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List of Car Insurance Companies in NZ

Confused on which car insurance provider to go with? Check out our overview of the top car insurance companies in New Zealand. These include popular insurance providers like ASB, MTF Finance, and even other providers that double as car loan companies in NZ. Check out their options for insuring your own car and see which company works best for you!


The Bank of New Zealand or BNZ, has helped Kiwis reach their banking goals for over 150 years. Since then, they’ve expanded their services to include all sorts of financial options and insurance coverage, even helping customers attain peace of mind on the road with their car insurance in NZ.

BNZ helps their customers get the right car insurance cover while ensuring that customers get great customer service from their friendly support team. You can ask for hassle-free assistance 7 days a week, making it one of the most convenient options you can go to for support.

Choose from three levels of car insurance with BNZ. PremierCar Supreme Cover is their comprehensive car insurance policy, providing the most cover for car owners as well as the ability to add roadside assistance for only $1 a fortnight! Aside from that, you can also get third-party car insurance or third-party with fire and theft for those looking for a budget offering.

You can further save on your insurance premium if you have multiple insurance policies with BNZ. You can simply manage everything online with BNZ such as viewing your car insurance and policy details online or via their app. Customers with FlyBuys can also collect points based on the insurance premiums you pay.

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AA is easily one of the most recognised and respected car insurance companies in NZ. They know what motorists need as well as which car insurance packages suit which budget and premium payments.

AA Insurance also offers three levels of car insurance: third party car insurance, comprehensive insurance, and insurance for specialty vehicles. Specialty car insurance gives Kiwis protection for other vehicles like motorbike cover, classic cars, trailers, and even caravans.

In terms of reliability, AA has been voted as Reader’s Digest’s ‘Most Trusted General Insurer’ for nine years running. AA prides themselves on matching their customer’s needs, handling all of the insurance process without the added stress and uncertainty.

AA’s dedicated customer service team will look after you from start to finish in the event you need a claim, resulting in a hassle-free experience. As for looking after your own car, they have a nationwide group of trusted repairers that can guarantee repairs to your car for life, even when you sell your own car!

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Providing insurance policies for Kiwis since 1905, State has since become one of the leading general car insurance companies in NZ, offering policies like vehicle insurance for your own car. Today, they’ve provided over 900,000 policies for more than 400,000 Kiwis, giving them a good grasp on the best car insurance to offer New Zealanders.

State runs their business with you, the customer, at the centre of everything they do. As such, they have three levels of insurance coverage to accommodate all sorts of budgets for car insurance: full comprehensive car insurance cover, third party insurance, and third-party with fire and theft cover.

When it comes to State Insurance’s comprehensive car insurance, you can get optional add-ons such as windscreen glass cover, 24/7 roadside rescue, and a courtesy car hire. You can even pay them fortnightly, monthly, or annually, giving you plenty of options for your peace of mind on the road as you use your motor vehicle.

Making a claim is also easy as you can lodge it online - no paperwork needed! Additionally, if you have other insurance policies with State, you can get more savings with their multi-policy discount! Keep your motor vehicles protected with State car insurance and get more benefits with your car cover today.

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Taking pride in being founded by Kiwis for the people of New Zealand, Cove looks to innovate car insurance in NZ while also simplifying it to make it hassle-free. They’ve eliminated long questionnaires, complex paperwork, and frustrating call centres associated with motor vehicle insurance. Instead, Cove leverages technology to sort your insurance problems with ease.

To keep things simple, Cove only provides one level of car insurance. Their comprehensive car insurance policy provides legal liability for damage, new car cover, fire and theft cover, no fault- no excess, emergency accommodation, loss to trailers, keys and locks, and even replacement cars.

This means that you are free to choose which optional extras to include in your Cove insurance policy such as roadside assistance, excess-free windscreen glass cover, and even courtesy car hire. It saves you money and time spent browsing and looking at car insurance companies in NZ for quotes that don’t have your preferred options.

With Cove, it’s easy to manage all of your insurance needs via their app which is available on laptop, tablet, and even mobile, allowing you to manage your insurance coverage on the go.

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The Warehouse Group

Founded back in 1982, the first Warehouse store opened in Auckland’s North Shore. Over the years, The Warehouse Group has expanded to towns all over New Zealand, becoming the largest retail group in the country, offering all sorts of services which include insurance solutions like home insurance, contents insurance, and landlord insurance.

Warehouse insurance looks to help Kiwi families get more out of their financial products by offering a smooth insurance process from a Kiwi brand. They put New Zealand residents first, providing a range of insurance options that helps Kiwis get the right cover for their needs.

You can choose from three different car insurance policies. They have their Everyday Plus car insurance, third-party property damage insurance, and third-party with fire and theft car insurance. Everyday Plus car insurance lets you add optional bonuses, extending your car cover even further.

