11 Best Power Companies New Zealand 2023

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List of Top Power & Utility Companies in New Zealand

Here are the best power companies in NZ that can help you save money and access reliable services:

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Nova Energy

Nova Energy is a power, broadband, and mobile provider serving countless New Zealand households and businesses.

They’re known for offering reliable services at great prices, so much so that the company even won the Best Value Energy Provider award in 2021.

The company has several energy plans to suit all types of budgets and even allows customers to bundle up different services to get lower bills and save money.

With convenient payment options and a Kiwi customer support team ready to assist you at all turns, Nova Energy is a top choice for most households.

Nova Energy Plans

The company has separate energy plans for households and businesses. Clients only pay for the amount of electricity used and other add-ons to their contracts.

Here’s an overview of the residential energy plans:

  • Off-peak: Get lower power rates when using your appliances during off-peak times;
  • Energy Only: Choose natural gas or electricity only at a great rate with no fixed terms or break fees;
  • Multisaver Combos: Bundle your mobile, gas, broadband, and electric bills, or any combination of them, into one account to save more money;
  • TV Bundle: Combine electricity and broadband to get a new, 43-inch LG Smart TV.

Nova Energy Pros

  • Several convenient bundles to help clients save money;
  • Has a solar buy-back program for households that generate power at home;
  • Accounts are easily managed through the Nova Hub;
  • Has some of the most convenient energy rates in New Zealand.

Nova Energy Cons

  • Termination fees may apply to some fixed-term contracts.

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Flick Electric

Flick Energy is an energy company whose main focus is to deliver quality services and help clients get a lower power bill every month.

This NZ company aims to disrupt the national energy market by putting pressure on the government and the Electricity Authority to get fairer electricity rates for everyone.

Flick Energy is also doing its part to make your energy bill clearer. They offer simple plans where customers can understand the exact terms they’re signing up for and achieve a transparent collaboration with their power supply company.

Flick Energy Plans

Flicks provides three types of power plans for households:

  • Flat: The rate stays the same, no matter your electricity usage or when you’re plugging in your appliances;
  • Off-peak: Rates are lower for off-peak times;
  • Wholesale: Rates are updated every 30 minutes, so customers always pay wholesale prices for their power consumption.

Flick Energy Pros

  • Straightforward power plans;
  • Customer support helps clients re-evaluate their plans to get better deals;
  • Consumers can monitor their power consumption and pay bills through the Flick app.

Flick Energy Cons

  • Probable price spikes in winter if you go for the Wholesale Plan.

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Contact Energy

Contact Energy is a power and broadband provider that gets around 80% of its electricity generation from renewable sources, making it a great choice for Kiwis with a green conscience.

The power company won several NZ Compare awards in 2022 for its quality services. Specifically, it received Best Customer Support, Best Bundle Plan, and Best Power Provider of the Year.

Power rates in NZ are difficult to assess before you sign up for a plan since there are lots of factors that influence your price. But Contact Energy helps new customers estimate their rate online based on where they live.

Contact Energy Plans

Contact Energy offers several types of electricity plans:

  • Basic: Get simple energy rates with no fixed term;
  • Good Nights: Free power between 9pm and midnight;
  • Dream Charge: Cheaper electricity night rates between 11pm and 7am;
  • Everyday Bonus Fixed: Fixed rates with a 2% energy discount;
  • Simplicity Bundle: Combines electricity with gas and offers no daily gas charges;
  • Broadband Bundle: Offers broadband at NZ $55/month when combined with electricity.

Contact Energy Pros

  • Flexible billing, with the option to pay power bills weekly or fortnightly;
  • New Zealand-based call centre with extended hours;
  • Intuitive mobile app to track how much power you use.

Contact Energy Cons

  • Electricity prices can vary tremendously across NZ.

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Pulse Energy

Pulse Energy is a community-owned company that provides gas, electricity, and broadband to New Zealand households.

