ANZ KiwiSaver Scheme

The ANZ KiwiSaver scheme is one of the most proven schemes for KiwiSaver in New Zealand. They have proactive and disciplined management alongside years of experience to make your money work harder for you. ANZ also offer some great services for first home buyers, so if you’re looking at using your KiwiSaver to get on the property ladder, then ANZ could offer some great advice to get you set up.

ANZ also make it as easy as possible for you to manage your KiwiSaver. You can track and manage it online through internet banking - by logging into your online ANZ KiwiSaver account, or on their GoMoney app. They also have a myriad of branches that extend all up and down the country, you can go anywhere and talk to an expert on KiwiSaver to work out what will work best for you. Use Glimp’s KiwiSaver comparison to search through the different funds and KiwiSaver rates available to you.

anz kiwisaver scheme

Why choose an ANZ KiwiSaver Scheme?

ANZ have some great experience and tools available to help you make the right decisions regarding your KiwiSaver. You can seek financial advice from any of the financial advisers who you can call, email or meet in one of their branches. You can also make use of the risk profile tool on the ANZ website to help get a sense of where your money should be going. Still unsure if ANZ will be the right provider for you? You can compare KiwiSaver providers to get you on track.

ANZ KiwiSaver Fees

As with all KiwiSaver providers,  ANZ KiwiSaver fees vary among the different funds available. The cash fund has the cheapest annual fees, while the fees increase with the more aggressive funds. The growth fund being the most aggressive fund, has the highest fees at 1.09%. With ANZ, there are no performance fees that will be charged, despite their funds being actively managed.

ANZ’s Lifetime options

ANZ offer a lifetime plan where they’ll automatically change the fund your money is in based on your age. This follows the philosophy that when you are younger you can afford to take bigger risks and bounce back from any potential losses. Once you get a little bit older and your fund is almost big enough for you to retire on, it’ll be best to just maintain what you have and not risk losing any of it. You can switch in and out of the lifetime plan option whenever you want to.

Types of ANZ KiwiSaver Funds NZ - Fees, Returns, Scheme

ANZ offer just 6 types of KiwiSaver funds, but this is still enough to offer something for everyone. These funds are cash, conservative, conservative balanced, balanced, balanced growth, and growth. They vary based on their ratio of income assets (cash or cash equivalents and fixed interest) or growth assets (Property, equities or listed infrastructure).


The cash fund is the most defensive KiwiSaver option available as part of ANZ’s KiwiSaver scheme. This fund is made up of 100% income assets. For the cash fund, they don’t even use the fixed interest income assets, it’s all cash and cash equivalents that generate interest. The cash equivalents issued are all issued by the New Zealand government or New Zealand registered banks. This is a great option for those just about to buy their first home using KiwiSaver or those who are about to use their KiwiSaver to retire. This fund has a 0.27% annual fee.


The conservative fund is slightly more risky than the cash fund, but it’s mostly still made up of income assets, which now include fixed interest assets. The conservative fund is a very safe and stable option which has a ratio of 20% growth assets and 80% income assets. This fund has a 0.87% annual fee.

Conservative Balanced

For those who think the conservative fund is potentially a little restrictive, the conservative balanced fund slightly turns up the risk and potential reward. With a ratio of 35% growth assets and 65% income assets, there’s a majority of the safer assets in this fund. There’s also now a good chance that you can see some real gains from your growth assets. This fund has an annual fee of 0.94%.


This fund is exactly the middle of the road, with 50% growth assets and 50% income assets. If you want even KiwiSaver gains, the steadiness of the income assets and the potentially large rewards from the growth assets, then this is the right fund. This fund has an annual fee of 0.99%.

Balanced Growth

The balanced growth fund offered by ANZ is the second most risky fund available. The ratio shifts to 65% growth assets and 35% income assets. To break it down further, 55% goes towards equities, 7.5% towards listed property and 2.5% towards other listed infrastructure. This is a great option for those who are just starting the long KiwiSaver process. The annual fee for this fund is 1.04%.


This fund offers the highest returns, but you also face the potential for the most significant losses. The growth fund is 80% growth and 20% income assets, so there’s still a little bit of security in this fund. The percentage of equities increases to 68% and listed property increases to 9% and listed infrastructure goes up to 3%. For incomes assets, the breakdown is 16% fixed interest and 4% cash or cash equivalents.