SuperLife KiwiSaver Scheme

If you’re looking for low fees and flexibility with your KiwiSaver scheme, look no further than SuperLife. They offer some extremely low annual fees on their funds. This means you can keep more of what you make and have more in your account for your retirement. You can compare their fees against other providers here on glimp. They also follow a passive investment philosophy, so they chase long term sustainable growth instead of quick high-risk gains. SuperLife also make their scheme as flexible as possible for you. If you’re self-employed or not working, you can choose exactly how much you want to save, and if you are working, you get to choose if you want to make any extra contributions whenever you want. There are also a range of investment options that you can cycle through at your leisure. The SuperLife Age Fund is quite popular, as it adjusts your investment mix based on your age. The ethical fund is also quite popular as it excludes investments in companies that don’t meet a specific set of ethical criteria.

superlife kiwisaver

Why choose a SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme?

Out of all of the KiwiSaver providers, SuperLife has one of the biggest ranges of investment options. This makes them possibly the most flexible in the marketplace. They also offer incredibly low fees on their funds, so more of the money you make gets to stay with you. The other thing they pride themselves on is their customer service. They have a hotline for making calls and talking to the right people, as well as an app so you can easily track the progress of your KiwiSaver.

SuperLife KiwiSaver Fees

Each fund offered by SuperLife has a slightly different annual fee. These fees are generally 0.5%. On top of that fee there are also administration fees, which are also variable from fund to fund but range from $12 to $30. Some funds also have a paper statement fee, which only gets charged if you choose to get your statements sent to you in the mail. Some providers will charge you for extra KiwiSaver contributions, but Superlife want to encourage saving activity and thus won’t charge you.

SuperLife Age Steps

Superlife has created a specific set of funds for those who want to keep investing in funds the most appropriate to their age. Other providers offer plans that just change which fund you get put into based on your age, but Superlife has actually created new and specific funds for those who want age-based risk. They offer a range of steps for those from 20 years old to 80 years old. The Age Steps 20 has more growth assets than even the Superlife high growth fund. This is because younger people have more time to bounce back from a bad year.

Types SuperLife KiwiSaver Funds NZ - Fees, Returns, Scheme

Income Fund

The SuperLife income fund is the safest fund that is offered by SuperLife. It’s called the income fund because it’s made up of 100% income based assets. Income based assets are either cash/cash equivalents or fixed interest, the assets themselves don’t grow but they generate interest, that interest is the income.

High Growth Fund

As the name suggests, the high growth fund is run with predominantly growth assets. 99% of the fund is growth assets leaving only 1% reserved for income assets. This is a great fund for those kickstarting their KiwiSaver, or those who are a bit younger and can afford to take more risks.

Conservative Fund

Superlife’s conservative fund still has a majority investment in income assets, but it also branches out into some growth assets. It runs on 6.5% Australasian equities, 16% international equities and 7.5% listed property. This is a very safe fund, but there is also room for steady improvement with the growth assets.

Balanced Fund

The balanced fund is the middle of the funds offered for KiwiSaver from Superlife. This fund has 60% growth assets and 40% income assets. International equities are the most represented at 38%. This makes for a fund that is fairly distributed between all of the forms of asset offered by Superlife

Growth Fund

The Superlife growth fund bumps up the emphasis on growth assets. The fund now has a distribution of 80% growth assets and 20% income assets. This fund has an annual fee of 0.51% and other fees of administration and paper statements of $12 and $18 respectively