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No credit check mobile plans — as the name suggests — don’t require checking of your credit history before letting you purchase a plan. Also referred to as no contract mobile plans, these are perfect for avoiding bill shock, penalties, and strict terms, which may limit the flexibility of your mobile deal.

No credit check mobile phone plans are also popular amongst those with a bad credit history or no credit history at all. As you pay for the full amount of your mobile plan upfront, mobile providers don’t need to check your credit score and financial capability to pay monthly. This is a great choice for Kiwis who struggle financially to still get mobile services, especially as mobile phones have become an essential part of everyday life.

If you don’t want to be tied down with the financial responsibility of paying for your mobile plan each month, then you should get a no credit check mobile plan! To select the best one that fits your needs, make sure to get tailored results using our mobile comparison tool at glimp.

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What are the benefits of getting a no credit check mobile plan?

No monthly financial commitment

The great thing about a no credit check mobile plan is having no monthly financial responsibility! Although it may require you to pay a hefty price upfront, it’s a good compromise as you won’t have to worry about shelling out money every month.

If you’re planning to get a no credit check mobile phone from an NZ provider, you may also have to pay the full amount for the phone as well. You may have to consider this if you have the money to purchase this upfront. Otherwise, you can use your existing phone to save costs.

Take advantage of pay-as-you-go plan

Also known as a prepay mobile plan – this plan gives you full control over your calling minutes, texts, and data each month. If you can afford to get more data this month, then you can get more of it. If you can’t afford it next month, then you may have to settle for limited data.

What’s great about this is you also have a choice to top up your plan in the middle of the month! If you acquired money for additional calling minutes, then simply contact your provider to get one for you. If you want your mobile plan to fit exactly your needs, then you should consider signing up for a no credit check mobile phone plan.

No late fees, termination fees, or penalties

Having no contract means that you also don’t have to pay late fees, termination fees, or hidden penalties! A no credit check mobile plan gives you the flexibility to cancel or change your deal anytime, if you see a better one that gives you value for money.

If you happen to purchase a no credit check mobile phone in NZ, you can also rest assured that your phone is completely yours no matter what happens. Even if you cancel or change providers, you can take your mobile phone with you as it’s already fully paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are no credit check mobile plans expensive?

Upfront, yes. They’re more expensive compared to other mobile plans as you have to pay the full amount. However, if you add up the costs from other plan types in the long run, there’s not much difference with the costs – with some no credit check mobile plans ending up cheaper.

How can I save from my no credit check mobile phone plan?

If you want to lower the costs of your no credit check mobile plan, you may want to join a family plan. By joining one, you can appoint someone with a good credit history that your mobile provider will run a credit check on. You can simply pay your share to that person according to your agreement – meaning that you won’t have to pay the full amount upfront. 

Which NZ mobile providers offer no credit check mobile phone plans?

Luckily, there are plenty of NZ mobile providers that offer no credit check mobile phone plans. If you want to purchase or switch to one, you may use our mobile comparison tool here at glimp to get tailored results.

Should I get a no credit check mobile plan?

Ultimately, it depends on your needs. If you don’t want to have monthly payments or have a bad credit score, then you should get this for you. However, if you can’t pay upfront and don’t have the financial capability to pay the full amount in one go, then this isn’t for you. 

If you choose to get this plan, make sure to lower costs by getting big discounts using our mobile comparison tool at glimp.

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