The company provides competitive pricing, and potential customers can compare their current power bills to Pulse Energy rates before switching.

One of the most compelling benefits of switching to Pulse Energy is that you won’t lock yourself into a long-term contract. Clients are free to terminate their contracts at any time with no exit fees as long as they provide a 30-day notice.

Pulse Energy Plans

Pulse Energy keeps things simple regarding its power plans. Customers can get in touch with their team to get a custom rate, depending on where they live and even their energy consumption.

If you’re a medically dependent or otherwise vulnerable customer, you can contact their call centre staff, and they will help provide special payment plans to cover your monthly bill and ensure you’re not at risk during a power outage.

Pulse Energy Pros

  • Simple power plan with custom pricing for each client;
  • Several convenient ways to pay your power bill;
  • More convenient electricity prices if you bundle it with gas.

Pulse Energy Cons

  • They don’t provide a lot of information about their power plans upfront.

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Megatel is the first company in NZ to allow consumers to bundle their broadband and electricity bills.

The power company has had this model since 2011, and today you can also bundle your gas and mobile bills, which can unlock even more convenient rates under a singular bill.

Megatel Plans

Megal offers one electricity-only plan, but clients get the best deal when they choose to bundle. 

Here’s a quick overview of the power company’s plans:

  • Electricity Only: Offers a $150 joining credit on your new electricity account if you sign up for a 12-month fixed-term contract. Other eligibility criteria apply;
  • Unlimited Fibre Broadband with Electricity and Gas: NZ$70 a month;
  • Unlimited fetched Fibre Broadband with Electricity and Gas: NZ $85 a month;
  • Unlimited Fibre Broadband with Electricity: NZ $75 a month;
  • Unlimited Fastest Fibre Broadband with Electricity: NZ $90 a month;

Megatel Pros

  • Helps customers be self-sufficient and handle most queries and payments online;
  • Some of the most advantageous rates for bundled contracts;
  • Extensive online library of resources to help customers save more money and use power efficiently.

Megatel Cons

  • All plans come with a 12-month fixed-term contract.

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Comtricity is a power company that shares its profits with the community. They offer quality and reliable services to Kiwis and support a variety of local charities and groups.

As an electricity supplier, Comtricity strives to keep matters simple. It lays out all its rates online to help clients know what they’re signing up for. 

They also guarantee they won’t charge others in your area a lower rate than yours, ensuring everyone gets a fair price no matter how much electricity they consume.

Comtricity Plans

Comtricity offers two types of electrical plans:

  • Essentials Plans: Designed for smaller households that have the average electricity usage in NZ;
  • Choices Plan: For larger households with bigger energy needs. Though rates are higher, it’s the best deal for Kiwis who need a lot of energy.

You can find out how much you can expect to pay on each plan depending on your city or region here.

Comtricity Pros

  • Strives for simple and transparent pricing;
  • Has a buy-back program if you have solar panels installed;
  • Conducts most of its services online.

Comtricity Cons

  • Only an electricity company. No gas, internet, or other services yet.

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Globug stands out against other power companies by allowing clients to pay as they go. It’s a prepaid energy provider where you don’t get an electricity bill at the end of each month.

Instead, the company charges you from your electrical account, so your main responsibility is to make sure you always have credits available. 

Thanks to their dedicated mobile app, you can always know how much electricity your household is consuming, available credits, and even top in seconds.

Globug Plans

Globug provides two types of electricity plans:

  • Low User Plan: Comes with a lower fixed daily rate and is ideal for a household that uses up to 8,000 kWh per year;
  • Standard Plan: The best plan for bigger homes with high energy needs.

Globug Pros

  • A unique business model that’s especially convenient for low users;
  • No late fees or penalties, whether you’re a low or standard user;
  • There are no break fees if you close your account.

Globug Cons

  • High prices for heavy electricity users.

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Slingshot Power

Slingshot is a powerhouse in the NZ telco industry. Since 2001, it has offered countless Kiwis all over the country access to reliable and fast internet connections.

