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Fibre broadband is the fastest broadband technology currently available in New Zealand. 

Fibre uses fibre optics cable to deliver your data much faster than the standard copper lines. The great thing about fibre broadband is its performance isn't affected by distance; your broadband speed is consistent no matter how far your home is located from the broadband cabinet. 

As fibre broadband reaches speeds of 100Mbps or more, you can connect multiple devices and have no problem watching, listening, playing and working at the same time. If you’re worrying that your internet quality might degrade by doing too many heavy tasks all at once, fret not! Fibre broadband is fit for heavy users who want full control of their internet. 

ultrafast fibre broadband plans nz

Because fibre broadband is a new technology, the installation can take some time, however, it's worth the wait. Currently, there are many providers on the market that offer unlimited fibre plans paired with exclusive benefits. These benefits can range from offering three months free credit to Netflix subscriptions to getting free devices… and more! 

If you've been thinking of getting a fibre optic connection for your home or are currently looking for one, it’s the perfect time to find a fibre broadband plan that matches with your needs.

Benefits of Fibre Broadband Plans

Reliable broadband connection

Your download/upload speeds will be consistent on a fibre broadband connection. You’ll forget all about the stress that you once experienced with buffering and slow speeds when you choose to switch to fibre broadband.

Faster broadband speeds

There is a significant difference in download and upload speeds when you make the jump from wireless or copper broadband to fibre. While minimum speeds of copper connections are at 5Mbps, fibre broadband doesn’t go lower than 100Mbps – talk about ultrafast internet!

Free standard fibre broadband installation

The majority of broadband providers offer a free standard fibre installation in your home. Take advantage of this great offer while it lasts! Please note that in some cases - mainly due to location - there may be a cost involved with the installation, so it’s recommended to get a comprehensive quote first.

Increased bandwidth

With fibre broadband in NZ, it’s more convenient to download or stream online content. You don’t have to worry about other devices on your network slowing down your download speeds. Fibre is packed with an increased bandwidth to make sure that you’ll experience nothing but a lag-less, smooth online experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is ADSL broadband?

ADSL broadband has been the standard in NZ for a long time and, depending on the quality of your lines, gives download speeds of up to 24Mbps and upload speeds of 1Mbps. The national average is about 10Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. Even though this type of broadband is not the fastest internet in NZ, it’s still fast enough for the basics like emailing, surfing the net and checking social networks.

How much faster is VDSL broadband?

Heaps faster than ADSL! Depending on your line quality, you could get download speeds of up to 70Mbps and upload speeds up to 10Mbps. There are several factors involved such as the condition of the copper cables and the distance from the nearest cabinet. The closer you are to the cabinet – the better.

Should I choose VDSL or Ultra Fast Fibre? (Ultra Fast Broadband)

If you can get both at your address, then you should consider fibre. It uses fibre optic cabling instead of copper, which means the speeds are more consistent and faster. Fibre is a little trickier to install than VDSL, but it’s worth it.

How fast are the Ultra Fibre plans?

With Ultra Fibre 30, this service can deliver Fibre speeds of up to 30mbps downstream and 10mbps upstream. Ultra Fibre 100 can deliver Fibre speeds of up to 100mbps downstream and 20mbps upstream. Ultra Fibre 200 can provide 200Mbps downstream and 20Mbps upstream. And finally, Ultra Fibre Gigatown can provide an amazing 1000Mbps downstream and 500Mbps upstream. 

Actual speeds will be affected by various factors including networks, your modem and computer technology, internal home wiring and other environmental factors.

Standard Fibre Installation

The standard fibre installation should suit most New Zealand homes. It requires a technician from your Local Fibre Company to carry out work at your house. They will make sure you understand what's required and won't start any work unless you're happy with what's proposed. 

It includes all the work needed to connect your home to the fibre running down the street: 

  • Installing the fibre cable from the street through to your home (up to 200m of cabling from the roadside curb to house).
  • Installing and connecting the necessary equipment outside (the ETP) and inside (the ONT) your home.
  • Making sure the fibre service is running and disconnecting the copper broadband connection to your home.
  • Your Local Fibre Company staff will do their best to minimise any impact on grassed areas and if hard surfaces are affected, they will be resealed.

Non-standard installation

You'll need this if your house is more than 200m from the Fibre access point on the street. Or if you decide to install your fibre modem in a different place from the ONT and need additional wiring as a result. 

The Local Fibre Company staff will let you know if your place needs a non-standard installation and what that's likely to cost before they start any work.

Getting the installation work done

You may need to allow a full day for the work to be done and you'll also need to be available on-site as the installation team will be working both inside and outside of your home. 

Don't worry though, the installation team will make sure you understand what's required and they won't start any work unless you are happy with what's being proposed.

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