Lending Crowd Car Loan

Lending Crowd NZ is a financial technology company who has developed an online marketplace where borrowers, lenders, and investors can do business with one another. They operate a peer-to-peer lending platform that  doesn’t use any middlemen, so the process is faster and the costs of borrowing cheaper. At the same time, investors can also have higher returns thanks to the direct lending process and a range of investment options. 

Lending Crowd offers a car loan that benefits the borrower and the lender. The car loan is secured, so the lender doesn’t have to worry about the repayment guarantee. Borrowers can have an interest rate for as low as 6.49% p.a. which is lower than most rates. Lending Crowd vehicle loans are best suited for Kiwis who want a fast approval process, low-interest rates, and a direct lending process. 

With glimp, you can compare Lending Crowd car loans from other offers to know which can suit you best. The last thing you’d want is a car loan that would be difficult for you to pay. You’ll save time and money when you’re in the right deal!

lending crowd car loan nz

Why apply for a car loan from Lending Crowd?

Lending Crowd offers a car loan that’s convenient, fair, and hassle-free. Applying for a car loan from Lending Crowd NZ is 100% online, so you don’t need to leave the comforts of your home! The process is fast and reliable, taking only a few minutes, since you will be exposed to lenders directly. Unlike most financial institutions, you can make early repayments for the car loan without any penalty. You can repay everything off when you already have the cash, even if you’ve already applied for a specific term. In addition, you can reapply for additional security to boost your chances of getting picked by a potential lender. Buying a car shouldn’t be like going into a battlefield. With Lending Crowd as your platform, you can feel at ease! 

Easy borrowing process

Lending Crowd saves you from the tiring part of getting a car loan — the borrowing process. You can get an anonymous quote from a lender before proceeding with the loan so there won’t be any surprises, and you’ll know the necessary details. They also apply a pre-approval process to give you flexibility. 

The pre-approval process gives you more time to shop around for a car that you want before buying it. You can be confident and take your time, knowing that you have the money to buy. Couldn’t find the right car? No worries! They won’t charge anything when you don’t proceed with the loan.

Lending Crowd Car Loan NZ Features - Interest Rates & Fees

Fees and Charges

Borrow from 5.03% to 20.26% and for a term of 2, 3, or 5 years. It’s fixed for the entire duration of the loan to avoid surprises, and to help you budget your money to make repayments. It’ll also be based on your creditworthiness and the security that you’ll provide which can be the car that you’re going to buy or your property. 

You can borrow an amount ranging from $2,000 and $200,000 as long as you can abide by the agreement. Lending Crowd will also charge a platform fee $200 to $1450, depending on the amount borrowed.

Buying options

Lending Crowd gives you the freedom to choose where to buy your car. You can buy new or used vehicles privately or through a trader. Aside from cars, Lending Crowd’s vehicle loans can also be used to buy motorbikes, passenger vehicles, caravans, trailers or trucks. They’re impartial and won’t tie you to specific dealers.