with Glimp! Our comparison services let you skip the hassles of looking through individual provider websites. Simply tell us about the coverage that you need - from motorbike protection to accidental damages - and we will provide you with your best options.

Quick and easy to use

Did you know that you can spend hours trying to find the best motorcycle insurance NZ provider to suit your needs? By using our comparison services, you’ll save both time and money. We get the essential information on motorcycle bike insurance from NZ’s leading insurers, and list them on one page for you to easily see your options.

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Glimp makes it easy for you to compare the benefits and offers. You may already have an idea on the kind of motorcycle insurance that you want; and we’re here to assist you in making that final decision.

Get your tailored results

We cut out all the unnecessary fluff and get straight to the point, just the way you want! Our comparison tool is 100% free, simple to use and easily accessible. We understand the need to be precise when it comes to finding the right motorcycle insurance online. You simply need to answer a few questions, and we will provide results - from the cheapest options to specific policy features.

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Glimp works in the fast-lane. You can get results on the best insurance deals in just a few minutes.

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We are a trusted comparison site that has helped thousands of Kiwis.

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The best things in life are free, and this is a feature that we are proud of! Glimp helps you to compare and to switch providers without charging you a penny.

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Our trusted reputation has taken us to great heights! We’ve been featured in various media outlets such as stuff, nzherald, Solarcity, Truenet, nbr and many more.

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So easy to use, very helpful and got a great deal with my power and gas