3 Best No-Contract Broadband Deals NZ Compared (2023)

No-contract broadband plans are a flexible and affordable way for Kiwis to enjoy broadband services. They come with most of the benefits of regular broadband plans but with the freedom to cancel at any time without strings attached.

At Glimp, we've researched the latest no-contract broadband plans in New Zealand and the best deals to cover your every need.

Let's find the best no-contract broadband plan for you now!



The Best No-Contract Broadband Plans

Here are New Zealand's top no-contract broadband deals by leading internet providers.

2Degrees No-Contract Broadband Plans

2Degrees offers fixed- and open-term plans, including wireless, VDSL, ADSL, and fibre broadband. Both are similar in terms of pricing, but with the no-contract broadband plans, you'll need to pay for:

  • Modem (Router): NZ $199 + NZ $15 postage fees (or BYO modem)
  • Installation fee: NZ $99

Here's the breakdown of 2Degrees' open-term contract plans:

Plan Monthly data limit Speed (download/upload) Monthly Price
300 Wireless 4G 300 Unspecified (depends on coverage) $55
Fibre Starter Unlimited 50/10 Mbps $60
Unlimited Fibre Unlimited 299/108Mbps $92
Ultimate Unlimited Fibre Unlimited 883/498Mbps $109


  • 300GB Wireless 4G Plan: Gives you 4G speeds (depending on your coverage) and comes with a 300 GB data cap. This plan costs NZ $55/month.
  • Fibre Starter Plan: Offers unlimited fibre broadband with speeds of 50/10Mbps. It costs NZ $60/month.
  • Unlimited Fibre Plan: Comes with unlimited data plan speeds up to 299/108Mbp. This plan costs NZ $92/month.
  • Ultimate Unlimited Plan: Provides unlimited fibre max speeds of up to 883/498Mbps with a monthly cost of NZ $109.

If you own a 2Degrees mobile plan, you can get NZ $10 off any of these open-term contract plans. For a better understanding of 2degrees' services and performance, you can also see 2degrees review for feedback from their customers.



Spark No-Contract Broadband Plans

Spark is one of New Zealand's top broadband providers offering affordable, open-term contract plans. Spark's broadband plans have nearly the same monthly price as fixed-term contracts without any strings attached.

However, there are a few extra costs you'll need to pay upfront, such as:

Modem: NZ $150, or you can BYO
Installation Fee: NZ $99

Here's a breakdown of Spark's no-contract plans:

Plan Name Monthly Data Limit Speed (download/upload) Monthly Price

Basic Wireless 40GB

40GB Up to 27/17 Mbps $45
Lite Wireless 120GB 120GB Up to 27/17 Mbps $55
Everyday Wireless Unlimited Up to 27 Mbps $60
Everyday Wireless Plus Unlimited Up to 27 Mbps $65
Max Wireless Plus Unlimited Unlimited 5G $85
Everyday Fibre Unlimited Up to 50/10 Mbps $75
Essential Fibre Unlimited Up to 316/108 Mbps $85
Max Fibre Unlimited Up to 892/498 Mbps  $100
Essential Fibre Plus Unlimited Up to 316/108 Mbps $90
Max Fibre Plus Unlimited Up to 892/498 Mbps $105


Spark's Wireless Broadband Plans

  • Basic Wireless 40GB: Gives 4G speeds of up to 27/17 Mbps with a 40GB data cap. This plan costs NZ $45/month.
  • Lite Wireless 120GB: Gives the same 4G speeds with a 120GB data cap and an NZ $55 monthly cost.
  • Everyday Wireless: Unlimited 4G wireless speeds up to 27 Mbps at NZ $60 monthly.
  • Everyday Wireless Plus: Same as the Everyday Wireless plan but includes a free Netflix Standard subscription (worth NZ $18.49/month) and free McAfee Standard Security (NZ $4.95/month). This plan costs NZ $65/month.
  • Max Wireless Plus: Unlimited 5G wireless internet plan with free Netflix and McAfee subscriptions. This plan costs NZ $85/month.

Spark's Fibre Plans

  • Everyday Fibre: Offers speeds up to 50/10 Mbps with unlimited data usage for NZ $75/month.
  • Essential Fibre: Ultra-fast speeds up to 316/108 Mbps and unlimited data for NZ $85/month.
  • Max Fibre: Unlimited max-fibre with speeds reaching 892/498 Mbps for NZ $100/month.
  • Essential Fibre Plus: Like the Essential Fibre plan plus free Netflix and McAfee subscriptions for NZ $90/month.
  • Max Fibre Plus: Max Fibre plan with free Netflix and McAfee subscriptions for NZ $105/month.  If you're interested in learning more about Spark's wireless and fibre plans, you can explore Spark review before making your decision.


