CareSaver KiwiSaver

CareSaver prides themselves on being an ethical investor who puts your money only in companies who make a difference in the world by being environmentally and socially responsible. By investing with CareSaver, you can save money for your retirement; at the same time, you make a positive impact on society. CareSaver KiwisSaver also donates 20% of their earnings to a charity of your selection.

There are three kinds of funds in the CareSaver scheme — conservative, growth, and balanced funds. Each fund can suit particular needs. In choosing, you need to consider your age and risk tolerance as well as the number of years you can save up for your retirement or your first home. 

If you think you’re in the wrong fund, it’s not too late to make a switch today. Compare KiwiSaver funds with glimp and see how much you can save.

CareSaver kiwisaver

Why choose CareSaver KiwiSaver Scheme?

Aside from ethical investing, joining CareSaver KiwiSaver is easy and fast. You can enrol in CareSaver in around two minutes. All you need to do is sign up online, provide your NZ photo ID and a proof of address, and CareSaver will process your application. If you’re switching to CareSaver, you also need to provide your IRD number and your PIR rate. 

Although you can expect NZ and overseas share prices to affect your investment, you can gain favorable returns on the long term as CareSaver practices active management.

Avoiding harmful investments

CareSaver avoids investing in tobacco, factory farming, fossil fuels, civilian weapons, animal testing, gambling, adult entertainment, and other controversial and potentially harmful industries. You’re investing in and contributing to a brighter future for you, your family, and the rest of society.

CareSaver KiwiSaver Funds NZ- Fees, Returns, Scheme

Growth Fund

This fund type has the highest risk level above others. This invests largely in growth assets but returns are also expected to be higher. And that’s why the suggested time frame for this is a minimum of 10 years. A management fee of 1.25% p.a. applies. 


  • 80% growth assets
  • 20% income assets

Balanced Fund

A medium risk is taken with a balanced fund that invests equally in growth and income assets. The recommended time frame is 3-10 years since it’s less likely to be affected by market fluctuations with a management fee of 1.10% p.a. 


  • 60% growth assets
  • 40% income assets

Conservative Fund

The conservative fund is for investors who are expected to take out their funds within the next 3 years. This involves the lowest risk above other CareSaver KiwiSaver funds and the least to be affected by market fluctuations. A management fee of 0.80% p.a. Applies.


  • 20% growth assets
  • 80% income assets