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Rural Wireless Broadband Providers in NZ

If you live in a remote community, you know that rural internet is not always as fast and reliable as you want it to be. With this, the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) was created to tackle the  problem. 

The RBI is a partnership with the government, Chorus, and Vodafone, to bring faster broadband to rural areas. Its primary aim is to get download speeds of at least 5Mpbs to more than 90% of homes and businesses outside urban areas.

For Chorus, they aim to use the RBI to get fibre to rural schools, medical facilities, and libraries, as well as rural businesses and households. As fibre isn't always an option - mainly due to distance - they have installed over 1,200 fibre-fed cabinets that deliver fixed-line broadband access to around 57% of rural New Zealand.

Unlimited rural broadband gives fast broadband connections to residential, commercial and industrial customers in rural areas. It provides fast, easy to use, wireless broadband to areas that have limited or no-fixed broadband coverage.

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lightwire satellite broadband nz

About Lightwire Broadband

Lightwire Internet is a strong choice for people looking for fast internet connectivity capable of closing the rural connectivity gap. This enables them to provide great internet services to over 8,000 households across Waikato and Bay of Plenty without compromising on speed, great service that comes with free installation, reliable uptime, local support, and unlimited data.

Why choose Lightwire NZ

  • Lightwire Internet provides unlimited off-peak data allowance alongside an on-peak data allowance. This allows you to be more flexible when it comes to your internet use, ensuring you have more than enough data for large software updates or crucial data downloads.
  • Easily switch between plans to match your data needs via your customer portal! This easily lets you adjust to a plan that works for your specific monthly data needs. Upgrades take effect immediately, while downgrades take effect the first day of the following month.
  • Simply plug in your phone to the provided router and get unlimited calls to NZ and Australian landlines for only $19.95 a month, with no variable charges. Now, you can talk to your friends and family as much as you want!

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blue door rural broadband nz

About Blue Door

Blue Door aims to bring fast and reliable wireless broadband to customers, businesses, community groups, and farms in rural New Zealand. This gives rural Kiwis the opportunity to work, play, and do more on the internet efficiently. Blue Door prides themselves on being a 100% Kiwi-owned rural internet provider. At their forefront is a team who makes sure that you get the best internet service for your home or business.

With a focus on bringing back good old fashioned customer service, Blue Door have made their company easy to contact with their 0800 number. Their services are delivered from their own Data Center (Hub) located in Auckland CBD, with several access points from Vector, CityLink, Vodafone and Chorus.

Why choose Blue Door?

  • Blue Door have their own high-speed wireless network located in their local and regional stations, which promises fast and reliable broadband speeds across rural NZ.
  • Blue Door provides you with an efficient broadband solution for all needs, whether it be for your home or commercial area.
  • Blue Door have multiple service locations throughout NZ, to ensure that they are always one call away.
  • Blue Door upskills their local team to give you free technical over-the-phone assistance.

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farmside rural broadband nz

About Farmside

Farmside is New Zealand's leading rural internet company. They provide rural and provincial Kiwis with access to the telecommunication services they need to improve productivity, save time and enjoy a better lifestyle. 

While most urban New Zealanders can access broadband through fixed home lines, those who live and work outside the city can experience difficulties with broadband access and performance due to the physical limitations of their local copper infrastructure. Farmside have overcome this barrier by developing a reliable rural internet network that spans throughout the entire country. They offer broadband access to all rural and provincial dwellers, regardless of distance from an urban centre, isolated location, or challenging topography.

Why Choose Farmside?

  • Farmside includes a wide range of services, including rural ADSL and VDSL broadband, RBI wireless broadband, fibre broadband, satellite broadband, home line, mobile and more! 
  • Farmside jointly markets broadband packages in partnership with rural co-operatives and suppliers such as Farmlands, Farm Source, PGG Wrightson and Ruralco. They can easily charge any Farmside services to your supply account to help consolidate bills into one easy payment.
  • Farmside is at the forefront of the Rural Broadband Initiative led by the government, which aims to deliver the fastest broadband to rural households across New Zealand.
  • Farmside has a head office in Timaru and a network of New Zealand-based staff and contractors throughout the country.

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netspeed rural broadband nz

About NetSpeed

Netspeed is a passionate team of locally-based franchise dealers, dedicated to fast and reliable broadband services to rural communities in New Zealand. Since establishment in 2003, their focus has been on providing wireless broadband business, web design and hosting for different clients – ranging from large enterprises to households.

