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Before the RBI (Rural Broadband Initiative), few remote areas in New Zealand had access to rural internet. Today, thanks to a partnership between the government, Chorus, and Vodafone, 90% of rural households and businesses have speeds of 5Mbps or higher.

At Glimp, we've researched the top rural broadband deals in New Zealand to help you choose the best price, network coverage, and broadband connection for you!

Check out the latest rural internet deals from the best broadband providers in NZ below!


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Top 3 Rural Broadband Plans and Providers NZ

There are over 50 rural broadband providers in New Zealand. However, these three offer some of the best features and excellent broadband plans at affordable prices.

1. Spark Rural Internet NZ

With spark rural broadband you have multiple rural wireless plan options to enjoy first-class internet services in rural areas.

It also gives you a phone line with your internet plan without purchasing a landline broadband plan since many rural communities in New Zealand still use a landline for calls.

If you don't need one, opt for the naked broadband plans, which save you a few extra bucks. You can also see spark broadband reviews before making your decision.

Spark's Rural Plans:

  • Rural Wireless/Landline 60GB Plan: 60GB data limit for NZ $95.99/month.
  • Naked 200GB Plan: 200GB data limit for NZ $95.99/month.
  • Rural Wireless/Landline 200GB Plan: 200GB data limit for NZ $105.99/month.
  • Naked 350GB Plan: 350GB data limit for NZ $155.99/month.
  • Rural Wireless/Landline 350GB Plan: 350GB data limit for NZ $165.99/month.

Spark Rural Broadband Plans Best Features

  • Excellent network coverage in New Zealand, delivering fast 4G wireless speeds ahead of the competition.
  • Multiple payment options
  • Lots of discounts and freebies like gift cards and streaming subscriptions for long-term customers


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2. Wireless Nation Broadband

Wireless Nation offers consistent high-speed internet thanks to its long-range fixed wireless towers. These provide extended coverage to areas where fibre networks and copper connections can't reach you.

Wireless Nation is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing rural internet service providers in New Zealand. You can check out Wireless Nation review to explore customer reviews and experiences with their internet services.

Wireless Nation Rural Plans:

  • Wireless 300GB Plan: 4G internet speeds with a 300GB data cap for NZ $129.90/month.
  • Unlimited Plan: Unlimited 4G internet for NZ $149.90/month.

Wireless Nation Best Features

  • Plug-and-play options for rural customers; You can receive wireless signals from Wireless Nation straight to your modem without installing an antenna on your roof
  • 3,000+ wireless towers ensure a high level of coverage


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3. Farmside Unlimited Wireless Broadband

Farmside has developed a reliable rural internet network that spans the entire country, allowing rural homes to access these plans easily.

It provides stable, high-quality rural internet access to isolated locations and areas with challenging topography.

Farmside Rural Plans:

  • RBI Wireless Broadband 200GB plan: 200GB data limit and 4G internet speeds for NZ $95.99/month.
  • RBI Wireless Broadband 400GB plan: 400GB data limit and 4G internet speeds for NZ $125.99/month.

Farmside Best Features

  • Services include rural ADSL and VDSL broadband, RBI wireless broadband, fibre broadband, satellite broadband, home lines, mobile plans, and more!
  • Farmside also offers broadband packages in partnership with rural co-operatives and suppliers like Farmlands, Farm Source, PGG Wrightson, and Ruralco. It can help consolidate your bills into one easy payment.

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Other Rural Wireless Broadband Providers in NZ Worth Checking Out

Here are a few other top-level broadband providers that offer rural internet plans and services.


NetSpeed Wireless Broadband Service

NetSpeed offers 3G and 4G wireless broadband connections in New Zealand for home and commercial purposes.

Its fibre broadband services and wireless connections have helped hundreds of businesses with banking transactions, web design, and hosting services.

Netspeed Wireless Broadband Best Features

  • Speed remains the same even with multiple devices connected
  • Excellent coverage reaching many rural New Zealand areas

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Lightwire Rural Broadband

Lightwire Internet provides strong rural broadband and fast internet to over 8,000 households across Waikato and the Bay of Plenty.

It offers fast wireless connections with unlimited data and almost fibre-level connectivity.

Lightwire Internet NZ Best Features

  • Unlimited off-peak data and on-peak data allowance
  • An intuitive customer portal that easily allows you to switch data plans and make upgrades and downgrades
  • Unlimited calls to NZ and Australian landlines for only $19.95 monthly with no variable charges


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Blue Door Wireless Broadband Service

Blue Door Internet focuses on bringing high-speed, reliable wireless broadband to rural customers, businesses, communities, and farmlands in New Zealand.

