UDC Car Loan Quotes

UDC have been helping Kiwis achieve financial goals and businesses thrive for over 80 years. In their early years, UDC aimed to provide industrial finance to local businesses; and now they have expanded their services to provide car loans and asset finance, among others. Their decades of experience led them to become one of the biggest finance companies in New Zealand today.

UDC car loans in NZ have competitive interest rates and flexible terms ranging from 1 to 5 years. You can have as much as 100% finance for new and old cars, approved fast and conveniently through an online application process.

UDC provide one of the most affordable secured car loan deals in NZ; so if it’s your first time applying for a car loan, then try getting a UDC car loan quote for a hassle-free experience! You can get an approval within the day as long as you apply during business hours.

Why sign up for a UDC car loan?

UDC have a comprehensive method in helping Kiwis manage their finances because they don’t simply lend you money; rather, they also help you manage the money that you've borrowed. Their customer service has a range of features that you’ll find very useful as an account holder. This includes online account management, documents on fees and rates, payments, dealer opportunities, financial hardship assistance, and many more.

Accredited Dealers

UDC car loans in NZ have accredited dealers which are preferred suppliers by UDC. Because of this, you can be assured that your car will come from a reliable source. UDC’s financial dealers will also offer you with insurance needs and arrange vehicle finance in a single package, so that you won’t need to look elsewhere for you and your vehicle’s protection. UDC also provide opportunities for dealers: if you’re one, you can become part of UDC’s accredited suppliers by visiting the Dealer Opportunities page.

UDC Car Loans in NZ: Interest Rates & Fees

Generally, the interest rate will range from 8.95% p.a. to 9.95% p.a., but this will also depend on the amount borrowed, loan terms, and size of deposit. Other fees included are: establishment fee ($195.00), Personal Property Security Register ($10.35), maintenance ($2.00 per month), default interest charge (5% p.a. plus the annual interest rate), dishonour fee ($3.50), late payment fee ($60.00), and repossession action fee ($50.00). When you make changes in your contract, you can be charged with: variation of contract ($25.00) and early settlement fee ($7.00 plus a variable amount)