SuperEasy KiwiSaver

SuperEasy KiwiSaver was established in 2007, and today they provide one of the easiest ways for Kiwis to invest in their future. Aggressive, balanced, conservative, growth, and automatic funds are all types of funds offered in SuperEasy KiwiSaver. You can live out your life while they do the grit on your investment! In particular, SuperEasy highlights the automatic fund wherein your account is reviewed monthly, in order to reassess your investment strategy continually. This keeps you not only updated about your money, but it also helps to maintain good returns. 

In an automatic fund, your funds have exposure to higher investment risks and market volatility in the early stages of your investment while you’re working for your funds, so that your funds can reap higher returns in the future when you retire. It aligns to your expected life cycle and allows you to become more aggressive in investing while you have the opportunity. 

If you’re saving for your retirement, SuperEasy KiwiSaver is one of the best schemes that can secure your future. To ensure that it’s the best scheme for you, compare it with plans from other KiwiSaver providers. Invest in your future today!

supereasy kiwisaver scheme

Why enrol with SuperEasy KiwiSaver?

Finding a KiwiSaver scheme that will adjust to your expected life cycle, from employment to retirement, isn’t simple. To make it even more difficult, you can never be sure about the situation you’ll be in and if things will go your way. 

Luckily, SuperEasy offers a range of fund types that are suited for different personal situations and financial goals. While different funds are suited to the expected life cycle, they're also flexible enough to take into consideration financial hardships, first home buying, and other situations in need of fund withdrawals. Your investment strategy will also be reviewed regularly to make sure that you’re in the right direction.

Medium risk investment for automatic fund

Because it takes higher risks while you’re at your prime to make contributions, your funds are able to grow in the long-run. It takes advantage of your younger years so that life can be comfortable when you’re retiring. The risk factor for SuperEasy’s automatic fund, which aligns to your personal situation, is 4 or “medium”, which means your funds are exposed to income assets and growth funds with an investment strategy that’s assessed regularly. 

If you don’t want an automatic fund and would like a more traditional approach, there are other options to choose from, including aggressive, balanced, conservative, and growth funds.

SuperEasy KiwiSaver NZ - Fees, Returns, Scheme

Fees and charges

Like other KiwiSaver providers, SuperEasy charges annual and management fees in order to maintain your account. As of May 2020, the base management fee has been reduced from 0.50% p.a. to 0.44% p.a., along with a monthly administration fee of $4.50 and in-fund costs for as low as 0.03%, depending on the fund type. SuperEasy KiwiSaver doesn’t have any agent commissions, switching or joining fees.

SuperEasy KiwiSaver investment

SuperEasy KiwiSaver invests overseas equities, property, New Zealand fixed interest securities, and cash. The aggressive fund allocates over 90.0% and the conservative with only 20.0%. in growth assets, particularly in equities and global listed property. Their aggressive fund is the riskiest investment that SuperEasy have to offer, while the conservative is the least risky.