Blue Door's service is delivered from its own data centre in the Auckland Central Business District and relayed via CityLink, Chorus, Vector, and Vodafone towers. This guarantees world-class internet coverage.

Blue Door Best Features

  • Local and regional network stations to deliver fast broadband speeds across rural NZ efficiently
  • Home and commercial broadband plan options
  • Tech-savvy customer service team

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Altra Internet Rural Broadband

Altra Internet focuses on providing rural broadband internet to places like the Banks Peninsula and Akaroa areas in Canterbury.

It has over ten years of experience offering tech solutions and broadband options.

Altra Internet Broadband Best Features

  • Always open to feedback and invites customers to reach out directly if needed
  • Altra Internet offers additional data blocks, so you never have to worry about going over your initial data cap

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Amuri.Net Rural Wireless Broadband

Amuri.Net offers high-quality broadband plans in the Canterbury area, with excellent coverage despite the uneven terrain. It's accessible in the Hurunui and Waimakariri districts of North Canterbury.

Apart from internet, it also provides unique tech services, such as email domains, web server hosting, and online backups.

Amuri.Net Best Features

  • Excellent customer service, which you can contact via calls, social media, and email
  • Allows you to cancel anytime without paying termination fees

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Aonet 4G Rural Broadband NZ

Aonet is a rural broadband provider based in the Hawke's Bay, Ruapehu District, Paritu and Matarua Farm Park, and Eskridge Farm Park rural areas.

It provides fibre broadband, copper internet connections like ADSL and VDSL broadband, and unlimited rural wireless broadband in NZ. Aonet primarily specialises in helping rural areas in the North Island connect to fast and reliable internet.

Aonet Wireless Broadband Best Features

  • Affordable no-contract broadband plans start from NZ $75 a month without joining fees, data caps, or termination fees
  • Aonet received the award for ‘Best Wireless Internet Service Provider for the King Country in 2017'


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Connecta Wireless Broadband NZ

Connecta has offered flexible and affordable wireless broadband plans to remote locations and rural areas in New Zealand for over 15 years.

It utilises licensed broadband frequencies to make its broadband prices competitive, starting as low as NZ $114 per month.

Connecta Wireless Broadband Best Features

  • Connecta offers stable and uninterrupted coverage in NZ, making them a great wireless broadband option for travel
  • Broadband plans come with accurate estimates and no hidden charges


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Countrynet Rural Wireless Broadband

Countrynet provides robust rural broadband in the Central Otago and Southern Lakes districts. Its specialised wireless technology connects rural communities up to 50km from the broadband cell tower.

Its plans reach average speeds of 50Mbps and offer security features like firewalls and optional content filters.

Countrynet Best Features

  • Has a broadband tower 1,800 metres above sea level to improve access to internet services
  • Its broadband plans are simple, offering some of the cheapest rural broadband plans in New Zealand at NZ $49 to NZ $199 a month


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Evolution Networks Rural Broadband NZ

Evonet (Evolution Network) is a rural internet provider focusing on the Eastern Bay of Plenty region.

It offers a wide range of broadband plans, such as fibre, VDSL, and 4G coverage, giving customers an array of options based on their preferences.

Evolution Networks Best Features

  • You can bundle the broadband plans with 2Talk's VoIP services for a two-in-one solution for households and corporates
  • Robust broadband plans and lightning-fast speeds in rural North Island, reaching up to 100Mbps


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Primo Unlimited Wireless Broadband NZ

Primo rural broadband primarily operates in Taranaki.

As part of the Rural Broadband Initiative, the company expanded its broadband offers through 4G and 3G technologies.

Primo Wireless Broadband Plan Best Features

  • Primo has excellent coverage across Taranaki, with some areas having access to ultra-fast fibre broadband services
  • It earned the ‘Best Rural Service Provider' award by TUANZ in 2018
    Primo's rural internet plans have multiple benefits, such as a high-speed router, SuperGold, and more


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Uber Group Rural Broadband

Uber Group offers rural broadband services in Northland. Since 2003, it's provided over 4,000 households and corporates high-speed internet through rural broadband plans.

The company has over 150 transmission sites, servicing over 80% of Northland. It's recently started providing fibre broadband in Whangarei.

Uber Group Best Features

  • Uber Group relies on a line-of-sight policy with its broadband
  • The infrastructure can endure severe weather conditions like heavy rain, strong winds, and natural disasters like earthquakes
  • Its user-friendly website lets you easily manage and regulate your payment records, bills, and account features


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Ultimate Rural Broadband NZ

Ultimate Rural Broadband aims to connect rural Canterbury to stable and reliable internet. As part of the Rural Broadband Initiative since 2017, it can provide its services to a broader customer base through the networks of other broadband providers like Enable, Chorus, and EA.

