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Buying a car should be an enjoyable experience, not a stressful one. That’s why many Kiwis look for low interest car loans, so that they won’t stress over the money they borrow. The interest rate is one of the major factors taken into consideration when selecting a car loan - and in most cases, the lower, the better.

There are many car loan providers in New Zealand today that offer low interest rates, both for secured and unsecured car loans. By comparing all the different offers, you’ll be able to determine which offer is right for you. Simply head over to our car loans calculator to see your options. If you already have an car loan offer in mind, we can also help you delve deeper into the details, so that you can make a final decision.

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At glimp, we make it easy for you to see all the fees and charges, so that you can select the offer with the best rates. New Zealand has many finance companies willing to lend you money with low interest car loans. Good credit can increase your chances to buy the car of your dreams, but it can be hard to decide which is the right lender for your needs. That’s why we’ll help you to narrow down the options based on your preferences. You can find the best deal for you in a matter of minutes using our comparison tool!

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We’ll help you see all the different low interest car loans fast and easy! We compare car loans based on the different interest rates, terms and repayment schedules, so that you can view all the important details side-by-side on a single page.

We’ll simply ask a few questions so that we can provide you with tailored answers that match your specifications.

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Save time from having to research all your options and easily compare low interest car loan deals using our comparison tool. Best of all, it’s 100% free to use!

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Thousands of Kiwis have entrusted us to look for the best car loan that suits their needs. We can help you select a deal in no time by providing you with tailored results based on your preferences.

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Our comparison tool gives you fast results, so that you can select a deal and borrow money for your car right away! It’s always available, so you can check the rates anytime, anywhere.

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