Compare 17 best Broadband Providers in New Zealand

2degrees Broadband Provider

Two Degrees Mobile Limited – as they are officially known – are one of New Zealand's biggest telecommunications providers. Beginning in 2009, they are known to provide significantly lower costs for Kiwis throughout the country. Fast forward to today, 2degrees is one of the most trusted internet service providers in NZ, with over 1.4 million active customers and over 76,000 business users – and they’re still expanding! As they value their customer’s trust, they continuously expand their offerings to cover all the needs of Kiwis.

They have also been busy with their international partnerships, which has enabled them to cover 97% of the major centres where Kiwis live and work. Through the company’s initiatives, they have become NZ's fourth-largest ISP as of 2015.

Slingshot Broadband Provider

Since first launching in 1996, Slingshot continues to challenge the telecommunications industry by providing better value and great service for Kiwi families. They work hard to provide an affordable and stress-free internet experience for New Zealanders, as they know these are the important factors that make customers want to stay. Slingshot knows how important it is to be connected online, but also the importance of simple and hassle-free service.

Slingshot are committed to making broadband easy, simple to use and suitable for the whole household. They have a wide range of different broadband plans available such as Fibre, ADSL & VDSL. Customers can even choose if they want like to have a phone line included in their connection, or go naked.

Bigpipe Broadband Provider

Bigpipe Broadband provides fast, unlimited internet connections including ADSL, VDSL, and ultra-fast fibre broadband. They actually have some of at the cheapest rates in NZ! The biggest advantage of Bigpipe is that their plans have no data caps, no throttling and no contracts – just a great online service! As a leading internet service provider in NZ, their main focus is on naked broadband plans; so if you want to go big without a landline, you can with Bigpipe!

Unlike some other broadband providers in NZ, Bigpipe knows that the internet is all you need, so they don’t sell any fancy add-ons. They believe that broadband should simple and straightforward; naked and unlimited!

Farmside Broadband Provider

Farmside is New Zealand’s leading internet provider connecting Kiwi’s all over the rural areas of the country with fast and reliable internet and voice solutions. You can live your life from where you really want to be with Farmside. They are proud to be a Kiwi company that can connect you and your family with a range of solutions to suit your lifestyle. They have your back through the RBI Wireless network, fixed line broadband (ADSL and VDSL), satellite and fibre (depending on your location).

As part of the patchwork of rural NZ, this internet provider NZ has strong partnerships with Farmlands, PGG Wrightson, Farmsource and Ruralco - giving you the option to either charge your Farmside service to your supply account or pay them directly.

Flip Broadband Provider

Flip Broadband is one of the new breeds of NZ broadband providers. Fast becoming a leading internet provider in NZ, Flip is dedicated to giving you cheap and reliable broadband plans, whilst keeping other NZ broadband providers on their toes.

Flip Broadband don't yet offer Ultrafast Fibre Broadband, but they do have different broadband plans with different data limits and variable speeds. They offer all different types of broadband connections, such as the Flip Fast Broadband or the Flip Very Fast Broadband package. Even the broadband plan names are simple at Flip!

MyRepublic Broadband Provider

MyRepublic is New Zealand's first fibre broadband only Internet Service Provider (ISP). They're ready to unleash the potential of their fibre broadband network across NZ - from Whangarei up north to Invercargill down south. MyRepublic believes in delivering an awesome internet experience for all Kiwis at mass-market prices. All this with no lag, no limits and no holding back.

MyRepublic started in Singapore in 2011, where they shifted the ISP landscape dramatically - and now, they plan to do the same here. MyRepublic is a trusted broadband provider committed to delivering the benefits of the UFB to all Kiwis.

Now Broadband Provider

As a leading internet service provider in NZ, NOW are known for making great service their top priority. This is why all their customer care, including local sales and service hubs, are close to households; to assure that New Zealanders can always knock on their doors, and can expect to sort out any issues promptly.

It’s also why they have established NOW tech-sperts. They know that sometimes, you want more than just a helpdesk to address your concerns. Whether it’s the Wi-Fi dropping out or your iPad that won’t connect, it can be sorted easily with NOW tech-sperts! Location doesn't matter either - if you’re seeking broadband services for home or at work, regardless if you’re in Hawke's Bay, Tauranga, Wellington or Rotorua, NOW is your best choice!

Spark Broadband Provider

Spark Broadband is one of the biggest broadband providers in New Zealand. It has a range of different Spark broadband plans available, including Ultrafast Fibre Broadband as well as packages with different data limits and variable speeds.

Spark offers all types of broadband connections, including Fibre, VDSL and ADSL, depending on what is available in your broadband region. They also offer BYO bodem packages, the option to include a landline and can package your mobile and broadband together. Spark customer service is available 24/7 for any Spark broadband problems you may encounter.

Orcon Broadband Provider

Orcon's mission is to bring the First World Internet to New Zealand by offering the world's best broadband experience. This broadband provider NZ knows that innovation is a key to this, so they continually push the boundaries to deliver the latest and greatest stuff to New Zealanders. They were first to unbundle the local loop, led the way with Ultra-Fast Broadband and let Kiwis do more with their broadband.

