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If you’re looking for the best power companies in New Zealand, you’ve come to the right place. Save heaps of money, time, and effort with our free comparison services! We filter all the latest deals and offers according to your needs, so you get the most personalised experience possible.

We’re on a mission to help you choose the cheapest and most reliable power plan from the long list of Power companies in NZ. We know how hard it is to find the one that will work for you, since there are so many great providers out there!

To make things a lot easier, we’ve gathered all the leading Power providers so you can easily shop for all your Power and Gas needs in one place.

Are you ready to compare electric companies, and discover just how much you could save by switching to a new provider? Take a look at this list of the best Power providers available on our comparison website. 

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meridian power deals nz

Meridian Energy

Meridian Energy are one of the biggest retailers and generators of electricity for businesses, farms, and residential customers in New Zealand. Since humble beginnings, Meridian remain true to their core, which is generating power from only 100% renewable sources. You can purchase this clean energy through Meridian Energy and their online electricity retailer, Powershop.

Meridian Energy have developed ten wind farms in Australia and New Zealand, including the world's first wind farm source in Ross Island, Antarctica. They’re also named as the ‘guardians’ of some of the country’s most iconic hydro assets, including Manapouri, which is located in a world heritage site. This is to ensure that they will be the biggest contributor to the Government’s goal of producing 90% of the country’s power through renewable sources.

Meridian Energy are 51% owned by the New Zealand Government, but they’re still listed in the New Zealand stock exchange. As of 2014, they were 85% owned by Kiwi fund managers. As they’re an international brand as well, they employ over 800 full-time employees in their headquarters in NZ and Australia.

Meridian Energy power homes, businesses and farms across all areas in New Zealand. Whether you’re in cities like Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, and Hawkes Bay, or in the rural regions of Taranaki, Manawatu, Wanganui, Nelson, and Queenstown, you can be sure to take advantage of their excellent service.

Why switch to Meridian Energy?

As they play a huge part in generating energy in New Zealand, Meridian Energy care about sustainability, and are committed to the long-term future of the country. Whether you’re looking to power your home, business or agribusiness, Meridian Energy can help you get the right plan for your eco-friendly electricity needs.

  • Great benefits - Upon signing up with Meridian Energy, you’ll automatically get $200 off your first electricity bill! 
  • Options for more flexibility - Whether you like to commit long term to a power plan or want to keep your options open, Meridian Energy give you the option to choose your power plan length.
  • Guaranteed clean power - If you’re keen on sustainability and want to reduce your carbon footprint, you should consider switching to Meridian Energy. They’re a company who go big on clean power, which is perfect for environmentally conscious Kiwis.

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genesis power deals nz

Genesis Energy

Genesis Energy is a household name when it comes to power in New Zealand. They offer a wide range of power options such as electricity, natural gas and LPG, among others. Genesis has over 500,000 customer connections across New Zealand, making them one of the largest electricity and gas retailers in the country.

Genesis Energy’s two retail brands – Genesis Energy and Energy Online – generate electricity, trade electricity, and provide natural gas, which is powered by thermal and other renewable methods. Genesis Energy also has 46% interest in the Kupe Joint Venture, which owns the Kupe oil and gas field in Taranaki.

Genesis Energy trades electricity through the New Zealand Electricity Market, and this market is created to ensure that customers will always get the most cost-efficient power deals. Genesis Energy extends this further by not only providing quality gas and electricity, but also first-class customer service.

Genesis Energy provides different energy needs to residential, commercial and industrial customers nationwide. They generate electricity in almost all regions of the country including Huntly, Tongariro, Waikaremoana, Tekapo, and Hau Nui. This includes generation from different sources, such as thermal, hydropower, and wind.

Why switch to Genesis Energy?

At Genesis Energy, they believe in sustainable solutions when it comes to powering properties across New Zealand. This means that New Zealanders are given the opportunity to take part in preserving the environment for the future generation. You get to enjoy all of this without the compromise of quality, costs, exclusive discounts, and more.

