QuayStreet KiwiSaver Scheme

QuayStreet KiwiSaver Scheme provides a range of investment options for Kiwis to ensure everyone can choose a fund that best suits their needs. The funds are actively managed by a team of experienced specialists who aim to provide investment returns above client expectations. Investment risks are managed across various market conditions to assure Kiwis that their money is always in the right place.

QuayStreet KiwiSaver offers Diversified, Sector, and Speciality Funds with specific investment strategies and risk levels. They’re designed according to investment needs and time frames. Their funds invest in different assets, geographic markets, and investment strategies. You can minimize your tax and make the most of your returns because all their funds are registered as Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs) where your tax is based on your Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR), with a maximum rate of 28%.

Head over to our comparison page and view all 10 QuayStreet KiwiSaver funds to see which one best suits your investment needs.

QuayStreet KiwiSaver Scheme

Why choose QuayStreet KiwiSaver Scheme?

With QuayStreet KiwiSaver, you get online investment services to help you manage your savings. You can assess your risk profile to understand your own tolerance for risks. Managing your KiwiSaver can be done through the Client Portal, and viewing fund updates can be accessed in the Investor Hub. You can apply online and will only need your IRD number and a valid NZ passport or driver’s licence. If you want to switch to QuayStreet KiwiSaver, glimp can help you too!

Active investment starting at $100

You can start investing at $100 to a lump sum of $1,000 per month — there are various options. QuayStreet KiwiSaver is favorable for most types of investors because of their active investment strategy—they act quickly and avoid having issues with liquidity. To ensure good investment returns, diversification and selecting stocks with good growth are their priorities.

QuayStreet KiwiSaver’s Managed Funds NZ- Fees, Returns, Scheme

Diversified Funds

Investment funds are spread in different assets such as fixed interest investments, shares, cash, and bonds.

 Funds and target investment mix:

  • Conservative fund - 60% NZ fixed interest 
  • Balanced fund - 60% equities, 30% NZ fixed interest 
  • Growth fund - 5% cash, 15% NZ fixed interest, 80% equities

Sector Funds

Investment funds target geographic markets and particular industries commonly structured as exchange traded funds (ETFs)

Funds and target investment mix:

  • Fixed interest fund - 100% NZ fixed interest
  • NZ equity fund - 100% NZ equity 
  • Australian equity fund - 100% Australian equity
  • International equity fund - 100% international equity

Specialty Funds

Investment funds are placed on specific sectors of the economy or a particular group within a sector.

Funds and target investment mix:

  • Income fund - 70% NZ fixed interest
  • Socially responsible investment fund - 60% equities
  • Altum fund - 100% Australian equity (investment in shares that are believed to have a strong outlook)