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Funeral Insurance in NZ

Talking about death isn’t easy. It’s not something that we think about on a daily basis, as it can be a very uncomfortable thought. However, life moves in unexpected directions, and unfortunately some people find their time unceremoniously cut short by unexpected circumstances. Funeral insurance helps plan for these types of situations, should they ever arise.

Funeral insurance is also known as ‘burial insurance’ or ‘preneed insurance’. It’s designed to cover the costs of the policy holder’s burial or cremation. Funerals, after all, can cost several thousand dollars depending on the factors involved. A funeral insurance policy can help families deal with the financial burden that arises after a sudden departure. It covers the costs of expenses such as funeral home services, church services, and even funeral merchandise.

A funeral insurance plan can also offer protection against inflation with insurers constantly researching and checking the market for funeral-related services. With funeral expenses rising every year, it’s best to plan ahead by taking out an insurance policy. At glimp, funeral insurance comparison in NZ is made easy, and we’ll help you find the best deal for your needs in just a few minutes.

Funeral insurance vs. life insurance

Just by the sound of it, and the fact that both policies are designed to help your loved ones cope with your untimely passing, funeral insurance sometimes appears to overlap with life insurance. However, both policies have distinct differences from each other:

Life insurance is a broader category of insurance that covers many kinds of expenses. It’s often treated as a long-term investment, with a swathe of different options available depending on your needs. Life insurance is meant to provide for your family’s needs by ensuring there is enough money for them to use to settle any debts or pay for other expenses.

On the other hand, funeral insurance is meant to cover the costs of your burial as well as other end-of-life expenses, such as outstanding medical bills and even credit card debt. It’s meant for short-term expenses, so it’s usually given as a lump sum payment. It can be a bit limiting in terms of what it offers when you compare it with life insurance, but given how costly funeral expenses can be, it can still be very helpful.

Ultimately, both insurances can offer you the peace of mind of knowing that your family is able to financially cope with your passing, allowing them to sort out any final affairs you may have lingering around.

How does funeral insurance comparison work?

Here at glimp, our comparison tool is designed to save you the time in browsing different insurance websites and having to take note of every detail and cost included. Here’s why comparing policies with glimp is made more convenient than ever:

Quick and easy to use

Much like funeral costs, taking note of every policy out there can be very time-consuming. So, to help Kiwis find the best funeral insurance plans in NZ, we’ve streamlined the whole process into one page; saving you time and effort.

Find your best deal, free of charge

Funeral insurance is meant to help your loved ones deal with financial strain upon your passing. As such, we’ve kept our tool 100% free to use, in order to help you with your own search.

Get your tailored results

With such a wide range of coverage options out there, not all insurance policies will meet your needs and budget. You can save yourself the effort of sifting through them and leave the hard work to us! Simply provide us with your details and we can filter out any incompatible plans, leaving you with only the best options for your consideration.

Start saving on your funeral insurance premiums

Through our funeral insurance comparison, it’s possible to reap big savings by making the switch to a more cost-efficient policy that better fits your budget. Find a better deal here at glimp today!

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