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Fibre broadband is your go-to for the fastest internet in New Zealand. It uses fibre optics, which transmit data faster than traditional copper lines. This makes your broadband speed more consistent, no matter how far your home is from the broadband cabinet.

The average speed of NZ fibre broadband is around 100 Mbps, and some fibre plans go up to 8,000 Mbps! You won't have problems connecting multiple devices and simultaneously using them all for work, streaming, and gaming.

If you're considering switching to a fibre broadband connection, use Glimp to compare broadband plans and find the best internet providers in NZ.


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The Best Fibre Broadband Deals NZ

Since fibre connections are the future, NZ's internet providers constantly compete to offer the best broadband deals and fibre plans to win your trust. We regularly update our broadband comparison tool with the latest promotions, offers, and exclusive deals.

Here are the best broadband deals and fibre plans in New Zealand today:

2Degrees Ultimate Unlimited - The Best Fibre Plan + Prime Video

2Degrees is one of NZ's top internet providers regarding fibre broadband. It offers regular, max fibre, and ultra fast broadband with up to 890 Mbps speeds!

2Degrees' Ultimate Unlimited Plan is a Kiwi favourite. It offers average speeds of up to 883/498 Mbps, covering all your internet needs, from heavy online gaming to live streaming in 4k!

This fibre plan costs NZ $80/month and is available in open and fixed (12-month) contracts. With the 12-month contract, you get an NZ $100 Prezzy gift card and a free 6-month subscription to Prime Video.

The fixed 12-month contract has an early termination fee of NZ $199, but you get many benefits in return. For example, the fibre installation process is free, and you also get free modem rental for the duration of the contract (+ NZ $15 shipping fee). For customer reviews and experiences with their services, you can go to our 2degrees review page.

Main Features of 2Degrees Fibre Plan

• Average speeds of 883/498 Mbps

• Unlimited fibre broadband

• Free 6-month Prime Video

• NZ $100 Prezzy gift card

• Free installation process

• Free modem rental for the length of your broadband connection

Pricing: NZ $80/month

Slingshot Unlimited Gigantic - The Best Fibre Broadband + Add-ons

Slingshot is one of the best internet providers in NZ offering fibre broadband deals to save your money! It offers lightning-fast standard broadband connection with affordable add-ons and bundling options.

Slingshot's best fibre broadband plan is the Unlimited Gigantic plan which gives you download speeds of up to 896 Mbps with no data cap. It's perfect for power users, companies, and households with several devices.

This unlimited fibre broadband plan costs NZ $89.95/month, and if you sign up for a 12-month contract, you get an NZ $100 joining credit.

Slingshot offers an NZ $5 discount for mobile plan owners, and if you decide to opt for their broadband and power deals  you get another NZ $20 off! It also allows you to add a phone line to your broadband connection for NZ $5/month without switching to landline broadband plans (ADSL or VDSL broadband). 

Here are a few other add-ons Slingshot offers:

ESET NOD32 Antivirus: NZ $5/month

Protection Plan: Insurance for your wiring and broadband hardware. Costs NZ $3.95/month

Free Family Filter: 12 months free, then NZ $5/month
Overall, Slingshot offers an excellent broadband deal if you enjoy add-ons or bundling  services. For more detail about customer experience and service ratings, you can see Slingshot review.

Main Features of Slingshot's Fibre Broadband Plan

• Average speeds of 896 Mbps

• No data cap

• NZ $100 joining credit

• Optional add-ons including ESET NOD32 Antivirus, Protection Plan, Family Filter

• Discounted fibre broadband plan when bundled with power, landline, or mobile plans

Pricing: NZ $89.95/month

Sky Fibre Everyday Plan- The Best Fibre Plan + Sky TV

If you're a fan of Sky TV and all the amazing on-demand entertainment services that come with it, you should check out Sky broadband plans.

Sky's Fibre Everyday plan offers average download and upload speeds of 300/100 Mbps. It's not as fast as fibre max or hyper-fibre broadband, but it'll still cover your household streaming, gaming, and downloading needs. They also rent you a free Sky WiFi 6 router, improving your household coverage.

The real selling point of this ultra-fast broadband plan is the Sky TV subscription that comes with it. The Fibre Everyday + Sky TV Plan costs NZ $100.99/month, and if you sign a 12-month contract, you get NZ $100 credit upfront.

However, remember that fixed contracts come with an early termination fee ranging from NZ $10 to NZ $149.99.

Main Features of Sky's Fibre Broadband + Sky TV

• Average fibre speeds of 300/100 Mbps

• Unlimited fibre data

• Sky TV entertainment services including Sky Movies, Sky Sports, and more

• Free Sky WiFi 6 router rental

• NZ $100 credit upfront

Pricing: NZ $100.99/month (if you cancel the Sky TV, it goes down to NZ $85/month)

MyRepublic Fibre Pro- The Best Fibre Plan for Gamers

If you're a gamer looking for fast, unlimited fibre broadband plans, MyRepublic broadband is worth checking out. This provider has been ranked New Zealand's No.1 for Steam download performance.

MyRepublic Fibre Pro plan is specially designed for gamers and can deliver fibre speeds of 820/497 Mbps with minimal ping and latency. This ultra-fast broadband network supports up to 9 devices simultaneously while maintaining the same internet speed and quality.