Netspeed offers wireless 3G and 4G broadband connections suited to both home and commercial establishments - regardless of whether it’s urban or rural. Through Netspeed, rural Kiwis can easily gain access to their internet services. They also continually expand their offerings for fibre broadband services throughout NZ.

Why choose Netspeed?

  • Netspeed has fast, effective and reliable products and services, which gives great value for money
  • Netspeed provides plain English explanations and easy to understand solutions, so New Zealanders will be more encouraged to use the internet.
  • Netspeed aims to provide simple solutions even for the hardest internet issues, as they firmly believe that simplicity is the best policy.

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spark rural broadband nz

About Spark Rural Broadband

Spark extends their first-class services into rural communities by offering comprehensive Rural Wireless Broadband. As expected from Spark, this connection is a fast broadband service for residential customers in rural areas. It connects your household or business directly to one of their 4G wireless network connections. For New Zealanders in remote areas, this means that they can have a quality internet connection with fast and reliable speeds.

Spark knows that landlines are still commonly used in rural New Zealand, which is why they offer a bundled plan with a home line. For customers who don’t use landline often, they also offer the cheapest naked broadband plans across rural communities throughout the country.

Why Choose Spark? 

  • Spark covers a vast area of rural New Zealand, wherein they offer the fastest 4G wireless speed ahead of the competition. 
  • Spark rural internet plans give Kiwis options in paying for their broadband services. This gives their customers plenty of options to choose from, so they can select whichever best fits their needs.
  • Spark plans also include discounts, freebies as well as data credits; all without the surprise of unexpected additional charges.

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vodafone rural broadband nz

About Vodafone Rural Broadband

Vodafone Rural Broadband delivers a number of great solutions to rural communities. Since they already have an established network, they offer one of the fastest and most stable internet speeds across New Zealand. Vodafone is also part of Rural Connectivity Group, which is expected to boost connectivity in rural communities. 

Vodafone services over 30, 500 households, with 67% coverage for ultra-fast speeds for mobile. By 2022, they are expecting these numbers to double, further integrating New Zealand to the world of the internet.

Why Choose Vodafone? (H3)

  • Vodafone’s continuously improving technology allows for signals to be delivered to areas where no previous coverage was recorded. 
  • Vodafone sees the value of agriculture in New Zealand’s economy as it delivers over  $14 billion to the country’s GDP. This allows them to support farmers by providing them soil and water management through the internet.
  • Vodafone Rural Connect is dedicated to supporting rural New Zealand, shortening the gap between the urban and rural divide, thus creating a successful economic future.

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wirelessnation rural broadband nz

About Wireless Nation

Wireless Nation is an innovative rural internet service provider that provides fast broadband access even to the most remote communities in New Zealand. Regardless of your location – whether that be a nice flat in Auckland CBD or  in the heart of the Chatham Islands  – there is a broadband plan that they can offer you. Their team are truly committed to delivering the best broadband solutions and exceptional customer service, no matter where you are.Founded on their core values - trust, passion, communication, and collaboration - Wireless Nation are steadily growing to be one of the best rural internet service providers in New Zealand.

Why Choose Wireless Nation?

  • Wireless Nation doesn’t see remoteness, needing internet access to a large area, or line of sight issues as hurdles, but rather challenges to overcome. This is why they strive to provide New Zealanders with comprehensive yet simple broadband solutions.
  • Wireless Nation is backed by an experienced team, specializing in technical concerns, so Kiwis can always contact them for any issues. They also provide customised solutions that work to perfectly match each individual’s needs.

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altra rural broadband nz

About Alta Internet Rural Broadband

ltra Internet are a rural broadband provider, focusing on providing broadband services in Akaroa and Banks Peninsula areas in Canterbury. They have residential and business broadband plans to ensure that Kiwis are getting something that matches their internet needs.

Altra Internet have over ten years of experience, giving Kiwis a trusted alternative in their broadband options. They pride themselves on doing honest business, charging only a minimum amount on top of their basic broadband plans.

Why choose Altra Internet?

  • Altra Internet offer a wide range of tech services on top of their broadband plans to ensure that you get the best connection in your area.
  • Altra Internet value your feedback and comments, giving you the choice to directly contact their director, Dave Edwards.
  • Altra Internet offer extra data blocks so you never have to worry about getting over your data cap.

