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Compare the Best Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Companies in NZ

As a handy policy that can help out when a critical car component breaks down, glimp has taken the time and effort to gather the best mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) providers in NZ.

Our free MBI comparison platform will help you find the best policy within your budget and needs!

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autosure mbi nz

Autosure Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Protect your vehicle with Autosure’s mechanical breakdown insurance policy. By working with their preferred repair shops, you reduce the costs of repair as opposed to going back to the dealership. They even offer allowances for towing and car hire fees as an added benefit.

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autolife mbi nz

Autolife Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Autolife offers fast and easy mechanical breakdown insurance applications, allowing users to get the benefit of a simplified process from start to finish. Autolife also responds quickly to requests and claims. 96% of these claims are paid within 14 days for a faster turnaround time.

They are also a fully owned and operated subsidiary of Beneficial Limited, a licensed insurer for car insurance products, so you know you can trust their products and services.

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provident mbi nz

Provident Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Headquartered in Takapuna, Auckland, Provident serves most of the major cities across the country. Their mechanical breakdown policy is a reliable choice as they’ve been in the insurance business for 100 years. They provide top-notch policies and services that comply with the Fair Insurance Code.

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aa mbi nz

AA Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Ran into an unexpected problem with your vehicle’s mechanical or electrical parts? AA offers good car mechanical breakdown insurance, which is also available for used vehicles. This protects your vehicle from unforeseen mechanical issues provided they fall under the policy inclusions.

Get your car parts fixed or restored while enjoying the flexibility of your coverage term.

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NZVF Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

New Zealand Vehicle Finance (NZVF) offers reputable mechanical and electrical breakdown insurance for your vehicle, making them a great choice for worry-free driving. Their terms tend to be quite long as well, offering good protection for up to 4 years. Now you won’t have to shoulder the repair costs for any unexpected damage when your car or its parts break down.

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janssen mbi nz

Janssen Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Janssen has provided worry-free driving for more than 25 years, thanks to its competent mechanical breakdown insurance policies and wide range of insurance product offerings. Their policies can help you avoid and deal with sudden expensive repairs, allowing you to get back on the road without spending too much time or money. They also make the extra effort to have their process be streamlined and stress-free, saving you the hassle.

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avanti mbi nz

Avanti Finance Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Having received the Equifax Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award at the Financial Services Federation 2019 awards ceremony, Avanti has proven itself well in the realm of insurance products, allowing them to expand its services such as Avanti Finance Mechanical Breakdown Insurance.

Their great value premiums allow them to be one of NZ’s largest MBI distributors, and a solid choice for an MBI policy.

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state mbi nz

State Insurance NZ Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Having assisted customers with their insurance and finance needs for over a century, State has now expanded its services to include Mechanical Breakdown Insurance. If your car insurance policy is under State Insurance, you can add the option of covering your vehicle in the event of unexpected mechanical or electrical damage.

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quest mbi nz

Quest Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

As a Kiwi-owned and operated insurance company, Quest focuses on providing premium services and products to entities like investment firms, finance brokers, and motor vehicle retailers. Quest moves quickly and efficiently, saving you the hassle of a complicated process for Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, while also providing additional benefits that go above and beyond the standard offering

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beneficial mbi nz

Beneficial Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Founded in 2002, Beneficial Insurance Limited provides reliable insurance products that are more than capable of meeting the needs of their main customer base. They include Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, Guaranteed Finance Protection (GFP), and Consumer Credit Indemnity (CCI). With their MBI coverage, you can be sure your vehicle is protected from unexpected damage and huge expense.

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stadium mbi nz

Stadium Cars Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Stadium Cars offer a wide range of products that you can easily add to your current agreement. One coverage that can greatly benefit you is their Mechanical Breakdown Insurance. This protects your vehicle from sudden, unexpected damages.

If you find it difficult to obtain a good policy, you can always contact their team of experts across Canterbury for assistance. Expect competitive coverage for your chosen plan.

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