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What is car insurance?

Car insurance is a contract between you and your chosen car insurance company that protects you against financial loss in the event of an accident or theft. Getting car insurance in NZ is easy enough with glimp as you it only takes a few minutes to compare the best car insurance quotes from across New Zealand.

There are different types of car insurance, 'Comprehensive insurance', 'Third party insurance' and 'Third party, fire and theft' and each one will provide you assurance that you’ll have cover while you’re out on the road.

Car insurance providers

Car insurance isn’t always cheap, which is why it’s always important to compare car insurance from all around NZ to get the best deal possible. Luckily, glimp lets you compare car insurance policies from the best NZ car insurance companies such as AA car insurance, AMI car insurance and State car insurance. Compare car insurance by special deals, liability cover and more.

  • AA Car Insurance
  • AMI Car Insurance
  • AMP Car Insurance
  • BNZ Car Insurance
  • Club Auto Car Insurance
  • Cove Car Insurance
  • Protecta Car Insurance
  • State Car Insurance
  • The Warehouse Car Insurance
  • Tower Car Insurance
  • Trademe Car Insurance
  • Vero Car Insurance
  • Westpac Car Insurance
  • Youi Car Insurance
  • ASB Car Insurance
  • ANZ Car Insurance

glimp lets you compare car insurance plans from the best NZ insurance providers. Compare car insurance by special deals, liability cover and more.* disclaimer

How does our car insurance comparison work?

Using our car insurance comparison tool can help you save heaps on your premium each month, without having to spend too much time sifting through different car insurance quotes. Here’s how our comparison works.

Quick and easy to use

Avoid the hassle of looking through every car insurance website and each of their policies and instead use glimp to find all car insurance policies. Using our comparison tool, you can compare every policy right here, all in one place. It only takes a few minutes to compare with glimp and you’ll be able to compare car insurance in NZ with ease.

Find your best deal, free of charge

Finding the right car insurance policy doesn’t have to cost you money. Use glimp and you’ll be able to compare car insurance quotes for free! Whether you’re after the cheapest car insurance in NZ or car insurance with the best value, you won’t have to pay us anything to help you find it!

Compare by the type of car insurance

To help make car insurance comparison even easier for you, you can compare car insurance policies by the type of car insurance you’re looking for. So if your ideal car insurance policy is comprehensive car insurance cover, then you can simply filter out the third party car insurance policies just at the click of a button!

Start saving on your car insurance premium

It only takes a bit of your time to find the car insurance policy that will help you save hundreds of dollars in the long run. Don’t hesitate, start comparing, switching and saving on car insurance today with glimp.

Why compare car insurance with glimp?

We save you time & money

Easily compare car insurance quotes. Find the best car insurance in minutes.

A great place to compare

Best comparison site in NZ. Thousands of Kiwis have trusted us with their decisions.

Free to use

glimp is 100% free! Whether you want to compare car insurance quotes or sign up , you pay nothing.

They talk about us

Mentioned by various news outlets, such as stuff, nzherald, Solarcity, Truenet, nbr and many more.

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