  • Rewards and discounts - Genesis Energy are known for rewarding their customers with exclusive perks and deals. Upon signing up, you get $150 credit plus great rewards such as Fly Buys, Dual Fuel discounts, Power Shouts and more!
  • Customised quote - If you choose Genesis Energy for your business, you can get a customised quote depending on how big your business is. If you’re already happy with Genesis, there's even better news for you! You can merge your electricity and gas into one bill, plus get $150 - $450 of free account credit too!
  • Simple service and tools - Especially in rural NZ, being in control of your power means a lot. Genesis Energy gives the option for Kiwis to be in control of their usage and bill payments at the same time through their easy to use online tools.

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powershop power deals nz


Powershop is one of the most affordable power providers in the country. This is not surprising given that their parent company, Meridian Energy, is also known for offering some of the best power deals in NZ.

Powershop focuses on providing power to a diverse range of Kiwis. By staying true to their mission of providing affordable power to homes and businesses, they consistently expand their offerings as well as their sources, allowing them to cater to all types of customers.

Why switch to Powershop?

With Powershop, you can be confident that your plans will be reasonably priced.  They provide a straightforward, no-options system, so you don't have to wonder if you're getting the best deal on your power plan.

  • No fixed-term plan - get a two days time frame and a full refund if you want to cancel your power plan.
  • Cheap energy rates - prices depend on where you live and how much power you use. You can pay at a lower rate with Powershop's Lite option, or you can take advantage of their online store and save with Powershop Classic.

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nova power deals nz

Nova Energy

Nova Energy is owned and operated by Kiwis, so you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a company who really cares about their customers. They’ve proven this by being awarded the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award for Gas in 2012 and 2013.

Nova Energy are proud of their good, honest Kiwi service. Their friendly customer care team is based right here in New Zealand, so you can speak to a local person whenever you need to. When it comes to the feedback of their customers, they come highly recommended, as expected from a company with such value added products. 

Upon signing up with Nova Energy, you can choose between plans, such as the Multisaver Natural Gas and TV Bundle plan, where customers can get more perks and other add-ons according to their preferences. 

Their electricity and gas dual-fuel options are available to almost all parts of New Zealand. North Island cities like Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Wanganui, Kapiti Coast, and Wellington can take advantage of these plans.

Why switch to Nova Energy?

Thousands of Kiwi families and businesses have already switched to Nova Energy, and are now enjoying great value on their energy bill.

Aside from cost-saving power plans, switching to them also comes with the benefits of bundled plans. Whether it’s electricity, natural gas, broadband or landline, Nova Energy has it all for you. 

  • Rewards and discounts - When you sign up to a Home Advantage Plan, you immediately get $150 of free account credit on your first bill. This is a good option if you don’t want any commitments, but still want to save at the same time.
  • Comprehensive app - Nova Energy developed a comprehensive app which lets you track your power usage. You can download it through Google Playstore for Android or App Store for IOS.
  • Power bundle - As Nova Energy is also a broadband and landline provider, you can easily bundle your utilities together. This means that you’ll have less hassle of having to pay different providers, plus the savings benefits from their exclusive offers.

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 electric kiwi power deals nz

Electric Kiwi

Electric Kiwi are an independent digital electricity company in New Zealand. They were founded in 2014, but are quickly becoming one of Kiwis’ favourites, as they offer deals that don’t conform to the status quo. They were established on a core belief that the best power plans should provide more, leaving Kiwis to do and pay less.

Electric Kiwi get rid of the complex - and often unnecessarily - processes when you need a power plan. They may be a small provider, but they have proven to be one of the smartest by seeing the advantage in what is often neglected by a lot of providers.

Back in the day, smart meters were being rolled out across the country, however, few providers had taken up the challenge to do anything smart with them. Electric Kiwi saw the opportunity to utilise these by bringing good quality power and service to Kiwis… and it worked! Fast forward to 2018, and they were named as  New Zealand’s fastest-growing electricity retailer.

