Lifestages KiwiSaver

Lifestages are a subsidiary of the SBS bank, who have been serving Kiwis since 1869. As their name suggests, Lifestages provide financial services based on your life cycle by aligning it with your investment. They utilise a modern investment theory that suggests people can tolerate greater volatility and higher risks while they’re young; therefore, aggressive investment favors younger investors as, over time, returns will be higher. 

Lifestages KiwiSaver offers investment strategies based on your risk tolerance. Aside from letting you choose between high growth and income fund types, they also offer age-specific fund types that are self-adjusting and allocate your investment based on your age. 

Make investing for you and your family easier and align your investment based on what you can give at the moment. Lifestages KiwiSaver’s age-specific fund types align your investment strategy with your personal situation, so that you’ll be comfortable saving for your future. Head on over to our comparison page and find out if Lifestages KiwiSaver can give you the best investment strategy by seeing how it fares against other schemes!

lifestage kiwisaver scheme

Why enrol with Lifestages KiwiSaver?

Lifestages KiwiSaver has options to suit your investment goals, whether you’re  saving up for retirement or a first home buy, and aligns them to the best fund type that will help you achieve them. You don’t have to worry about adjusting your lifestyle just for the sake of saving up for your investment as you’ll get to choose the fund type that suits you best. Lifestages KiwiSaver also invests passively in trusted international funds to lower the maintaining costs of your account. This way management fees are kept low and don’t escalate to a point wherein your investment becomes a burden.

Exposure to the global market

Exposure to the international market increases the potential for high returns and portfolio diversification. While Lifestages KiwiSaver’s income funds involve term and cash deposits with investments in SBS Bank, a growth fund stretches your money across various international funds, such as the Harbour Asset Management fund and the Vanguard International Shares fund. so This means that costs can be minimized while allowing you to gain high returns in the long run and be exposed to the global market.

Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme NZ - Fees, Returns, Scheme

Lifestages High Growth Fund

This fund type suits high-risk takers as it invests largely in growth assets, making it sensitive to market fluctuations. When you choose this fund, you’ll likely experience ups and downs in your investment. However, this fund is promising when it comes to reaping high returns in the long-term, as it allocates 58% to international equities, 28% to Australian equities, and 7% in listed property.

Lifestages Income Fund

This fund type suits the low-risk takers as it invests largely in income assets (such as cash, term deposits, and fixed interest investments), making it less sensitive to market fluctuations. You’ll worry less with this fund as your returns are less exposed to market volatility, although not as high as what you can gain from a growth fund. 60% of asset allocation is directed towards international fixed interest.

Lifestages Auto

This fund type is age-specific and has an automatic option to allocate more of your money into the income fund as your age increases. It allows you to protect your investment when you’re about to reach retirement age, so that your money won’t be exposed to market fluctuations as you grow older, and maintain the high yields earned from the early stages of your investment.