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New Zealand Car Insurance Companies

glimp lets you compare car insurance plans from the best NZ insurance providers. Compare car insurance by special deals, liability cover and more.* disclaimer

  • AA Car Insurance
  • AMI Car Insurance
  • AMP Car Insurance
  • BNZ Car Insurance
  • Club Auto Car Insurance
  • Cove Car Insurance
  • Protecta Car Insurance
  • State Car Insurance
  • The Warehouse Car Insurance
  • Tower Car Insurance
  • Trademe Car Insurance
  • Vero Car Insurance
  • Westpac Car Insurance
  • Youi Car Insurance
  • ASB Car Insurance
  • ANZ Car Insurance

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What is car insurance?

Car insurance is a contract between you and your chosen car insurance company that protects you against financial loss in the event of an accident or theft. There are different types of car insurance, 'Comprehensive insurance', 'Third party insurance' and 'Third party, fire and theft' and it is important to know the difference so you buy exactly what you need.

  1. Comprehensive car insurance offers the most cover, it covers if you damage your car, other cars and any property from accidental damage, certain car faults and in some cases windscreen issues, as well as if your car is stolen or damaged in an accident. It also pays out to other people if your car damages their vehicle or property. Some of the Comprehensive insurance policies cover for Fire & Theft.
  2. Third party car insurance only pays out to others, but does not cover your own car or damage to your own property.This means if your car is stolen or involved in an accident, anyone affected other than you will be covered. It is also usually the cheapest car insurance option and works best for anyone with a low-value car which you can afford to repair or replace it quickly.
  3. Third party, fire and theft car insurance is similar to third party insurance but extends to cover your car if it catches fire or is stolen. If your car isn’t worth much and you believe you’re a safe driver but don’t want the inconvenience and expense of buying a new car if it gets stolen, this cover may be more suitable than third party of comprehensive

Cost of car insurance - what influences it?

When calculating car insurance cost insurers need to account for all of the risks and as a result need to acquire drivers data to decide what price to offer, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Driving history
  • Car model and year
  • Storage location of your car
  • Purpose of the car - work or personal

The riskier you are to an insurer, the higher the cost of your car insurance premium. If you can prove you are low risk by being accident free and having secure parking for your car, you will save more.

What is insurance excess?

An insurance excess is a fixed dollar amount you will pay if you make an insurance claim. Excess amount will be given to you when you are asking for a quote for your car insurance. Higher monthly insurance payments usually lead to a lower excess amount and vice versa. This is how insurance excess works, if your accident claim is $1000 and your excess is $300, then you will pay $300 to the insurer and the insurer will pay you $700.

How does our car comparison work?

Want cheap car insurance? We can help you compare car insurance NZ wide and find the best deals. The best part? It's free! glimp's online tool compares car insurance rates and shows you your top three options to choose from.

Get the best deals on cheap car insurance

Here at glimp, we've made it our mission to help Kiwis find the lowest rates for car insurance coverage. So far, we've helped thousands of users compare car insurance quotes and find the right plan for them. Car owners trust glimp to show them the most competitive deals out there and get them the fairest rate.

Fast, easy and free, car insurance rates compared in minutes

With glimp, you're able to compare your insurance options in moments. Simply, enter your details, answer a few routine questions and we'll show you what's on offer! Once you've chosen the plan that suits you, just sign up - it's as easy as that. Whether you're new to car insurance or already have a plan, we'll be able to let you know which company can cover your vehicle for less.

Find your best rate and protect your car for less

Protecting your car with car insurance shouldn't break the bank. With glimp's tool, it's now possible to explore the major providers’ rates and select the best car insurance provider for your situation. It's also incredibly quick and easy – no more trawling through websites and websites looking for a deal. Glimp gathers all the information you need to secure the best car insurance rates.

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Great rates and fair deals for New Zealand is our goal! Let us help you make an informed choice on insurance for your vehicle. Join the huge number of Kiwis who are able to save money every day after using glimp to find their coverage.
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