By partnering with other providers, it's also extended its internet coverage in Selwyn, Mackenzie, Timaru, Banks Peninsula, Waimate, Ashburton and the Waitaki Districts.

Ultimate Rural Broadband Best Features

  • Ultimate Broadband delivers average speeds of around 25-30Mbps for only $69 to $205 monthly
    You can get significant discounts with Ultimate
  • Broadband through a referral program, deducting $25 off your account and your referred friends' bills


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WIZwireless Rural Broadband

WIZwireless provides fast and reliable internet solutions in Masterton. This elite rural internet provider constantly upgrades its service for faster, more reliable broadband in rural areas like the Tararua and Wairarapa districts.

WIZwireless Best Features

  • WIZwireless provides affordable extra data packages that cost only NZ $8 for 10GB and NZ $100 for 1TB, so you don't have to worry about going over your data cap
  • It offers valuable features like an optional static IP (free) and a router upgrade


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Origin Wireless Broadband

Origin Wireless is focused on delivering reliable wireless connections on the Northern Hawkes Bay and East Coast. Rural wireless plans are tailored towards helping schools, homes, businesses, and farmlands connect to high-speed internet.

These plans have excellent coverage in these areas: Opotiki, Waiotahi, Otara, Wainui, Ohiwa, Poverty Bay, Torere, Ohope, and Tirohanga.

Origin Wireless Best Features

  • Origin Wireless' purpose-built transmitters offer a wider coverage area
  • Excellent customer service


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RexNetworks offers lightning-fast wireless broadband to hundreds of rural customers across New Zealand, including single users, households, and businesses.

These plans are cost-effective and reasonably priced, making them an excellent choice.

RexNetworks Best Features

  • High-speed broadband access via fibre and wireless connections
  • One of few rural internet providers that also offer robust ADSL and VDSL connections
  • Free modem with 12-month fixed contacts


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Taylor Broadband

Taylor Broadband provides internet and phone services in New Zealand via a special microwave network.

This network covers about 150 km across different communities in Hawkes Bay, providing consistent internet in hard-to-reach areas.

Taylor Broadband Best Features

  • Robust network infrastructure with excellent cell coverage for lightning-fast internet speeds
  • Quick, hassle-free standard installation


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WheroNet rural broadband primarily covers rural communities in Port Waikato, Pukekohe, Waikato's inner districts, and Te Kauwhat.

It helps connect communities and local shops around the North Island that don't have access to wireless internet.

WheroNet Best Features

  • It offers an innovative software monitoring system for broadband connections, allowing them to stay on top of any possible problems
  • Its terms and conditions are straightforward, highlighting all the important details of your broadband deal before you sign


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WiFi Connect

WiFi Connect is a rural broadband provider with major projects on North Island's East Coast.

With the help of Tolaga Bay Area School, it's bringing wireless internet to more businesses and communities across the region.

WiFi Connect Best Features

WiFi Connect's wireless plans are more affordable than most rural broadband providers and allow you to pay weekly or monthly


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Wireless Dynamics

Wireless Dynamics is a rural broadband provider that delivers stable wireless internet to Kiwi homes, businesses, and farmlands in King Country, NZ.

Its wireless plans are affordable and reliable, delivering seamless connectivity.

Wireless Dynamics Best Features

  • Wireless Dynamics offers an adjustable data limit, allowing you to plan and improve your data limits based on your needs and preferences
  • Wireless Dynamics is part of NZ's ultra-fast broadband initiative for remote areas


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Yrless Internet

Yrless Internet has delivered high-speed rural broadband in Otago and Southland since 2011.

Today, over 1,500 Kiwi customers, homes, businesses, rural schools, and farmlands enjoy Yrless' internet services.

Yrless Internet Best Features

  • It offers free antivirus protection with its broadband plans
  • It provides offsite data backup for rural businesses and personal data


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Rural Wireless Broadband - FAQs

Is wireless internet good in rural areas?

Yes! Thanks to the partnership between the government, Chorus, and OneNZ, households and businesses in rural areas have access to rural internet up to 5Mbps and higher.

How can I get broadband in a rural area?

There are over ten internet service providers for rural areas in New Zealand. You can get a broadband available in your address depending on the availability of the internet service provider. Check out this list of latest rural internet deals to know more about subscribing to any broadband in your area.

What is 4G wireless broadband?

It stands for fourth-generation wireless technology. 5G wireless broadband is based on 4G, which is superior to 3G. You get to stream high-definition video and audio at standard download speeds. Also, it offers an option for you to access the internet without requiring for an ISP's fixed, wired connection.

What is 4G PnP?

"4G Plug and Play," or 4G PnP, means that you are in very good or outstanding One NZ 4G coverage and it doesn't require installation.

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