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KiwiSaver providers

At glimp, we’re fully committed to finding you the best KiwiSaver scheme so that you can start saving for the future. We compare the best KiwiSaver providers in NZ by the different funds available and we break it down for you so that you can understand what each provider offers. From SuperLife to Simplicity to Fisher Funds and more, we’ll show you KiwiSaver schemes to suit everyone’s needs.

  • Compare Generate Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Booster Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Fisher Funds Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Mercer Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Aon Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Summer Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Amp Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Milford Kiwisaver Plan KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Nz Funds Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Oneanswer Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Anz Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Superlife Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Lifestages Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Amanah Kiwisaver Plan KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Westpac Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Bnz Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Asb Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes
  • Compare Kiwi Wealth Kiwisaver Scheme KiwiSaver schemes

How does our KiwiSaver comparison work?

Choosing the right KiwiSaver plan today helps you prepare best for you and your family’s future. But with so many KiwiSaver providers, schemes and investment funds to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which KiwiSaver fund is best for you. Here’s how our KiwiSaver comparison works.

We’ll help prepare you for the risks

KiwiSaver funds are grouped according to varying levels of investment risks. Risks can range from low, medium to high risk investments, in either income or growth assets or both. Growth assets normally set the tone for these risks are they are liable to having more ups and downs along the way. Figuring out what level of risk you’re comfortable with can determine how long you’ll leave your KiwiSaver fund untouched, and how much returns you’d like to expect by the end of your investment period.

We pay attention to fees and services

KiwiSaver providers charge varying amounts of fees and offer different services. Fees are taken out from our returns – the more fees you pay, the less returns you’ll get. However, if your provider does the job well, you may get more back than you put in. It’s all about finding a balance that’s right for you. Our KiwiSaver comparison tool helps you decide which KiwiSaver fund will give you exactly what you pay for – and more!

KiwiSaver performance comparison

At the end of the day, it all boils down to performance – how did a particular KiwiSaver fund perform? What were the return values? What’s the estimated investment growth? Getting the most returns out of your investment is what it’s all about. The glimp KiwiSaver comparison tool provides accurate and reliable data on how well different KiwiSaver funds have performed. Since we can’t predict the future when it comes to performance, it’s all about consistency.

Start saving for the future

By preparing for the future, you and your family will thank yourself in years to come when you’re able to afford that flash new house or get that early retirement that’s you’ve always dreamt of. When you compare KiwiSaver schemes with glimp, you’re able to find the right fund for you that will help you get to your future goals sooner.

Why compare KiwiSaver with glimp?

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Easily compare NZ KiwiSaver funds. Find the best KiwiSaver provider in minutes.

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Best comparison site in NZ. Thousands of Kiwis have trusted us with their decisions.

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glimp is 100% free! Whether you want to compare KiwiSaver funds or sign up , you pay nothing.

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Awesome. Got the latest deals just by a blink of an eye. It is fast and reliable, saves you a lot of time and energy. They are highly recommended if you want to spend your time in more important things.

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Thanks so much for your help. I hope the service from my new provider will be as painless as your service of finding the best deals in town. Super fast and links actually works! Cheers

Richard Wilde , 2019-11-12

Used this to compare mobile offerings in NZ - it was useful, though it would be better if it had better filters so that you could specify the range of features you wanted (e.g. rollover of both types, minimum xx GB, xx mins per month). Without these parameters you have to manually read through them all, though it was laid out neatly enough that this still wasn't super hard.