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amuri rural broadband nz

About Amuri.Net Rural Broadband

Amuri.Net mainly offer their affordable and high-quality broadband plans in Canterbury. On top of these excellent deals, they also offer diversified tech services including webmail, server hosting, and backup connectivity. Best of all, they keep their plans simple so you can skip paying for unnecessary extras.

Amuri.Net have great coverage, especially for a region with rough terrain like Canterbury. This ensures you a fast and reliable connection wherever you are. As a part of the RBI, they also offer personalised broadband plans for remote households and businesses.

Why choose Amuri.Net?

  • Amuri.Net extend the coverage in Waimakariri and the Hurunui districts in North Canterbury – known to be some of the most remote parts in NZ.
  • Amuri.Net have excellent customer services on all their communications lines such as landline, social media sites, and email.
  • Amuri.Net value your freedom, giving you the option to cancel or change your plan anytime without paying hefty charges.

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aonet rural broadband nz

About Aonet Rural Broadband

Aonet are a rural internet provider based in Hawke’s Bay, Eskridge Farm Park, Paritu and Matarua Farm Park, and the Ruapehu District. They’re a ‘community-focused’ provider, offering fibre broadband, copper connections like ADSL and VDSL, and unlimited wireless broadband.

Aonet have built over 125 radio sites across the country to ensure that you can connect to the internet whether you’re at home, farm, or bach. They specialise in connecting rural areas in North Island to fast and reliable broadband, with a strong focus on making changes to the way Kiwis connect to the internet.

Why choose Aonet?

  • Aonet have affordable broadband plans, costing as low as $75 a month with no contracts, no joining fees, no data caps, and no termination fees.
  • Aonet are an award-winning broadband provider, earning the award of ‘Wireless Internet Service Provider for the King Country in 2017.’
  • Aonet internet plans don’t come with plenty of bells and whistles, so you can achieve flexibility and affordability in your broadband.

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connecta rural broadband nz

About Connecta Rural Broadband

Connecta have been in the industry for over 15 years, thanks to their specialised wireless rural internet services throughout New Zealand. They’re under Compass Communications, allowing them to offer flexible and affordable broadband plans in remote locations across NZ.

Connecta utilise the licenced broadband frequencies to lower the costs of their wireless offerings. Because of this strategy, their internet plans cost as low as $114 per month – which is amongst the lowest compared to other leading rural providers in the country!

Why choose Connecta?

  • Connecta have uninterrupted and stable coverage anywhere in NZ, perfect if you plan to travel constantly on your campervan.
  • Connecta have a reliable customer service team with an in-house wireless broadband specialist to get your concerns resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Connecta charge honestly, ridding your plan of any hidden charges so you can enjoy a reliable, consistent, and cost-effective internet.

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countrynet rural broadband nz

About Countrynet Rural Broadband

Countrynet have a strong focus on improving rural broadband in the Southern Lakes and Central Otago districts in the South Island. They specialise in long-range wireless technology, which is able to connect rural communities 50kms away from the broadband tower.

Countrynet equip their broadband plans with security features like a firewall and optional content filtering features. This is on top of the robust speeds of their broadband plans up to 50Mbps! It should be more than enough for plenty even for heavy streaming, playing, and downloading.

Why choose Countrynet?

  • Countrynet are always ready to connect you to the internet even if you’re located outside their area of coverage.
  • Countrynet go the extra mile to get you access to the internet– even building a broadband tower 1,800 metres above sea level at Walter Peak.
  • Countrynet offer simple broadband plans, stripping the costs to become one of the cheapest offerings in rural NZ at $49 to $199 a month.

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evolution rural broadband nz

About Evolution Networks Rural Broadband

Evolution Networks – locally known as Evonet – are a rural broadband provider based in the Eastern Bay of Plenty region. They’re 100% Kiwi owned and operated, with services in over 20 major town centres in the region, including Pikowai, Whakatane, and Kutarere.

Evolution Networks offer a wide range of broadband plans – fibre, VDSL, and 4G networks – so you can always choose the best one for you. They offer one of the fastest internet speeds in rural North Island, topping at 100Mbps in selected areas.

Why choose Evolution Networks?

  • Evolution Networks partner with 2Talk to bundle their broadband plans with VoIP services to both homes and businesses.
  • Evolution Networks fully employ Kiwis, so you’re also helping the local livelihood by patronising their broadband plans.
  • Evolution Networks broadband plans have no-frills, and they’d rather focus on improving their current network.