Electric Kiwi have powered thousands of households throughout New Zealand, and have helped many Kiwis save on their power. They also appeal to Kiwis by guaranteeing savings in their first year of subscription, as well as low electricity prices every day.

Why switch to Electric Kiwi?

Electric Kiwi include tons of power benefits in their power plans, especially for their new customers. They have a huge amount of benefits that you can reap if you choose to switch to them. No catches whatsoever, just straight-up smart savings!

  • Free Hour of Power - You can save even more with exclusive customer deals like a free off-peak hour of power every day! You can even customise which hour you want free each day through their app.
  • Rewards and exclusive deals - If you choose their Stay Ahead Plan, your account will automatically be topped up $200 when you run out of credit. What’s more is that each $200 top-up comes with a $20 top-up bonus!
  • No-fuss, no muss plans - Aside from low prices, Electric Kiwi also offer simple and straightforward plans. There aren’t any contracts, sign up fees, or even break fees. You can get all this without any catches – just low prices 24/7, 365 days.

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flick electric deals nz

Flick Electric

Flick Electric were only established in 2014, however, they are quickly becoming one of Kiwis’ most favourite power providers. It’s no wonder since they remain true to their core value of giving transparent, fair, and honest services in all of their plans.

Flick Electric was born when six Wellingtonians decided to make a change in the electricity industry themselves. They believed that by launching a tech-based company, they can disrupt the status quo in New Zealand… and they weren’t wrong! Today, they’re growing at a fast pace while keeping their fundamentals the same as when they started.

Their objective is to make your power switching simple by providing only two base plans. The first plan - the Freestyle plan - enables you to see the changes in power prices every 30 minutes, giving you real-time wholesale power prices. Their other plan is called the FIXIE plan, where it fixes the price of your power for 6 months. This is a great option for those who don’t want to worry about their power bill spiking up at random times.

Flick Electric’s primary objective is to help bring quality power in Aotearoa. They discovered that almost 20% of Kiwis are subject to energy choices that can negatively impact on their overall well-being - this is like choosing to have food on the table. This is why they keep prices low; to make Kiwi homes safe and comfortable.

Flick Electric are also pushing forward to keep improving their services for their customers and employees. Due to their consistent drive, they are certified as a CarboNZero company and were named as a fair and inclusive employer, on top of paying staff a living wage. 

Why switch to Flick Electric?

Flick Electric give big importance to offering the fairest power pricing across New Zealand. They even sell power at almost the same price that they purchased it through the national grid! Best of all, switching to Flick Electric only takes a few minutes, which is how they gained a 4.6-star rating from hundreds of New Zealanders.

  • Rewards and discounts - Aside from selling you wholesale prices for electricity, they also offer $50 of free account credit if you sign up to either the FIXIE Plan or the Freestyle Spot Price Plan.
  • App packed with features - They developed an app so you can constantly monitor your power, as well as the option to calibrate the mix of your power (renewable and non-renewable energy).

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 contact energy deals nz

Contact Energy

Contact Energy are one of New Zealand’s leading energy generators and retailers. They’re one of the largest listed companies, so it’s no surprise they provide a wide range of your power needs including electricity, natural gas, and LPG to more than 562,000 customers across the country. 

As they’re one of the biggest power companies around, they also offer some of the biggest rewards for their residential customers. Upon signing up with Contact Energy, you can immediately take advantage of the Fly Buys rewards system. They also take the time to really listen to their customers, which enables them to formulate the best possible experience. 

They have 11 power stations across New Zealand, and these stations ensure that their generation is done in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner. They’ve been building their portfolio over the years to make power generation even more flexible. This diversity has enabled them to respond more efficiently to the changing electricity market conditions.