Skinny No-Contract Broadband Plans

Skinny offers both open and fixed-term contracts with the same monthly cost. However, fixed-term contracts include benefits like a free modem, 1-4 months of free broadband, and more.

If you're interested in Skinny's no-contract broadband plans, here are a few additional costs you'll need to pay upfront:

  • Modem: NZ $199 (for wireless plans) or NZ $99 (for fibre plans) + $10 shipping fee
  • Installation Fees: NZ $49

Here's a breakdown of Skinny's no-contract plans:


Monthly data limit

Speed (download/upload)

Monthly Price
60GB Wireless Plan 60GB

Up to 27 Mbps

120GB Wireless Plan 120GB Up to 27 Mbps $50
Unlimited Wireless Plan Unlimited Up to 27 Mbps $55
VDSL/ADSL Plan Unlimited Up to 33 Mbps $73
Ultra Fast Fibre Plan Unlimited Up to 316 Mbps $75
Fibre Max Plan Unlimited Up to 892 Mbps $90


  • 60GB Wireless Plan: 4G speeds of up to 27 Mbps with a 60GB data cap for NZ $45/month
  • 120GB Wireless Plan: Same speeds but with 120GB data allowance for NZ $50/month
  • Unlimited Wireless Plan: Unlimited 4G data for NZ $55/month
  • VDSL/ADSL Plan: Unlimited data with speeds of up to 33 Mbps for NZ $73/month
  • Ultra Fast Fibre Plan: Unlimited fibre with speeds up to 316 Mbps for NZ $75/month
  • Fibre Max Plan: Unlimited fibre max connection with speeds up to 892 Mbps for NZ $90/month

Existing Skinny monthly mobile plan customers can get an additional NZ $10 off their open-term plan. For more detail, you can read Skinny review before making your decision.

What Are Open-Term Broadband Plans?

Open-term broadband plans are internet plans that require no contract and no credit check. Providers ask for details like your name, address, and billing info before setting up your plan.

These plans from no-credit-check internet providers are generally a good option for people who want flexibility and minimal commitment to their internet plan.

Is A No-Contract Broadband Plan Right For You?

If you're always travelling, consider a plan that doesn't require commitment. Unlike fixed-contract broadband deals, open-term plans allow travellers, renters, and students to use their internet whenever they need and cancel it anytime.

Some internet service providers might need one month's notice before cancelling, but they won't charge you for the rest of your contract.

With an open-term plan, you don't need to worry about termination fees (break fees), which can go up to NZ $250, depending on the time left in a fixed contract.

Some of these flexible plans are a bit more expensive, but you'll save money if you're not using the internet most of the year.

No-Contract Broadband Plan: Connection Types

Despite other differences, most broadband providers offer the same internet speeds and connection types for fixed and open-term contracts.

Here are the types of internet connections you can get with a no-contract plan:

  • Ultra Fast Fibre: Fibre broadband deals offer the fastest speed and highest reliability, although it is much more expensive than typical copper ones. However, you should check if you can get fibre first since some areas of New Zealand aren't covered.
  • ADSL Broadband: This is a standard copper-based broadband connection. While VDSL and fibre optic cabling are generally considered better options, this should still be adequate for everyday browsing.
  • VDSL Broadband: This is a faster form of ADSL and an excellent alternative if fibre is unavailable in your area. If you prefer landline broadband plans, VDSL is a great choice.
  • Wireless Broadband: This internet plan is delivered over 3G, 4G, or 5G networks. While 5G isn't readily available nationwide yet, you should get a good no-contract 4G broadband in most areas.
  • Satellite Broadband: Some broadband providers offer satellite internet plans and rural broadband connections to Kiwis in remote areas.

Benefits of a No-Contract Deal

No-contract broadband deals come with several perks. Here are a few reasons to consider this type of broadband plan:

You Can Cancel Your Broadband Services Any Time

There's no hassle if you no longer need your no-contract data plan or want to change providers.

Just call your broadband provider and ask them to cancel the plan. You won't have to go through complicated paperwork or procedures.

Easy Upgrades or Downgrades

Let's say you sign up for a 200GB or 500GB broadband plan but don't hit the limit. You'll probably regret the higher internet cost with all the unused leftover data. In this case, the only way to save money is to downgrade.

However, if you do that, some internet providers might consider this a breach of contract. With a no-contract plan, you don't need to worry about any of this. You can upgrade or downgrade your broadband plan whenever you like.