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primo rural broadband nz

About Primo Rural Broadband

Primo are an innovative rural broadband provider, mainly offering their services in Taranaki. They’re 100% Kiwi owned and operated, with their PrimoWireless being a specialised local network used to connect rural homes, businesses, and schools throughout the region.

Primo have only been established in 2008, but they’ve grown to expand their offers through 3G and 4G mobile technology. Because of their continuing mission to help rural Kiwis connect to ultra-fast broadband, they’ve also become a part of RBI.

Why choose Primo?

  • Primo have great coverage throughout Taranaki, with some areas having ultra-fast fibre broadband services.
  • Primo are easy to contact whether online or offline, earning them the award as the Best Rural Service Provider by TUANZ in 2018.
  • Primo internet plans are loaded with benefits such as high-speed router, SuperGold, and more.

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uber group rural broadband nz

About Uber Group Rural Broadband

Uber Group are a rural broadband provider with a strong focus on improving rural broadband services in Northland. Although they’ve only started in 2003, they are now able to connect in over 4,000 households and businesses across the region.

Uber Group have over 150 transmission sites, which are utilised to cover 80% of the land in Northland. They’ve also expanded their internet offerings to include fibre broadband services in Whangarei by 2011.

Why choose Uber Group?

  • Uber Group rely on the line of sight, meaning that you’ll only be serviced if you can see one of their transmission sites.
  • Uber Group ensure a reliable infrastructure that can withstand heavy rains and strong winds, natural disasters like earthquakes, and other factors such as corrosion.
  • Uber Group have an online portal that lets you take full control and management of your payment history, billing, or account inclusions.

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ultimate rural broadband nz

About Ultimate Rural Broadband

Ultimate Broadband aim to connect rural Canterbury to fast and reliable internet services. They partner with other broadband providers in the region to extend their coverage in Banks Peninsula, Selwyn, Ashburton, Timaru, Mackenzie, Waimate and the Waitaki Districts.

As Ultimate Broadband became a part of the RBI in 2017, they’re able to service a growing customer base through the networks of Enable, Chorus, and EA. They have internet plans for your homes and businesses, so you can always get something that fits your needs.

Why choose Ultimate?

  • Ultimate Broadband can deliver speeds, averaging around 25-30Mbps for only $69 to $205 a month.
  • Ultimate Broadband have an on-call customer service team, available even after work hours, weekends, and public holidays.
  • Ultimate Broadband offer big discounts through their referral program, deducting  $25 off of your account and your friend’s first billing statement.

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wizwireless rural broadband nz

About WIZwireless Rural Broadband

WIZwireless focus on providing fast and reliable internet solutions in Masterton. They’re a world-class rural internet provider, developing a region-wide network to deliver broadband in the most rural and remote communities in the Wairarapa and Tararua districts.

With these efforts to shorten the urban and rural broadband gap, they’ve earned the NZI Rural Women New Zealand Business Awards 2018 for Innovation category, the TUANZ Innovation Broadband Rural Award and the Computerworld Excellence Awards in Use of Mobile, Wireless and Telecommunications Category in 2007.

Why choose WIZwireless?

  • WIZwireless provide extra data bundles, costing only $8 for 10GB or $100 for 1TB to ensure that you’ll never run out of data.
  • WIZwireless pride themselves with a customer service team that’s able to resolve issues or broadband faults within 24 hours.
  • WIZwireless keep on innovating to ensure that you get plans with plenty of useful features like a free static IP address and an upgraded router.

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origin wireless rural broadband nz

About Origin Wireless

Origin Wireless delivers reliable wireless connection across rural locations in the East Coast and Northern Hawkes Bay for schools, homes, businesses and farmlands. They offer the best services for reasonable costs with wireless plans that Kiwis will enjoy. They’re accessible in the following areas: Opotiki, Otara, Waiotahi, Ohiwa, Wainui, Ohope, Torere, Tirohanga and in other districts in Poverty Bay. 

Why choose Origin Wireless?

  • Origin Wireless operates on their purpose-built transmitters to connect to a wider coverage area.
  • Origin provides excellent customer support to rural users for any of their broadband needs. 
  • Origin’s wireless plans aim to make faster online banking transactions to make easy and seamless digital payments.

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rex networks rural broadband nz

About RexNetworks

RexNetworks offers their high-speed broadband to all rural customers across New Zealand. They put the interest of customers above all else and aim to connect them to a trusted internet connectivity for their daily activities and operations. They offer wireless broadband to single users, households and businesses for a reasonable price. 