Taking out a car insurance with The Warehouse provides a lifetime guarantee on the vehicle repairs they arrange, while working under an agreed value on your motor vehicle. Add in their hassle-free claims, and easy application, and The Warehouse makes for one of the most convenient car insurance companies in NZ.

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Westpac’s first branch opened in 1861, back when gold was discovered in Otago. Since then, they have gone on to provide over 150 years of successful banking and insurance services in New Zealand, with over 1.2 million customers across more than 200 branches nationwide.

Westpac now offers a variety of insurance solutions for their customers. When it comes to car insurance, they have three options: comprehensive insurance, third-party cover, and third-party with fire and theft cover. You can even add auto assistance as an optional extra, providing 24/7 roadside assistance if you need it.

Every driver is different so Westpac allows their customers to “try” out their car insurance policies via a “30-day Free Look”. Should you decide their cover is not for you, then don’t sweat. Simply let them know and they'll refund any insurance premiums you’ve paid within the time period.

With millions of satisfied customers, hundreds of branches, and competitive car insurance cover, it’s easy to see why many New Zealanders choose Westpac for their car and motor vehicle insurance needs and why they think it’s one of the best insurance companies in NZ.

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TradeMe Insurance

Known as “the place where Kiwis buy and sell online”, TradeMe has been a well-known online marketplace and classified ads platform since 1999. In order to expand their services, they’ve even launched ‘TradeMe Insurance’ in 2015.

TradeMe takes pride in delivering valuable and easy-to-use services for Kiwis in New Zealand and this also applies to their vehicle insurance and other types of insurance policies. You can always rely on their uncomplicated car insurance for unexpected incidents.

They offer two types of car insurance cover: Their comprehensive insurance can cover accidental damage to your own car and any others in the event of an accident or other scenarios. On the other hand, their third-party accident insurance covers damage you inflict to someone else’s property in the event of an accident but not your own. You can extend this to include fire and theft cover as well as add on windscreen and window glass cover benefits.

TradeMe members get a 15% discount on their insurance premiums, and a 24/7 vehicle breakdown service, making it such a great deal. This means TradeMe Insurance goes on to be one of the most competitive options for car insurance in New Zealand.

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Having opened their first savings bank in New Zealand back in 1847, ASB has since gone on to help more than 1.3 million personal, rural, and business customers via their financial and insurance policies in the country, aiming to be “one step ahead” of their competition.

ASB offers three levels of car insurance, giving car owners the option to choose one that best suits your needs and budget. These car insurance packages include third-party car insurance, third-party with fire and theft cover, and full comprehensive car insurance, with an optional roadside assistance add-on.

Aside from cars, ASB also provides motor vehicle insurance for boats, yachts, motorbikes, caravans, trailers, and other automobiles. If you have a home insurance or contents insurance package from ASB, you can also qualify for their multi-policy package discounts if you bundle your cover. 

They can also provide car loans to their customers if you need help with financing. Their useful car loan calculator can give you an estimate to help you decide if you want to commit to a loan.

ASB has a number of branches across New Zealand, as well as robust email and phone support, allowing you to easily make your insurance claims. They even have dedicated claims advisers to guide you from start to finish, keeping the process fast and hassle-free!

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Club Auto Insurance

As per its name, Club Auto Insurance provides a variety of car insurance options for motor and modified vehicles in New Zealand. First established back in 2009, they specialise in providing car insurance for Kiwis who find themselves disadvantaged by vehicle choice, driving offences, and even previous accidents.

Their frontline staff are highly trained in dealing with specialised and modified motor vehicles as well, and they have a range of motor vehicle insurance products that work for a variety of requirements and needs.

Club Auto car insurance has three main types of cover: The Auto One plan provides full comprehensive insurance; the Shock Absorber plan provides third-party or even third-party with fire and theft cover, and the Free Wheel plan for motorbike cover. No matter the vehicle insurance, Club Auto is ready to help.

Club Auto car insurance even rewards drivers who drive carefully, giving them discounts on their insurance premiums whenever you don’t make a claim. You can also try out their policy via their 30-day trial; if you’re not satisfied with your insurance coverage, they’ll try and find you a better policy. Otherwise, they’ll give you a full refund on your insurance premiums provided no claims have been made.

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As one of New Zealand’s leading insurers, AMP has served Kiwis for over 160 years. They make it easy for residents to choose the right car insurance that suits your needs and budget.

AMP covers all sorts of car insurance options starting with basic third-party car insurance, to full comprehensive insurance. Regardless of insurance coverage, AMP also provides drivers access to their 24/7 emergency call centre in case they need help resolving any problems that might arise.

Their car insurance policies are very good, even for Kiwis with old, high mileage cars as well as those who had just bought a new motor vehicle in NZ. They even have a team of dedicated advisers to guide you through all of their insurance policies and full suite of options.

AMP’s experienced claims team ensures the process is easy and hassle-free, with flexible payment options that can help you reduce your insurance premiums. This makes them a good insurance company to go with for flexibility in your insurance coverage.

