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Here at glimp, we’ll get you connected to the best deals – our service makes the process faster, easier and cheaper! When you need to compare mobile plan services, we’ll help you find the right mobile plan by letting you know exactly what’s available in the market.

Our wide range of deals from NZ’s most trusted mobile plan providers covers the entire country, whether you’re located in a bustling city centre or quiet rural Aotearoa. Take a look for yourself and get the best and cheapest mobile plans NZ.

No matter what your mobile plan requirements are – whether that’s prepay or an open term plan – we’ll show you the best and latest mobile plans currently on offer. Our mobile plan comparison tool gives you tailored recommendations that are guaranteed to save you time, effort and money. Best of all – it’s 100% free!

Easy-to-Use Mobile Plan Comparison

Choosing the perfect mobile plan has never been easier with our easy-to-use filtering software. We understand that every family or household has different needs, and that you want to find the best plan that gives you exactly what you want. And it’s a given that you don’t want to pay for service you’re not getting, or worse, pay for service you don’t even need!

With glimp, it’s easy to compare mobile plan providers; it will help you free up wasted costs, as well as get you the cheapest mobile plans NZ that perfectly matches your lifestyle.

We filter our mobile phone plans according to type, including prepay, postpaid, and open term. Simply choose whether or not you want unlimited data or unlimited calling, and then whether you prefer a plan with the most data or lowest cost.

Our tool will then show you the cheapest mobile plans NZ relevant to your choices from different mobile plan providers. This makes it easy to compare suitable plans according to features like cost, data allowance, contract and other expenses such as setup or termination costs. With glimp – it’s that easy!

We help everyday Kiwis just like yourself get the most out of their mobile phone plans. Now it’s your turn to compare mobile plans and save today at glimp!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have the option for unlimited texting?

Absolutely! But do you need it? You have to ask yourself if texting is your preferred way of communication. If so, then it’s a must to get the unlimited texting option in your mobile plan.

How much data is included each month?

It depends on your mobile internet consumption. If you use it for heavy tasks like downloading or streaming, you may need a higher data limit per month, or an unlimited plan. If you only use it for social media, then you may not need as much data. Make sure you choose a plan that best matches your internet usage, so you can keep costs down.

Is a mobile pack the best option for me?

If you’re looking to replace your mobile phone, this option is perfect for you. Along with getting a new phone, you can also get a plan customised to your mobile needs. However, if you’re not looking to replace your mobile, it’s unlikely you’ll need this option.

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