CarPow Car Loan

CarPow is a finance broker currently located in Hamilton, providing a way for Kiwis from different walks of life to get a loan in the easiest way possible. They’ll consider your personal circumstances and wouldn’t treat you unfairly just because of bad credit history. They tailor loans according to their clients’ profiles and avoid misleading promises to help you pay off your loan smoothly. The number of car loan providers in NZ is vast, and the offers identical. This makes it difficult to select the most suitable car loan.

Most lenders will give you a quote when applying for a car loan, but CarPow eliminated this process to save you more time. Instead, they’ll match a loan to your credit history and financial situation because they work with no less than 10 different lenders in New Zealand who are all willing to give you a hand. You’ll be in control of your finance because CarPow’s team will negotiate the price on your behalf so that you can get the lowest amount possible and worry less about your repayments. CarPow is one of the best choices when you want a simple car loan process. 

Find out if CarPow car loan is the best one for you by comparing it with deals from other providers.

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Why apply for a car loan with CarPow?

Unlike other financial institutions, CarPow accepts bad credit applications because they believe that credit history isn’t everything. They’ll look into your income, financial situation, and other factors before giving a final verdict. CarPow wants to make car finance accessible, as much as possible, to all Kiwis. You can also avoid long wait times because payout are processed on the same day as the approval. Another advantage is their online application, so you can process your loan at the comfort of your home.

Get only quality cars

From start to finish, CarPow will take care of the processes until the car is delivered right at your garage. This includes selecting the right car for you if you haven’t chosen one yet. What’s more, CarPow doesn't just pick from any dealer. They have their own trusted network, guaranteeing the quality of your vehicle.

10 trusted NZ lenders

CarPow NZ doesn’t want Kiwis to “settle” on a car due to the lack of choices; that’s why they have 10 trusted lenders from NZ to give you more vehicle options. You don’t want to end up with a car that you’ll eventually regret buying. CarPow matches you to a car from a trusted lender that best suits your credit rating, employment and income, and loan amount required.

CarPow Secured Car Loan NZ - Interest Rates & Fees

General details

CarPow provides a secured car loan which means that you’ll need to register a security; and in this case, the car you’ll buy. The interest rate ranges between 8.95% - 23.95% p.a. depending on your stability in employment and residence, asset backing, affordability and security value offered. You can borrow anything between $3,000 to $100,000 as long as you’ll be able to make repayments.

Fees and charges overview

CarPow will apply the general fees for your car loan: $995.00 broker fee, $19.49 credit check fee, $495.00 direct establishment fee, $11.50 Personal Properties Securities Registration (PPSR), and $7.50 administration fees, among others.