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Wondering if there’s an internet outage in my area? This can be infuriating especially when you’re doing important online tasks! To check if your area is experiencing broadband outage, contact your provider through customer service lines, and consult their team for enquiries about your broadband connection. Otherwise, use an internet outage checker to get comprehensive information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes internet outage in NZ?

There are many factors that cause broadband outages in the country. One of the leading causes is network congestion, which means too many people are accessing the same network at the same time. This happens because your broadband provider is limiting the bandwidth distribution in your location.

Otherwise, it can also be because of bad weather! Natural disasters such as cyclones and earthquakes can cause limitations and faults to the network lines. Once the disaster passes and it’s deemed safe to work, broadband support teams usually fix the lines immediately.

What should I do if I experience connection issues?

One of the best ways to resolve internet connection problems is to troubleshoot the router. Troubleshooting allows your broadband to reset data, which can also rid network congestion, internet speed fluctuations, and other issues. It’s not hard to do as well – even your grandparents can reset their connection on their own.

Simply unplug the router from the socket and wait for a minute or two before replugging. If you still experience slow internet connection after doing this, you may need to manually reset your router by pressing the small button at the back of the device for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Will I experience internet outage in my area if I run out of data?

Not exactly, but you may experience the same circumstances when you run out of data. As your internet is down in both scenarios, you won’t get to connect to the internet in any of them. The difference, however, is that network congestion can be fixed in due time while running out of data can’t because you simply have no data to consume.

Unless you top up your plan, then what you’re experiencing isn’t internet outage – simply no data consume. To top up your plan, you may contact your broadband provider for data pack options.

Will I experience internet outage when my power is out?

If you have a broadband router that relies on your power source, then your internet will automatically shut down if a power outage occurs. However, there are options such as hotspots and wireless connections which may still work during blackouts as they don’t rely on your power source.

If you’re doing important tasks and have been notified of a power outage, it’s best to save your documents regularly. This way, you don’t have to restart your work once the power is up and running again.

Who can I contact if my internet is down?

For concerns about your internet, you may directly contact your broadband provider. They can directly answer your concerns such as what caused the outage, how long the outage will last, and more.

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