Contact Energy’s services are available across almost all regions in New Zealand. You can purchase a Contact plan in almost all parts in the country, but it’s more advantageous for customers in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Hawkes Bay, Wanganui, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, and Dunedin.

Why switch to Contact Energy?

Contact Energy provide some of the best benefits out of all power companies in New Zealand. This is on top of their power generation from renewable energy sources at a rate of 80-85%, which is the one of the highest in the country. 

  • Bonuses and Rewards - All customers who are new to Contact Energy can take advantage of their Everyday Bonus Fixed plan, which will automatically give you $200 off your first billing!
  • All-access app - If you want to check something in your power, you can do so 24/7 through Contact Energy’s My Account. Within the app, you can view and compare your power usage, set up direct debit payments, SmoothPay, and more.
  • Great customer service - If you’re someone who likes a person to run through your power plan and its benefits, you can always speak to a consultant by calling the Contact Energy number on 0800 494 847.

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pulse energy deals nz

Pulse Energy

Pulse Energy is a community owned energy company, supplying electricity, gas, solar and broadband services to households and businesses throughout NZ.

Being independent enables Pulse Energy to purchase the best priced generation on the market and pass the benefits onto their customers. They are able to supply energy across the whole of New Zealand.
As a Pulse Energy customer you will enjoy:

A Low Price Upfront

Pulse Energy's plans are competitively priced. They do not increase their prices so that a prompt payment discount can be given. Instead you will be offered the best price from the start.

No Long Term Contracts

If you need to leave, all you have to do is give 30 days' notice. Otherwise an ETF of $150+GST will apply

In 2016, Pulse Energy became the Principal Partner of the Highlanders Super Rugby Team and is proud to support local communities.

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trustpower deals nz


Trustpower are a power generation and retailing company, listed on the New Zealand stock exchange. They are the fifth-largest electricity generator, in terms of MW capacity and GWh output, and also the fourth-largest electricity retailer, in terms of the number of customers, with over 260,000 customers in the country.

Trustpower own and operate 34 power stations across New Zealand, pumping out renewable energy from hydro-electric power, as well as wind farms. Currently, they have development projects in the Awhitu Wind Farm near Waiuku, the Wairau Hydro Scheme near Blenheim, and the Kaiwera Downs Wind Farm in Southland.

Aside from the guaranteed sustainable energy, you’ll get in your property, they have some of the best power deals that you can score in New Zealand. As they’re also a gas and broadband company, they offer bundling services, so you can get your billing in just one statement. Plus, you can always call them if you have issues with your power connection.

You can take advantage of all Trustpower’s plans and services in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, Hawkes Bay, Palmerston North, Wanganui, Kapiti Coast, and Wellington, but they’re also widely available to the rest of New Zealand.

Why switch to Trustpower?

Trustpower have over 280,000 active customers in the country, and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular with Kiwis. They’re a company who like their customers to go big on savings and discounts, and reward them accordingly for their loyalty and prompt payment.

  • Beneficial deals - If you choose to sign up to Trustpower, you can get joining rewards like free account credit and a free Samsung appliance! The more that you commit to them long term, the more benefits you get.
  • Discounts and promos - If you’re a prompt payer, you’ll get an automatic 15% prompt payment discount. If you also bundle your utilities, you can save even bigger bucks!
  • Customer service - Trustpower like to keep things simple, so they make their customer service easily available. If you call them at their 0800 number, a real person will answer your call. You can also request a callback at the most convenient time for you.

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mercury energy deals nz

Mercury Energy

Mercury Energy are one of the largest generators and retailers of power in New Zealand, owning and operating 14 power stations that pump out renewable energy. They started way back in 1999, and they’ve been true to providing clean, eco-friendly energy ever since then.

In 2014, Mercury Energy merged with Mighty River Power (formerly known as Energy Company in 2010), easily securing their spot at the top of the tough power competition in New Zealand. This merger also allowed for an almost 100% power generation from the hydro and geothermal sources.

