Simplicity KiwiSaver Scheme

Simplicity is a not for profit KiwiSaver provider that is out there to provide the best investment opportunity for Kiwi’s with 100% transparency. The fees that they charge literally just cover the cost of running, there is no space for other profit charges. Simplicity also offer options for easy switching between funds with no charge at all. Simplicity investment funds come with forecasting features so you can see how your investment might be affected by changing funds or increasing your contributions. They also know that KiwiSaver investments are often a family affair, so offer linked accounts as an option. You can create a single centralised login and be in control of multiple KiwiSaver accounts. They offer four different fund types so that every base is covered regardless of what you are looking for. Simplicity also make sure that it’s simple for you to join them, you can make the switch in only 2 minutes. Start comparing KiwiSaver schemes with glimp now to see if Simplicity are the right provider for you.


Why choose a Simplicity KiwiSaver scheme?

Simplicity are out here doing their best to make sure Kiwi’s get the retirement that they deserve. Simplicity have the lowest rates of any KiwiSaver provider because they are a not-for-profit organisation. They are make a point of being 100% transparent so that you can see where your money really goes. They also provide forecasting data to those who sign up with them, on your account page you’ll be able to see what could happen to your investment if you increase your contributions or if you switch funds. Switching funds is something you can do without being charged any extra fees.

Simplicity KiwiSaver Fees

There are few fees to pay with Simplicity since they are a not-for-profit organisation. They keep things simple with only a $30 yearly fee as well as a $3.10 fee per $1000 saved per year. Children don’t pay any fees whatsoever. You can use comparison tools on glimp to see how much you could save if you switch to simplicity.

Types of Simplicity KiwiSaver Funds NZ - Fees, Returns, Scheme

Guaranteed Income

The guaranteed income fund is unique to Simplicity. You can receive 4.2% of your investment every year for life, even if your fund runs dry. You’ll receive a stable income in retirement which can make a world of difference when it comes to money management, your income won’t fluctuate. If you need to make a significant withdrawal, you can with no extra fees. The 4.2% will reset to the new size of the principal investment.

Conservative Fund

The conservative fund is arguably the safest of any of the diverse funds offered by Simplicity. It provides limited access to the growth assets which carry a degree of risk with them. 22% of the fund runs off of shares, international, Australian and New Zealand. The rest of the fund uses income assets like fixed interest assets and cash.

Balanced Fund

The balanced fund from Simplicity provides a diverse range of assets for investors. This means that the fund has plenty of opportunity for growth, but the diversity of the assets will also mitigate any potential losses. The fund’s page on Simplicity’s website shows how the fund has been tracking, and you can look at forecasting material too.

Growth Fund

78% of the growth fund offered by Simplicity is made up of growth assets (shares from a range of different countries). This fund is the most aggressive that Simplicity has for KiwiSaver customers. It’s an ideal fund for newer investors, who won’t need access to their investment fund for many more years.