Today, consumers can also turn to Slingshot whenever they need a new electricity provider. With affordable rates, great discounts, and even more convenient bundle contracts, Slingshot is a fantastic choice for most users.

Slingshot Power Plans

Slingshot has two power plans for both new customers and those with an internet contract:

  • Standard User Plan;
  • Low User Plan.

Customers can choose to be billed either at a fixed daily charge or at a usage rate per kWh with either plan.

New customers can also receive a $250 credit if they bundle unlimited broadband and power into a 12-month fixed plan. The internet plan costs NZ$87 per month, but additional eligibility criteria apply.

Slingshot Power Pros

  • Convenient rates with a low user tariff for smaller residential needs;
  • A straightforward power plan for both average and above-average electricity needs;
  • Several discounts and a discounted rate are available if you bundle multiple services.

Slingshot Cons

  • Power services aren’t available everywhere in New Zealand.

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Orcon Power

Orcon is another top internet provider in NZ. If you’re already using them to get online, then turning them into your power company can unlock better prices and a lot more convenience.

Unfortunately, Orcon doesn’t offer power as a standalone service, so customers must opt for a broadband plan before they can get their electricity.

Orcon Power Plans

Orcon offers a standard user and low user plan that customers can choose by considering how much their household consumes. The company also allows you to switch between these two plans once a year in case your energy needs change.

New customers can save 10% off their power bills and 10% off their base broadband contract when they bundle these two services.

Orcon Power Pros

  • Great service for both above-average and low users;
  • Get one monthly bill for both power and internet;
  • The sign-up process can be done online in just a few minutes.

Orcon Power Cons

  • Power is only available as a broadband bundle.

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Frank Energy

Frank Energy (formerly Energy Online) is one of the best power companies in the country. Most customers love them for their transparent plans and no fixed-term contracts. Everyone is free to opt out of their service without any break fees.

The brand is owned by Genesis Energy, another powerhouse in the NZ electricity market that now relies heavily on renewable energy. Still, Frank is very much its own company, with highly convenient rates for most types of consumers.

Frank Energy Plans

Frank Energy keeps things simple with only two types of plans:

  • Standard User Plan;
  • Low User Plan. 

Some areas have a third plan available called Batch User.

Frank Energy Pros

  • Owned by Genesis Energy and shares some of its resources;
  • Simple plans with no fixed terms for exit fees;
  • New customers can consult their rates only before signing.

Frank Energy Cons

  • May have additional fees such as late payments or smart meter installation.

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Genesis Energy

Genesis Energy is a power company that strives for sustainability and transparent electrical bills.

They provide electrical, gas, solar, and electric vehicle (EV) plans and countless tips to help Kiwis lower their power expenses. 

New customers can benefit from flexible rates or lock in their charges for 12 months if they prefer to know exactly what each unit costs beforehand.

Genesis Energy Plans

The company has two great plans for customers:

  • Energy Plus: Offers free power through Power Shouts and flexible rates;
  • Energy Basic: Lower rates at a lock-in price for 12 months.

The company also provides other discounts if you bundle several services. For instance, customers who also get an EV plan unlock a 50% discount for electricity used at night.

Genesis Pros

  • Great value if you’re looking for sustainable energy;
  • Convenient plans for most types of users;
  • Their app, Energy IQ, helps consumers track their usage easily.

Genesis Cons

  • If you cancel the 12-month fixed plan, you will pay a termination fee.

Why Switch Power Companies?

Looking for new power providers isn’t easy, and most consumers need a good reason before beginning their search.

But if you’ve ever experienced the following issues, it may be time to look for a new deal.

High Power Bills

The best reason to look for a new power supplier is to find the lowest rates possible. Many providers strive to give customers great value through their services and help increase their savings.

They achieve this either by promising the lowest energy rates possible or by offering special add-ons to help reduce monthly bills. 