Why choose RexNetworks

  • RexNetworks promises a high-speed broadband access for fibre and wireless connections 
  • RexNetworks, as a rural internet provider, also offers ADSL and VDSL as well as Fibre for urban locations that are reached by their network. 
  • RexNetworks provides a free modem when customers choose a DSL plan that’s is available for a fixed-term of 12 months.

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taylor rural broadband nz

About Taylor Broadband

Taylor Broadband is a local telecommunications company in New Zealand that provides broadband and telephone services through their purpose-built rural microwave network that covers about 150 square kilometres of coverage in rural communities across Hawkes Bay. They make their products cost-effective and a customer service openly accessible to give Kiwi customers better internet support and improved satellite and cellular solutions. 

Why choose Taylor Broadband

  • Taylor Broadband is customer-focused and gives fast response for any broadband concerns.
  • Taylor Broadband has its own infrastructure that delivers strong broadband connectivity across its coverage 
  • Taylor Broadband works closely with neighbourhoods and local organisations for broadband installations.

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wheronet rural broadband nz

About WheroNet Rural

WheroNet NZ is a rural broadband provider that offers rural communities in Pukekohe, Port Waikato, Te Kauwhata, and Waikato's inner districts strong and reliable wireless connectivity. WheroNet is based in Onewhero in North Island, where most homes and local shops don’t have access to the internet. They offer exclusive services that are open to nearby households and businesses, ensuring that a fast broadband connection is finally within reach. 

Why choose WheroNet Rural?

  • WheroNet developed an innovative software to monitor its own network connection and detect problems beforehand 
  • WheroNet conducts creative installations for reasonable costs. 
  • WheroNet Rural is straightforward about their terms and conditions.

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wifi connect rural broadband nz

About WiFi Connect

WiFi Connect is a rural broadband provider with major projects in the East Coast of North Island where they partnered with Tolaga Bay Area School to bring wireless internet to more local communities and businesses in the area.They’ve worked with several rural institutions and organisations to connect nearby homes for their everyday operations and access to digital platforms for their banking, shopping and social media. 

Why choose WiFi Connect 

  • WiFi Connect is open for creative and innovative installations with the cooperation of rural communities 
  • WiFi Connect offers affordable wireless that can be subscribed to on a weekly or monthly basis. 
  • WiFi Connect responds fast to internet concerns by its Kiwi customers in remote areas.

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wireless dynamics rural broadband nz

About Wireless Dynamics

Wireless Dynamics is a trusted rural broadband provider based in Te Kuiti that offers fast and stable wireless internet to Kiwi homes, businesses, and farmlands in King Country NZ. They have a selection of wireless plans that are affordable and reliable in delivering seamless connectivity rain or shine — ensuring customers a more enjoyable internet experience without delay. 

Why choose Wireless Dynamics

  • Wireless Dynamics offers an adjustable data cap feature to accord to the customer's budget and requirements.
  • Wireless Dynamics is part of NZ’s ultrafast broadband initiative for remote areas.
  • Wireless Dynamics provides excellent customer support for broadband issues, installation and other concerns.

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yrless rural broadband nz

About Yrless Internet

Yrless Internet has been offering fast rural broadband in Southland and Otago since 2011. Their founders who are rural folks themselves have developed internet service and solutions to help fellow farmers, workers and households to easily access the internet. Today, Yrless Internet is enjoyed by over 1,500 Kiwi customers ranging from homes, businesses as well as farmlands.  

Why choose Yrless Internet 

  • Yrless Internet comes with Antivirus protection so you can enjoy using the internet without worrying about malware and software viruses
  • Yrless offers offsite data backup for rural businesses and personal data
  • Yrless Internet provides a team of specialists to guide you through navigating your wireless broadband

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zeland wireless rural broadband nz

About Zelan Broadband

Zelan Internet is New Zealand's rural wireless internet provider that delivers strong and reliable broadband in Hokitika, Greymouth, Reefton, and Westport. They have a range of suitable plans for Kiwis internet needs from casual browsing, emailing, and down to watching short clips online, which are 50 times more reliable than a dial-up connection.

Why choose Zelan Broadband 

  • Zelan Broadband brings cable-les connectivity to homes, businesses and other establishments for their wireless internet. 
  • Zelan is accessible for small and big businesses in remote areas primarily in coastal areas 
  • Zelan Broadband offers rural and RBI plans to accommodate all residents in rural NZ.

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blue door rural broadband nz

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