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Protecta Insurance

Focused on “Protecting Your Investment”, Protecta has fulfilled its obligations as a New Zealand owned and operated company by offering financial services like insurance policies for over 30 years, providing customers with the best value products, benefits, and customer service.

Protecta insurance solutions has covered cars, motorcycles, and classic vehicles since 1987, helping tens of thousands of Kiwis with their motor vehicle insurance needs ever since. For standard vehicles, you can get full comprehensive insurance, third-party insurance, and third-party with fire and theft cover. Full comprehensive car insurance can also include roadside assistance, specialist accident management service, completion of journey costs and much more.

Protecta’s staff are experienced and friendly, loving all types of cars and bikes, putting them in a good position to provide car insurance options for your vehicles, from hot rods to muscle cars, to 50’s cruisers, and even modern classics. This allowed them to build a strong reputation as New Zealand’s premium motorcycle and classic car insurance specialists.

You can get support from their teams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with your insurance claims, making them one of the best providers for those looking for “real cover for real people”.

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Vero is considered one of New Zealand’s general and specialist insurance experts, helping Kiwis secure the things that matter most to them. They take great care to get the right cover when it comes to insuring cars and other motor vehicles.

You can get three types of motor vehicle insurance: a comprehensive car insurance policy, third-party with fire and theft, and even basic third party only. They’ll help you go through with what you need, helping you save money on new car cover.

Vero’s team of brokers are also ready to help anytime, assessing your needs, as well as recommend and arrange insurance and help with future insurance claims. Vero makes insurance a lot simpler and useful, regardless if you need a general or specialist insurance provider.

They offer 24/7 emergency help and assistance for free in New Zealand, which is convenient if you’ve been involved in an accident or disaster anywhere in the country. They’ll drive out and help you, even when you’re not trying to get an insurance claim involved.

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ANZ is one of New Zealand’s largest companies while also serving as the country’s largest rural banker. As such, you can count on them for a wide range of personal and business financial services in NZ like car and motor vehicle insurance.

Ranging from basic third party insurance, third party with fire and theft cover,  to a more comprehensive insurance plan with all the bells and whistles, you can get these three options with an affordable insurance premium, with the added benefit of roadside assistance as an optional extra.

ANZ wants to help individuals, families, businesses, and farms find the best insurance company in NZ that can secure their own cars so they focus on simple and hassle-free claims that any Kiwi can rely on at a time of need. They even get a dedicated insurance claims adviser to help them through the process.

With nearly one in two Kiwis having a banking relationship with ANZ, it’s even easier than ever before to see why people choose ANZ for their car and motor vehicle insurance needs.

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AMI started as the South Island Motor Union (SIMU) in 1926, innovating and integrating new technologies and business practices over 91 years. This has allowed them to develop a reputation as one of the best insurance companies in NZ thanks to their affordable offers.

They are a trusted car insurance provider in New Zealand, servicing over 500,000 customers. Get other insurance policies on top of your vehicle insurance like house insurance, and you can get even more discounts on your car insurance policies for your own car.

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With their experience in providing top-of-the-line car insurance for high performance vehicles in New Zealand, NAC’s car insurance has also started offering personalised policies based on your driving profile. They’ve taken great pride in delivering an outstanding experience as specialist insurance experts, easily drafting car insurance packages suited to the needs of every type of vehicle and driver.

They are good at paying out insurance claims; a feat essential in establishing trust with their customers. If you have certain special circumstances as a driver, you can always ask to try out a car insurance policy with NAC!

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As a locally-owned and operated bank, Kiwibank is able to bring the right car insurance to the intended audience while also ensuring that all profits gained stay in New Zealand, helping develop a smooth driving experience in the country.

Whether you need full comprehensive insurance, or basic third-party cover, Kiwibank shall cover you. You can also try their home, contents, and life insurance policy if you’re willing to support locals by getting insurance coverage from Kiwibank car insurance today.

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Targeting a very wide customer demographic for over 160 years, NZI was able to provide extensive motor vehicle insurance deals for all budget segments. Despite their long history, they’ve managed to adapt to the changing times in the insurance industry, building up a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on in order to provide the best service.

They have a solid selection of insurance policies, working closely with local brokers and car dealers to make sure that you’re able to get car insurance cover that has all the add-ons and features you need.

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Started as the Manufacturer’s Mutual Insurance Association Limited back in 1914, Allianz has long provided a variety of insurance policies via their network of brokers and agents throughout NZ. They provide decent car insurance options that easily accommodate most daily driving needs.

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100% Kiwi-owned and operated, Autosure car insurance provides transparent insurance policies for Kiwis in New Zealand, thanks to the expertise provided by their professional team and three decades of experience when handling insurance claims.

They have provided consumer protection, F&I training, and consultancy to over 700 automobile dealers throughout the country, making it easier for car owners to get help with their insurance policy. Get your no-fuss solutions and a good car insurance policy from a company with no stand-down periods like Autosure here.

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