MyRepubllic's plan costs NZ $92/month and includes free fibre broadband installation and unlimited data. It's available with an open contract, so you don't have to worry about an early termination fee if unsatisfied.

The Fibre Pro pan also comes with a free ASUS RT-AX3000 modem. This gaming-compatible modem is designed for high-performance, competitive gaming environments requiring lightning-fast broadband speed.

MyRepublic also offers Static IP and Discord Gamer Support for NZ $10, making this the best broadband deal for heavy gamers.

Main Features of MyRepublic's Fibre Broadband Plan

• Average speeds of 820/497 Mbps

• Unlimited broadband data

• Free installation

• Static IP and Discord Gamer Support add-ons

• Open contract with no early termination fees

Pricing: NZ $82/month

Orcon HyperFibre 8 - The Best Hyper-Fibre Broadband Plan

If you're looking for the absolute fastest speeds New Zealand has to offer, fibre max and ultra-fast broadband plans won't cut it. You'll need a hyper-fibre plan, and Orcon is one of NZ's top hyper-fibre broadband providers.

Orcon's HyperFibre 8 gives you speeds of up to 7,700/7,200 Mbps with unlimited data downloads and a free Orcon modem (NZ $14.95 for postage).

At NZ $274.95/month, the HyperFibre 8 is more expensive than most NZ fibre broadband plans but offers incomparable speed and reliability. It's only available with a fixed 12-month contract, and if you cancel early, you'll have to pay an NZ $250 exit fee.

Main Features of Orcon's Fibre Broadband Plan

• Gigabit fibre with average speeds of 7,700/7,200 Mbps

• Unlimited broadband

• Free Orcon modem

• Fixed 12-month contract (NZ $250 early termination fee)

Pricing: NZ $274.95/month


Is Fibre Broadband For You?

It depends on your internet needs and your budget. Fibre broadband plans are the way to go if you're interested in speed.

These plans are faster and more consistent than standard copper lines since distance does not affect them. Except for hyper-fibre, they're also around the same price as ADSL broadband and wireless broadband.

With fibre broadband plans, you'd be paying nearly the same price but getting faster and more consistent internet unaffected by environmental factors.

However, you should check if fibre is available at your address before contacting your local company. You can use Glimp's Fibre Checker to find out in seconds. If you can't install fibre, consider rural broadband plans as an alternative.

For Kiwis on a tight budget who still want the best broadband deal possible, check out these affordable fibre and no-contract broadband plans.


Fibre Broadband in NZ - FAQs

How Fast Is ADSL Broadband?

ADSL broadband gives moderate download speeds of up to 24Mbps and upload speeds of 1Mbps, but these speeds can still vary depending on many factors. It's not the fastest option on the market, but it should still be sufficient for basic web browsing, email, and social media use.

Is VDSL Broadband Faster than ADSL?

Yes. Depending on the line quality, VDSL can deliver download speeds of up to 70Mbps and upload speeds of up to 10Mbps. There are other factors, like the distance from your home to the line cabinet and the copper cables' condition, but overall, VDSL offers faster broadband speeds.

How Fast Are Fibre Broadband Speeds in NZ?

It depends on the type of fibre broadband connection you choose.

Ultra Fibre 100 can easily deliver 100Mbps download speeds with around 20Mbps upload speeds. If you need more power, you can opt for fibre max or hyper-fibre broadband plans, which reach over 8,000 Mbps.

The actual speeds will be affected by different factors like your modem and computer technology. You can use Glimp's speed checker to test your internet connection.

How Does Fibre Broadband Installation Work?

It depends on whether you need a standard installation or a non-standard installation.

Usually, your local fibre company will send a technician for a standard installation. They typically set up the fibre capable from the street to your home, connecting the ETP (outside terminal) and ONT (home terminal).

Next, the technician checks the quality of your fibre service before disconnecting your copper or wireless broadband connection. Non-standard installation is done when your house is more than 200m away from the fibre access point, and your provider will explain the steps and costs involved, which vary from home to home. 

Does New Zealand have Fibre broadband?

Yes. There are a number of cost-effective fibre broadband deals NZ offers.

New Zealand has expanded its fibre broadband infrastructure through the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) project which provides high-speed internet across the country.

Check out the article above to find out the best fibre broadband deals that perfectly fit your needs!

How do I get fibre internet in New Zealand?

Choose an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is available in your area and inquire about their fibre broadband deals. Some of the popular ISPs in New Zealand include Spark, Vodafone, Orcon, Slingshot, OneNZ, and others.

Compare their plans, prices, and customer reviews to find the one that suits your needs. Once you have decided, reach out to your chosen ISP either through their website or by calling their customer service.

What is Fibre broadband?

The fibre broadband NZ has is a type of high-speed internet connection that uses fibre optic cables to transmit data.

It is distinct from other common types of broadband connections, such as DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and cable internet.

It is considered superior to DSL and cable internet due to its unmatched speed, low latency, reliability, and future-proofing capabilities.

Fibre broadband provides a robust and high-performance internet connection, particularly for users with demanding online needs and businesses that rely on fast, dependable connectivity.

Is fibre free in NZ?

Free installation is available depending on what you chose from the fibre broadband deals presented above.

Plan inclusions vary from one internet service provider to another.

Compare Broadband plans now.

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