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We’ve become the “calculator” in the term “mortgage calculator NZ”! We understand all your worries when it comes to home loans, so we’ve made it easy for you to compare various home loan options here at Glimp.

Glimp allows you to easily find and compare mortgage rates. We have the best mortgage calculator for comparing NZ’s leading mortgage providers, and it shows all of the fairest and most reasonable rates.

Our mortgage calculator compares the rates firsthand, giving Kiwis an overview of all the latest mortgage rates. With our mortgage comparison, we can be the starting point of your journey towards buying your dream house.

Factors to consider in applying for a mortgage

Applying for a mortgage isn’t as hard as you may think, as. NZ banks have made sure that Kiwis can borrow and make repayments easily. Most banks in NZ have a mortgage calculator on their websites, which are intended for fixed-term interests. It gives an overview of the interest rates, monthly repayment, and terms.

Glimp, meanwhile, also has a mortgage calculator - however, this mortgage calculator comes with a side-by-side comparison of the best mortgage rates from all the different banks.

In your homeownership journey, it’s essential to learn the basics of mortgage computation. It will help you get a clearer idea of how the rates are computed. Don’t let the numbers worry you, as computing the mortgage rate is simpler than you think.

Factor 1: Home loan

The first thing to consider is the amount to be loaned. Downpayment, principal, interest rate, and monthly repayment depends on how much you want to borrow in the first place.

Factor 2: Interest rate

The second factor is the interest rate - this is where banks get the honey. Interest rates vary per bank, and term. The general idea, however, behind interest rates is this: the longer the terms, the higher the interest rate. Some banks in New Zealand are flexible in terms of the interest rates. The Co-operative Bank, for instance, offers a Step Saver account that concentrates on the deposit. As you save more, you are then advised to transfer to a term deposit with higher interest. The Co-operative Bank also offers First Home Loans, which is backed by the New Zealand government.

Considering the interest rate is important when borrowing money. You might see it as a small percentage increase in what you have to pay - especially when broken down in months. However, look at it on the overall picture and you’ll see more clearly - the longer the term, the higher you pay. The most advisable method is to make a significant downpayment to have a smaller monthly repayment amount.

Glimp compares these interest rates and helps you see the wider picture, a.k.a. “the grand scheme” behind the best mortgage rates. You can also read what we have to say about saving for home loans: 5 tips to help you pay your mortgage off before you know it.

Factor 3: Term

The third factor to consider is the term. “Term” indicates how long you will be paying for the home loan. Your mortgage amount will highly depend on how long you’ll take to make monthly repayments. Banks and lenders in New Zealand usually offer a fixed term rate of six months to five years.

Examples of fixed mortgage rates

To give you an overview on how a fixed rate mortgage works, here are some scenarios:

Fast repayment

HSBC allows you to have a fixed term interest rate that ranges from six months to five years - this gives the security of knowing exactly what you will have to repay over the period of time you’ve chosen. Six months has an interest rate of 2.95% and the interest climbs higher with a longer term. Five years amounts to an interest rate of 2.99% - this is the percentage added to your monthly repayment.

HSBC requires either a home loan minimum of $500,000, or a minimum savings and/or investment of $100,000. Monthly repayment depends on the term and the amount that you’ve borrowed. Aside from fixed rate, HSBC also offers other home loan options such as floating rates and split loans. If you prefer a faster repayment, then this option can work for you.

First-Time Homeowners

The Co-operative Bank, meanwhile, allows you to make a deposit for as low as 10%. It provides low equity options that tie to both KiwiSaver and First Home Loan. In a usual scheme, a 20% deposit of the house price is required. For six months, the interest rate is 2.69%. A term of four years, meanwhile, has an interest rate of 3.19%. The Co-operative Bank also provides other options aside from fixed rate, including floating home loans and revolving credit home loans. Meanwhile, the low equity options suit the needs of first-time home buyers.

Different house buyers have different needs and preferences, and that’s why Glimp helps you to compare best mortgage rates. We can be the starting point of your dream house journey, and start you off on the right foot!

Our mortgage calculator is a pro in the mortgage calculator NZ nomenclature. It’s always accessible, and you can check out the latest mortgage rates whenever you please - even while sipping your afternoon tea.

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