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With glimp, you can compare the best mobile plan providers in NZ in just a matter of seconds. Compare mobile providers by price or by the type of plan, whether you’re after a prepay plan, pay monthly plan or a pack.

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How does our mobile plan comparison work?

By comparing the different mobile phone plans available in NZ, you can get an insight into the best value plans. Our comparison is easy to use and you can find the right plan that suits your needs in just a few steps.

Quick and easy to use

It’s quick and effortless to compare mobile plans with glimp. Instead of spending hours having to search through different mobile plans from different mobile providers websites, you can use glimp and find all the mobile plans that suit your requirements in one place.

Find the perfect mobile plan

Using glimp’s comparison tool you can find the perfect phone plan for you. You can compare the plans by prepaid plans, pay monthly plans and packs so that you can see opportunities to get more texts, data, minutes and other benefits.

Our comparison tool 100% free to use

Finding the perfect phone plan doesn’t have to be difficult, nor does it have to cost you any extra money. Fortunately, glimp’s comparison tool is 100% free - meaning not only can you start saving on your monthly phone bill, but it won’t cost you anything to find the perfect plan!

Start saving on your monthly phone bill

If you’re looking to start paying less on your monthly phone bill, then you’ve come to the right place. glimp compares the best mobile plan providers in NZ and you can compare each plan by price to see just how much you could be saving each month.

Why compare phone plans with glimp?

We save you time & money

Easily compare NZ mobile phone plans. Find the best mobile plan in minutes.

Best place to compare mobile plans

Best comparison site in NZ. Thousands of Kiwis have trusted us with their decisions.

Compare mobile plans for free

glimp is 100% free! Whether you want to compare mobile phone plans or sign up , you pay nothing.

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