Satellite Broadband Providers - The Best Satellite Internet NZ Plans

Kiwis who live in rural areas have trouble finding fast, reliable internet because the fibre and copper broadband connections are usually limited. Good news, though: wireless satellite internet plans are ideal for rural and remote regions of New Zealand.

Unlike fibre or landline broadband connections, satellite prevents the fuss of worrying about wires and complicated installations.

If you're ready to switch to satellite providers, use Glimp's Broadband Compare tool to find the best satellite internet options!

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About Unifone

Unifone is one of the leading broadband providers in the Southland and Otago areas, two of the more rural parts of New Zealand. Despite the remoteness, Unifone has continuously provided a reliable broadband connection for households, students, and commercial stores in the area.

Unifone plans are more consistent than their regional competitors', and over 100 wireless sites.

Unifone Best Features

  • Ultra-fast broadband plans with unlimited data
  • Excellent satellite internet and customer service with consistent quality over the years
  • Offers broadband WiFi plans for personal and business use
  • Speeds of up to 100Mbps

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About Bluedoor

Bluedoor is among the top rural broadband providers in New Zealand. It has network towers throughout Auckland that offer fast satellite internet with city-grade broadband speeds.

With Bluedoor's wide broadband coverage in rural New Zealand, you can expect reliable internet, regardless of where you live.

Bluedoor Best Features

  • Excellent coverage reaching the majority of rural areas in NZ
  • Unlimited satellite plans for homes, farmlands, and businesses
  • Offers "burstable speeds" where users can adjust bandwidth to control data usage 
  • Is easy to install thanks to their devoted customer service team

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About Connecta

Connecta is a rural internet provider owned by Compass Communications, a leading telecom name in NZ. It specialises in reliable and consistent broadband service to farms and rural communities.

Connecta uses licensed frequency providers to ensure users get high-quality satellite internet. It also has an experienced customer service team that's always ready to help resolve your internet connection issues.

You can also use Glimp's Internet Outage Checker to troubleshoot your internet connection.

Connecta Best Features

  • Connecta's cell sites are government-upgraded, making them the most accessible ISP in NZ
  • 60GB to 500GB data allowance and speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 36Mbps
  • Offers plans with LTE and 4G connection
    Excellent customer service team

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gravity satellite broadband nz

About Gravity

Gravity provides fast and reliable satellite broadband in remote areas of Aotearoa.

Their smart and innovative internet solutions make them one of the best broadband options for customers in hard-to-reach communities.

Gravity Best Features

  • Offers speeds of 5Mbps to 30Mbps with unlimited data options 
  • Uses revolutionary satellite technology that provides accessible internet to remote areas all over New Zealand
  • Offers personalised satellite plans depending on your needs and budget

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About Starlink

Starlink brings next-generation connections to broadband users in New Zealand and all across the globe. Elon Musk first launched SpaceX, the mother company of Starlink, in hopes of providing global internet from outer space.

Starlink doesn't require cables or complicated connections. All you need is a satellite dish to receive your wireless broadband in most parts of New Zealand.

The company collaborated with expert astronomers to engineer and design advanced satellite broadband.

Starlink Best Features

  • It comes with a Starlink app for Android and iOS to monitor your internet performance
  • Operates on a unique low-orbiting satellite system from outer space, providing fast, low-latency internet
  • Global satellite coverage in most areas of New Zealand

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wizwireless nz

About WIZwireless

WIZwireless is a trusted partner of residents, farm owners, and businesses in Wairarapa and Tararua.

The founders of WIZwireless received multiple awards for their innovative products. They've also installed radio masts throughout New Zealand to help rural Kiwis go online.

WIZwireless Best Features

  • Award-winning internet service and innovative broadband solutions that utilise solar-powered technologies
  • Excellent internet coverage thanks to numerous radio masts installed all over rural New Zealand
  • Offer "virtual fibre", which gives you lightning-fast internet speed comparable to fibre broadband

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Is Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet services used to be super slow, with an average download speed of 2Mbps, but they're quickly increasing as satellite providers improve their services. Today, you can enjoy download/upload speeds of up to 100/20 Mbps and more.

If you need faster speeds, check if fibre broadband is available in your area.

Glimp's Internet Speed Checker can also help you determine how well your connection is once you're set up.

How Much Does Satellite Internet Cost?

Satellite plans can be more expensive than most broadband connections, ranging from NZ$59 to NZ$700, depending on the satellite internet provider.

Luckily, some providers offer affordable deals with adjustable data for more efficient use. Here are some of the cheapest unlimited broadband deals for Kiwis on a tight budget!

How Does Satellite Internet Work?

Each satellite internet provider uses a group of orbiting satellites that receive a connection from ground stations across the globe. These satellites then relay the signal to your satellite dish connected to your WiFi router.