Our simple online service helps you effortlessly go through the market to assess electricity prices, find convenient contracts, and find a new electricity retailer you and your family can trust.

Too Many Monthly Bills

If you’re finding it hard to juggle your electrical, gas, internet, and mobile bills each month, lots of companies can help you bundle your services.

This way, you’ll receive one monthly bill and find it easier to handle your monthly budget.

Fixed Rates

Most traditional energy contracts offer a fixed rate, meaning your daily charges are the same no matter when you plug in an appliance.

But more and more power providers are disrupting this model and introducing new methods. The most common concern is during off-peak hours when customers pay less when using power when there’s generally lower demand, such as at night.

Even better, other providers offer free power during these hours to encourage customers to switch and even change their power consumption habits, no matter how much power they use.

Adding a New Property

If you buy another home, opening another contract with your current provider might not be the best solution. Some companies offer special deals for people with multiple households.

Additionally, if you’re moving to a new property, you may need to change providers by default. Some companies might not be available in your new location, so it’s worth looking for another great service even if you’re content with your current provider.

How to Choose a New Power Company: Compare Before You Sign

Power providers often use the same techniques to convince clients to sign up. It can seem like every company offers the best rates, hassle-free contracts, and the most reliable services.

But if you want to make an informed choice, you need to compare power providers and their services to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for a new power supplier:

  • Your Power Needs: Determine how much power you regularly need to compare power providers and find a plan with the best rates for you and your family;
    Your Location: Power companies can charge based on your location, and their electricity services could even be nonexistent in certain areas;
  • Contract Type: A fixed plan may provide great prices, but if you’re planning to move or want more flexibility, look for companies without a fixed-term contract where you can opt out at any time;
  • Average Prices: Knowing how much you’ll pay for electricity before your first bill comes is nearly impossible. But companies can offer bill estimates based on factors such as location, household size, and other usage details. You can use these estimates to compare different companies and find the best deal;
  • Energy Source: You should also consider where a company gets its electricity from. Those who also generate it can have more control over the price and supply. Providers who cannot produce energy can also offer great prices, but they lack control over the actual supply and cannot vouch for its sustainability.

You can use Glimp to compare power companies and discover the best deals for you and your family.

Still not sure how to choose a new power company? Glimp’s prepared an in-depth guide to help you out!

Power Provider in NZ FAQs

Who’s the Cheapest Electricity Provider in NZ?

Flick Energy, Frank Energy, and Contact Energy are known for some of the most advantageous electricity rates in the country.

However, no company can guarantee you’ll get the lowest unit charge or price available. The cost of power depends on multiple factors, such as household location, usage, and special add-ons that could provide additional discounts or free power.

Who’s the Best Gas and Electricity Provider in New Zealand?

Nova Energy and Pulse Energy are popular choices if you want both gas and electricity services.

However, most power companies offer both sources, and you’ll find the best deal by analysing a provider’s plans and asking for a rough cost estimate.

Should I Bundle My Power and Broadband Services?

If you’re currently happy with your internet connection, you don’t have to switch to a bundled service. But opting for these types of contracts may unlock additional savings, as companies usually provide special discounts for customers who combine several services.

Such contracts may have several criteria for eligibility as well as stricter rules for opting out.

Is Solar Power Worth It?

Installing panels in your home can be beneficial for several reasons. First, it helps your home generate its power, which can also mean getting solar buy-backs from a company like Nova or Comtricity.

Solar ensures constant power for vulnerable households that need to avoid outages, such as those with medical devices. It can also help you save money even if electricity prices rise. Use Glimp’s tool to compare solar power deals.

Which NZ Power Provider Should You Choose?

Finding the best power provider in New Zealand is simple as long as you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Consider your needs, location, and even your budget, and compare different electricity companies to learn which one meets your expectations. Glimp is here to help you with your research and access clear and concise information on power companies whenever you need it.

Use our comparison and switching service today and find a provider you can trust!