Mercury Energy want their power to flow smoothly into your homes and offices. They believe that power is an important utility above all, so they want to give you the flexibility to cater your needs. This is why they strive to provide a variety of products and plans to make the power experience of every Kiwi as personalised as possible.

Most importantly, Mercury Energy believe that good energy should come across by helping people. Whether it’s making sure their customers get top service, doing good in the community, or simply sharing stories of the good energy in the world around us, they’re proud of what they do and will continue to do it in the long run.

Why switch to Mercury Energy?

As one of the major providers in New Zealand, Mercury Energy offer some of the biggest benefits on top of their best-value plans. The great thing about them is that they are perfect for those who want to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

  • Big perks and discounts - Upon signing up to Mercury Energy, you get to take advantage of perks such as Airpoints and Free Power Days. If you’re a prompt payer, you can also score even bigger discounts.
  • Interactive app - Mercury Energy believe that your power app shouldn’t just be used to monitor your usage or pay your bills. They’ve made their app interactive and fun, allowing you to score big discounts by completing online games and challenges.
  • Wide availability - Since they’re one of the bigger power companies in NZ, it also means they have some of the widest coverage available. Whether you’re in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Dunedin, Christchurch, or anywhere in between, you can purchase a Mercury Energy plan that’s best suited for you.

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ecotricity energy deals nz


Ecotricity are the only provider of 100% renewable carboNZero Certified electricity in New Zealand, ensuring that their company activities help the environment by reducing your footprint. They maximize solar, hydro, and wind to revolutionize energy generation. If you’re wanting to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, choose a power supplier that’s aiming for a cleaner and greener New Zealand. Ecotricity NZ are competitive not only when it comes to their power plans, but also in achieving environmental accountability.

Why sign up with Ecotricity?

Aside from being environmentally responsible, they provide excellent customer service to make sure that you’re getting the assistance that you need. 

  • CarboNZero Certified: Aside from using 100% renewable energy, they encourage Kiwis to switch towards using Electric Vehicles. 
  • Price forecasts: They’ll send you SMS and email updates on electricity prices so that you can be prepared whenever there are changes.

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megatel energy deals nz


MegaTEL have been a trusted broadband provider since 2001; and today, they’re a one-stop-shop for broadband, voice over broadband service (Voip), mobile, electricity and gas. When you’re with MegaTEL, you can skip the long waits and lines; all you have to do is get in touch with them online and they’ll help you sort out the utilities you need. They’re continuing to improve their customer service to meet your expectations and standards. 

MegaTEL offer Residential Bundle and Business Plans for Kiwis. Residential Bundle Plans are gas or power bundled with broadband for a 24-month contract. The download speeds are no less than 100Mbps, and upload speeds are greater than 20Mbps. Business Plans are tailored for businesses and provide a variety of offers, from simple plans (gas or electricity) to bundled plans (combination of all their services).

Why sign up with MegaTEL?

MegaTEL offer power bundled with mobile, broadband, mobile, and gas. When you get bundle services, you can get exclusive discounts and benefits. 

  • Customised services for Kiwis: They have a dedicated customer service team who’ll help you every step of the way!
  • Easy troubleshooting: They will troubleshoot inconveniences fast and easy! They’ll assist you through their MegaTEL Router, which provides a remote access function between you and their customer service.

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comtricity energy deals nz


Comtricity have an innovative model in providing electricity to power Kiwi homes - you’ll get cheap rates and contribute to the community at the same time. Comtricity give financial support to local charities, schools, and community organisations - and you can choose who you’d like to help. 

They’ll give $65 on average each year to a cause that you nominate! Switching to Comtricity is a simple task, and you can leave this to glimp! glimp will help you transfer to Comtricity hassle-free, so that you can get on with other important things. 

Why sign up with Comtricity?

Comtricity puts Kiwis first by practicing social responsibility and delivering quality electricity services. Best of all, they provide financial support to those in need. Every penny that you pay goes in the right places thanks to their community-centered approach! 

