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Best TV Boxes in NZ

Having a TV box at home keeps boredom out of the window. There are various TV boxes in New Zealand today, but they don’t offer similar features. In fact, optimizing the specifications makes a big difference — a higher memory and RAM, for example, can make an android TV box in NZ good for streaming online movies, and a clearer sound and resolution can make it suitable for gaming. 

Companies are always competing through better specs and features. Often it can be overwhelming to browse online for the best android TV box that matches your preferences. A better way to select a smart TV box for you and your family is by comparing offers! glimp lets you do this for free, so head over to our comparison page and see the latest offers!

It’s important to know who makes your entertainment box. TV and online streaming providers can vary when it comes to their offers so it’s important to always compare your options. Here’s a list of TV box providers in NZ:

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trade me tv box nz

Trade Me

Trade Me is a trendsetter in online buying. Before they were established in March 1999, Kiwis weren’t used to purchasing products online, especially from stores they’ve never seen before. This changed when Trade Me launched a site that features preloved bargains. Today, they’re an internet auction website in New Zealand who cater to the needs of thousands daily. Over the years, they’ve developed into selling other products, including vehicles. 

Trade Me sells an Android TV box in NZ with the functionality of a smart TV so you can stream your favorite movies or TV shows online or watch them on your television. Trade Me’s smart TV box turns any television into your very own entertainment system! They also offer Chromecast TV boxes for simpler functions and Apple TV to access Apple Originals.

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xiaomi tv box nz


Xiaomi is a Beijing company that was founded in April 2010. They’ve expanded and explored the global market at a rapid rate by providing the widest range of technological products with the cheapest prices and the smoothest interfaces. They’ve grown also fast into popularity thanks to the compatibility of their products with most devices. 

A Xiaomi Android TV box in NZ has super fast transfer speeds which supports files sharing, downloading and transferring HD content, and connecting to WiFi and bluetooth-enabled devices. Xiaomi TV boxes have powerful performance that let you enjoy online streaming in high quality.

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vontar tv box nz


Vontar is one of the best stores where you can find affordable Android TV boxes. Because of this, they attract people from different walks of life. Today, they have a diverse pool of clients because of their wide international presence, e-commerce, and witty marketing efforts. 

Vontar’s smart TV boxes have the ability to store plenty of content and to run large applications, making them a great fit for gaming. What’s more, Vontar TV boxes aren’t difficult to install. Even tech-challenged newbies can operate them without the help of a technician. This makes Vontar TV boxes suitable for most people!

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dish tv box nz


DishTV crafts products based on what information they gather from customer insights. Because of this, you’ll surely find something interesting to watch and play on their TV boxes. They’re an innovative company who focuses on testing and designing new products according to new technological trends. DishTV makes sure that relaxing at home will never be boring with an entertainment system tailored to your preferences.

DishTV SmartVU Android TV Box in NZ lets you stream in 4k and HDR resolution and access to Freeview channels. Customizing your TV box is easy and convenient thanks to easy installation. Most apps are free and don’t require subscriptions. You can stream online for videos and music, and pay only for the subscriptions and packages you want.

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vodafone tv nz


Vodafone provides digital services to millions of Kiwis as their network covers 98.5% of where people and businesses in New Zealand are. They aspire to increase New Zealanders’ access to the best digital services around the world and that’s why they won’t settle for second-best when it comes to great customer service. 

Note: Vodafone TV is no longer available and is closing on 30 September 2022. Meanwhile, you can compare TV boxes using our glimp comparison tool and find the right plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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amazon fire tv nz

Amazon Fire

Amazon excels in using technology to continuously optimise their services which are used by millions of people everyday. They’re not only innovative but also feature the broadest range of products online, from home appliances to mobile phone accessories. They maintain a great reputation in providing durable and advanced devices that improve the quality of life in NZ. 

Amazon has one of the best Android TV boxes in NZ built with Alexa Voice Remote, Cloud storage for videos downloaded from Amazon, and access to Prime Video channels! You can stream over 500,000 movies in popular channels like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Apple TV, STARZ, and many more! Even the Amazon Fire TV Stick can rival other smart TV boxes thanks to its Quad-core 1.7 GHz processor. Stream endlessly and enjoy more with an Amazon TV box!

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smartbox tv nz


What makes SmartBox Entertainment unique compared to their competitors is their focus on making their TV boxes better. They strive to eliminate the need for subscription services through free pre-installed apps that let you stream in crystal quality online. Thanks to an Android operating system, you can customize your smart TV box based on your preferences.

Anyone looking for an affordable and highly entertaining Android TV box in NZ should try SmartBox. It lets you watch movies in Premium HD for a more realistic experience. Playing classic video games from the 80s and the 90s is another unique feature that boosts the fun. You can also choose a SmartBox Ultimate package for gaming, as this comes with SmartBox’s customized video game controller and wireless keyboard.

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