Orcon is proud of their ability to innovate, and is always fighting to do better. They are New Zealand operated, and their team is filled with people who love the internet, and are knowledgeable and helpful. Orcon is small enough to care, but still big enough to make a difference.

Trustpower Broadband Provider

Although they were initially a power company, Trustpower now offers broadband services, and are fast becoming one of the major broadband providers in New Zealand. Trustpower offers some fantastic broadband offers and discounts for new customers.

Trustpower mostly bundle their broadband with their power and gas plans. They do offer a few broadband-only plans, but to get the best value it’s worth investigating Trustpower bundle pricing. This NZ broadband provider has plans that are simple to select, compare and choose from.

Gravity Broadband Provider

Gravity is New Zealand’s only dedicated satellite internet provider. They provide fast, reliable satellite internet to every corner of the country, making them one of the best rural broadband providers for Kiwis in remote locations.

Gravity customers enjoy great Kiwi service, unlimited broadband plans, continual innovation, and Farmlands payment options. They provide internet solutions for both businesses and organisations too. Their options include backup internet, connection for planned events and festivals, emergency and disaster coverage, portable equipment and more.

Voyager Broadband Provider

Voyager is a New Zealand owned broadband and communications service provider that provides supersonic broadband to Kiwi homes across the country. They also support and enable New Zealand businesses to grow with their voice, hosting and domain name services. Voyager knows that customers will stay because of their great services and even better costs. They don’t need to lock customers into a contract like some of the other bigger guys out there.

All of their plans have no fixed term contracts, and include unlimited data. Voyager offers ADSL, VDSL and Fibre broadband (where it’s available), and plans start from $69 per month. Currently, you can get a free set up for your internet connection (usually priced at $49) - so there’s absolutely no costs to pay upfront.

Compass Broadband Provider

Compass Communications is a 100% Kiwi owned independent internet and telecommunications service provider. Compass began providing fax broadcast services to business customers back in 1995 and now, they are the longest-standing competitor to Spark in the New Zealand telecommunications and broadband market.

Although they’re not the biggest internet service provider in NZ, Compass Broadband is big enough to make a difference. They are perfectly placed to understand the challenges facing New Zealand homes and businesses when it comes to connecting and using broadband.

Stuff Fibre Broadband Provider

Stuff Fibre knows that fibre is the future, so they do it mainstream by providing the fastest and cheapest broadband plans in New Zealand. With plans starting at 100mbps, they’re not just here to give you the best connection – they’re here to help you get the most out of all the amazing possibilities that fibre has to give.

Stuff Fibre has been triumphing for the good of New Zealanders since it was first introduced 16 years ago. They deliver lightning-fast speeds, unlimited data, no fixed-term contracts, as well as a helpful local customer service team. Stuff extends this further by committing to bringing not only a fast and reliable service, but a simple internet experience for Kiwis too.

Nova Energy Broadband Provider

Nova Energy are primarily known as a power provider in New Zealand, so it may come as a shock to most Kiwis that they offer broadband too! Since they provide both power and broadband, their biggest selling point is their bundle plans that bring together unlimited broadband, electricity, and natural gas all in one. For Kiwis, this means great value for money on utility costs!

As a major utilities provider in NZ, Nova Energy prides themselves on having good and honest Kiwi service. Their staff are friendly and based locally, meaning that they can fully understand and attend to any of your concerns. They currently supply copper (ADSL and VDSL) and fibre to customers throughout the North Island, all the way down to Timaru in South Island.

Vodafone Broadband Provider

Vodafone is an international internet service provider that has been servicing New Zealanders for over 20 years. They have a wide range of different broadband plans available including Ultrafast Fibre Broadband, as well as broadband packages offering different data limits and variable speeds. As a major broadband provider in NZ, Vodafone also has bundles that come with add-ons and extras, which Kiwis love.

Vodafone offers all types of broadband connections such as Fibre, VDSL, and ADSL (depending on what is available in your area). They have one of the widest coverage in New Zealand - over 98.5% of the country - so it’s no surprise that they have 3 million connections in both residential and commercial areas. Vodafone also offers Ultra Fast Broadband with speeds of up to 200Mbps (available at selected places in New Zealand only).

Wireless Nation Broadband Provider

Wireless Nation knows no boundaries when it comes to providing great internet connection and service to Kiwis. Whether you’re in an urban centre like Auckland CBD, or the remote Chatham Islands, they’ll be able to assist you with connecting to broadband. Wireless Nation believes that high speeds and reliable broadband should be available for all New Zealanders, no matter where they are in the country.

This is why Wireless Nation are primarily known as a rural internet service provider in NZ. They know that trust, passion, communication, and collaboration are the things that New Zealanders want in their service. They have even assembled a local team that are dedicated to devising effective and affordable solutions for Kiwis.

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