National Capital

National Capital provides financial advice on KiwiSaver and investment. Currently based in Auckland, they serve over millions of Kiwis from different walks of life in attaining their financial goals. Their team consists of dedicated and experienced professionals who can empower you to become financially secure.

Today, there are more than a hundred KiwiSaver funds! How do you know that you’re in the right one? National Capital helps you be in the right fund by matching it to your financial situation and needs. If you’re looking for research-backed advice about KiwiSaver funds and investment, National Capital can provide the information you need. 

glimp’s comparison tool can also help you select the best KiwiSaver fund for you. We curate results based on your preferences, so if you’re unsure about your current scheme, it’s not too late to make a switch. Head over to our comparison page and compare KiwiSaver funds today!

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Why seek financial advice from the National Capital?

Getting financial advice saves you money. The goal is to save and not to spend money when you’re investing in your future. However, this can happen when you’re in the wrong fund because you could be paying for something that doesn’t suit you. Getting financial advice puts you in the right direction so you shouldn’t be stuck on paying for a fund that doesn’t really suit you. National Capital isn’t a KiwiSaver provider but they have extensive knowledge about KiwiSaver funds so you can trust them on expert advice.

3 simple steps to get personalised advice

You can get personalised advice following 3 simple steps from their website: 

  • Complete the KiwiSaver HealthCheck so they can learn whether or not you’re in the right KiwiSaver fund.
  • A team will provide you with recommendations after thoroughly reviewing KiwiSaver HealthCheck
  • You can decide what to do with the recommendations. If you decide to follow the recommendations, National Capital will implement them with your KiwiSaver provider.

Get KiwiSaver recommendations on the following - Fees, Returns, Scheme

KiwiSaver Funds for First Home

Buying your first home is exciting. What’s more, you can use your KiwiSaver fund for this! With the right fund, you can buy your dream home. National Capital analyzes KiwiSaver funds that can be used to buy a first home because the needs are specific, not to mention — also a form of short-term investment. To secure money for your first home, National Capital can help you decide on the best KiwiSaver fund based on the flexibility of the time frame and your tolerance to market volatility.

Best Performing KiwiSaver Funds

Knowing how your KiwiSaver fund is doing in the market lets you know whether or not to continue with it or to switch. National Capital gives you a health check on how your KiwiSaver is faring against others in the market to help you find the best KiwiSaver for you. 

Funds they monitor are:

  • Conservative fund
  • Moderate fund
  • Balanced fund
  • Growth fund
  • Aggressive fund

KiwiSaver Fund Performance

National Capital also examines the fees and charges in KiwiSaver schemes and funds. By doing so, rates are compared more easily just in case you want to switch to a cheaper KiwiSaver fund. There are many KiwiSaver providers today that finding one best suited for your needs can be a challenge. And that’s why the National Capital is more than willing to provide you with well-researched reports on fund performance to help you decide. 

Some KiwiSaver schemes that they analyze are:

  • AMP KiwiSaver Scheme
  • ANZ KiwiSaver Scheme
  • Booster KiwiSaver Scheme
  • Aon KiwiSaver Scheme
  • BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme, and many more!