No Early Termination Fees

With open-term plans, you don't need to pay an early termination fee, which often costs at least a few hundred dollars. A no-contract plan can save you money on a tight budget.

Things to Keep in Mind with No-Contract Broadband Plans

No-contract broadband plans offer flexibility with minimal liability and strings attached. However, you should keep a few issues in mind before signing.

No-contract plans usually have upfront fees and expenses that are waived with fixed-term plans. They also lack benefits like free Netflix or Prime Video subscriptions, signing credit, and gift cards.

No-Contract Plan Fees

Most no-contract broadband plans carry a lot more fees than other plans. Keep these costs in mind when you compare plans:

  • Activation Fee: This is also known as a setup fee and is paid whenever you join a provider for the first time.
  • Casual Plan Fee: Some providers offer "casual plans" and charge you a "casual plan fee", although the top providers in NZ have stopped doing this.
  • Installation Fee: Depending on the type of broadband connection and installation requirements, you might need to pay a fee for the installation work. It usually ranges from NZ $49 to NZ $199.
  • Modem Charge: While most contract-based plans offer a free modem when you sign up, you might have to buy a new one or rent a modem with a no-contract broadband plan. Of course, you can still use any compatible modems you already have.
  • Additional Data: While not a fee per se, you might be paying for additional data when you choose a plan with a data cap that isn't enough for your needs. Fixed-term contracts, on the other hand, usually come with unlimited data allowances.

No Bundled Services

Some broadband providers offer broadband and power deals allowing you to bundle power, gas, and other utilities into one bill. This often comes with an NZ $5-20 discount on your broadband plan, saving you money and making it easier to manage your bills.

However, this is usually only available for fixed-term contracts.

Before deciding between open and fixed contacts, use a broadband comparison tool like Glimp to pick the best features, benefits, and prices to suit your needs.


No Contract Broadband NZ FAQ

How Fast Are No-Contract Broadband Plans?

It depends on your provider and your connection type. Fibre broadband is the fastest option, giving you average speeds of up to 950Mbps on more expensive plans. Wireless 4G and 5G plans are also fast, ranging from 25 to 250 Mbps, but they depend on your network coverage.

VDSL can give you around 70Mbps download speeds and 30Mbps upload speeds, which should be good if fibre is unavailable. Finally, ADSL provides 24Mbps download speeds and upload speeds of 1Mbps. You can use Glimp's Broadband Speed Test to determine your current internet speed for comparison.

Do I Still Get Customer Support With No-Contract Broadband Plans?

Yes. While most providers prioritize long-term and fixed-contract customers, you'll still get the same level of customer support with a no-contract broadband plan.

The broadband providers we mentioned above, Skinny, Spark, and 2Degrees, are known for their highly professional, New Zealand-based customer service. Most satisfied customers eventually consider switching to a fixed-term contract or bundling broadband with other services.

How Can I Get Internet Without a Phone Line NZ?

Not necessarily. Many providers offer naked broadband plans that don't require a landline, such as fibre, wireless, and satellite broadband connections. However, if you prefer VDSL or ADSL, you'll likely need a phone line for these copper-based connections.

Most providers allow you to add a landline to your open-term contract for a small additional fee (around NZ $10/month).

What Is the Best No-Contract Broadband Provider?

Since no-contract plans don't usually include benefits, you'll find that most broadband providers offer similar plans. However, Skinny, 2Degrees, and Spark are especially loved by Kiwis for their reliable, high-speed no-contract broadband.

How Do I Choose a No-Contract Plan?

The first step is to choose the speed you want based on your online activities and the number of devices in your household. This will determine the type of connection you need, whether fibre, wireless, VDSL/ADSL, or satellite. For example, gamers would benefit from ultra-fast, low-latency fibre connections.

The next step is to pick an internet provider that offers no-contract broadband plans. You can go with any of the ones mentioned above or use Glimp's broadband compare website to compare them against other deals.

Are No-Contract Broadband Plans Expensive?

No-contract broadband plans are typically the same price as open-term plans or very close. However, you'll probably pay a few one-time upfront costs that can make your total expenses a bit higher. It depends on how long you'll be committed to your plan.

If you're on a tight budget, check out NZ's most affordable broadband plans.

Can you get the internet without a contract?

Yes, it is possible to access internet services in New Zealand without committing to a contract. Numerous providers in the country offer broadband plans that do not require a contractual commitment. These broadband plans typically operate on a month-to-month basis, granting you the flexibility to change or terminate your service at your convenience without incurring any termination fees.