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glimp lets you compare mobile plans from the best NZ mobile and roaming plan providers. Compare mobile and roaming providers by price, data, minutes and more.
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Mobile Plan Types

Sick of paying huge monthly phone bills? Running out of data each month? If you’re on the hunt for New Zealand’s best mobile phone plan, look no further.

Here at Glimp, we have the tools to help you easily compare the latest and best value mobile phone plans from the country’s leading providers.

Whether you’re looking for a prepaid plan, rollover plan, unlimited data plan or a pay monthly plan, we’ve got them all here for you to compare. It’s easy to compare, it only takes a few minutes and you could end up saving big bucks off your monthly mobile phone bill.

Prepaid Plans

A prepaid mobile phone - also commonly known as ‘pay as you go’ - is a type of plan in which credit is purchased in advance of using a service (such as texting, calling or using data). Once calls and texts are made and data is used, deductions will be made against your prepaid balance - until there are no funds remaining.
Prepaid plans are affordable, easy to set up and offer a ‘no strings attached’ type commitment. Some prepaid plan providers - such as 2 Degrees and Spark - offer carryover combos, which allow you to keep any unused data you may have at the end of the month.

Pay Monthly Plans

A pay monthly phone plan - also known as a postpaid plan - allows you to pay a fixed price at the end of each month in exchange for a ‘phone bundle’ - which generally includes data, calls and texts.
With many of New Zealand’s top service providers competing for your custom, you’ll find there are some great value sign up offers available on pay monthly plans. Vodafone, for example, rewards you with cheap movie tickets, music and sports tickets when you become a pay monthly phone customer!

Unlimited Data Plans

Sick of running out of data each month? Unlimited data plans may be the solution for you. An unlimited data phone plan means you can access what you want on your phone, whenever you want, at full 4G speeds.
Although unlimited data is most common in a pay monthly phone plan, providers such as Skinny Broadband offer unlimited data under a prepaid phone plan. Otherwise, providers like Vodafone and Spark offer unlimited data monthly plans from only $80.00 per month!

Rollover Data Plans

A rollover data plan is a type of plan which allows you to carry over any unused data or minutes into the next month. When the data and minutes allocated under your phone plan don’t get used before the plan renews, you’ll be able to use them in the following month (or when you next top up).
Rollover data plans are available on both prepaid and pay monthly phone plans, and offer great value to you as the customer. With the Warehouse Pick N Go Combo, you can sign up to a prepaid (no contract) rollover phone plan for as little as $12 a month!

Mobile Phone Insurance

If you were to lose your phone, accidentally damage it or have it stolen, could you afford to replace it? If the answer is ‘no’, it’s best that you invest in mobile phone insurance.
Regardless of what type of mobile plan you’re on, phone insurance is designed to protect your investment. Depending on your chosen insurer, your phone can be covered for many things from loss and damage to cracked screens and battery replacement.
Want to find the best deal on phone insurance? Compare mobile phone insurance providers with us here at Glimp.

We'll help you find the best value mobile plans

Easily compare mobile phone plans with us. Here a glimp we help you find the best mobile and roaming plan for you. Whether you are looking for a monthly or prepay mobile plan, more mobile data or cheapest mobile plans, we've got you covered. Just visit our mobile comparison page to get started. And if you are still not convinced below are the reasons why you should compare mobile phone plans with us.

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Easily compare NZ mobile phone plans. Find the best mobile plan in minutes.

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glimp is 100% free! Whether you want to compare mobile phone plans or sign up , you pay nothing.

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