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What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital/virtual currency secured via cryptography. They also operate on decentralised networks based on blockchain technology. They’re not issued by any central authority and usually function outside of traditional banking and government systems. These currencies can be used as an alternative means of payment for different online transactions.

Crypto exploded in popularity since Bitcoin was launched back in January 2009, with over 1,500 types of cryptocurrencies available. Despite this, most coins are limited in supply, which does factor in when it comes to cryptocurrency prices. Most coins cap at a certain number per issuance. In addition to the coins themselves, there’s other aspects of it that you need to consider:

Crypto Wallets

Of course, for cryptocurrency, you’ll need a platform to store them in. This is where crypto wallets come in. Typically password-protected and coming in either hot or cold variants, they are indispensable tools for you to not only store your cryptocurrency, but to also engage in the trade and exchange of currency on the network.

Crypto Exchange

Crypto Exchanges are the marketplace where you can buy and trade cryptocurrencies with each other. These cryptocurrency markets are a bit more feature-packed, making them more preferable for more experienced crypto traders and investors. However, as they usually operate in the digital space, they’re usually very accessible, allowing you to compare them and see which one you’re comfortable learning and starting out with.

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