  • 2 simple plans: They offer only two plans that are suited for Kiwi households - Essentials and Choices Plan.
  • Passion for people: They’re 100% Kiwi owned and operated, and are very passionate about making lives better. You can rest assured that they’ll take care of your power needs in a timely manner.
  • Easy to switch: No need to inform your previous provider because they’ll sort out everything if you want to make a switch.

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globug energy deals nz


Globug help you stay on top of your payments by letting you pay for your electricity as you go. They’re a retail brand that focus on making electricity more affordable and easier to manage through the prepaid payment system. The prepaid payment system allows you to top up  through the Globug app, through your account on Globug’s website using your debit or credit card, or through authorised retailers around New Zealand. 

The Globug app shows you your current balance, top up options, estimates of how much power is remaining, and how much you’re spending on power. This way you can manage your consumption without waiting for monthly bills!

Why sign up with Globug

You don’t have to worry about any meter readings because you can checcan buy electricity whenever you want with just a few clicks.

  • Makes use of smart technology: You can top up using your mobile phone and through internet banking. Your account with Globug is your personalised way of managing and getting electricity when you need it.
  • Great customer service: They’ll empower you as a consumer and provide you with a range of resources on how you can better manage your electricity and maximise your accounts. They’ll also reach out to answer queries and concerns.

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slingshot energy deals nz

Slingshot Power

Slingshot are a broadband provider who’s also supplying power to Kiwi homes. They’ve been around for some time, so you can be assured that they know what great customer service is. They offer 10% off your base broadband plan and 10% off your power expenses when you apply for power bundled with broadband. 

Instead of offering prompt payment discount, they offer only 2 plans that are affordable and high quality: low user and standard user plan which are charged with fixed daily and variable usage charges.

Why sign up with Slingshot Power?

With Slingshot Power, you’ll enjoy great customer service, competitive services, and affordable power bundle deals! 

  • Manage your bills online: You can access your power bills online with a few clicks. This lets you save money and time when checking your balance and monthly consumption because you can do this from the comfort of your home. 
  • No long-term commitments: Not a fan of long-term contracts that will tie you down? Slingshot Power don’t have this and you get the flexibility you’ll need with your power plan.

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orcon energy deals nz

Orcon Power

Orcon Power bundle electricity with broadband so that you can save more on utilities and streamline them in a single bill. You’ll get access to exclusive discounts such as 10% off your broadband and power expenses. 

Orcon, as a company, value innovation and this has brought them to greater heights! Orcon’s power prices are competitive but budget-friendly, suited to the needs of most Kiwi homes. Whether broadband or power, Orcon don’t compromise on providing a great quality service. They offer the best prices on simple but quality power plans for Kiwi homes: lower user and standard user plan. 

Why sign up for Orcon Power?

There are many benefits when you sign up for Orcon Power. If your goal is to save on money, you’ll be on the right track with Orcon Power! You can even save more when you bundle power and broadband. You can even experience great customer service when you need it! 

  • Switching made easy: Switching to Orcon Power is simple! They’ll take care of transferring your electricity services with them. 
  • Worry less on your payments: You can pay your bills in different ways -  internet banking, credit or debit card, or an one-off payment at the bank. If you’re under financial hardship and are finding it difficult to pay your bills on time, simply let them know through your My Orcon account.

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blue door rural broadband nz

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glimp is a comparison website for utilities such as broadband, power and gas. glimp has helped thousands of New Zealanders find the best deals on their utilities since January 2016. The comparison and switching service is designed to help you save time and money by finding you the best deal from the right provider, and at the best price.

Power bundles

If you’re looking for a way to save on money, power bundles are the perfect choice because you can streamline your electricity with broadband and gas, and get exclusive discounts. You’ll be able to view your utilities conveniently in a single bill instead of going through piles of monthly bills from different providers. Compare power bundles with glimp and see which one will work best for your monthly budget!