KiwiSaver Conservative Fund NZ

The KiwiSaver conservative fund is great for those who want a safe fund that grows. The conservative fund is predominantly safe cash assets (bank deposits and fixed interest investments), but there is still a small percentage of higher risk assets (property and shares). This means there’s still space for growth and most of the assets are safe so there’s very little risk.

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KiwiSaver Conservative Fund NZ

What is a Conservative Fund?

The conservative fund for KiwiSaver is a great option for people who want to be cautious with the money they’re investing for their retirement. There’s a chance to grow your investment with the high growth assets (property and shares), and any losses will be mitigated by the safe cash assets (bank deposits and fixed interest investments). This is a common fund for Kiwis when they enroll into KiwiSaver with a default provider. If you think that a conservative fund is right for you, you can compare KiwiSaver schemes.

Why choose a KiwiSaver Conservative Fund?

If you’re the risk avoiding type, it’s best to carefully plan a monetary strategy that includes the conservative fund. The conservative fund offers security, since it has such a large percentage of safe cash assets and a small percentage of high growth assets.

How much risk do you take with a Conservative Fund?

The conservative fund has the lowest risk among other KiwiSaver schemes because the cash fund is the only fund available. Safe cash assets comprise the Conservative Fund, but there’s a small percentage of the fund set aside for slightly higher risk investments like property or shares. You’ll still receive employer and government contributions as well.